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DOUBLE YouTube income from a second channel?

Where are you at with your YouTube channel?
Last year I launched a second channel as a home for the videos I'd unlisted from this channel. 
I am now about 2 months away from my second YouTube monetization, and go through all the stats for my channel ahead of hitting 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.
Including: Views, top videos, CTR (click-through rate) and watch time.

DOUBLE YouTube income from a second channel?


hello welcome back to the happy hut - if you're new to the channel I’m Neil and I am two months away from being monetized right here on YouTube 
not on this channel - this channel seems to be doing okay - but over on this channel - my other channel 
it's called the dad delivers vlog and I’m hoping that this video will be useful for you if you are aiming to get your YouTube channel monetized or maybe you're lucky enough to have a channel monetized already and you're thinking those thoughts... 
I know - I can see it in your eyes - you're thinking “ah second channel” 
is it possible? 
what are we doing? 
I mean isn't one channel hard enough? 
this is something that I think the big YouTube gurus don't show you because they're okay 
they've got hundreds of thousands of subscribers 
so leave me a comment if you are in this position right now and I’m going to show you everything 
I’m going to share as much as possible: watch time, click-through rates, my CTR and maybe my best performing videos and you're going to get to see what happens 
what a channel looks like just before it is on the verge of being monetized 
you'll get to see my journey through monetization in the next few weeks and I’m gonna click on the magic analytics tab on the left hand side there 
and this is where I’m at right now 
pretty good month where my views are kind of spiking upwards 
I’d like to say it's because my videos are absolutely truly brilliant but I think this spike is more to do with the fact that down here on the right hand side you can see... I’ve got a couple of gardening videos where I... I use a strimmer and a mower and every summer they... they go bananas 
and we're in the end of April where the weather's getting better in this country 
those videos do really well so let's scroll down and sure enough for the last 28 days we've got “changing a stimmer line” 
“how to get a PAC code” - that's how to change your mobile network here in the UK 
uh the best Flymo mower 
uh renewing your driving license and a weed puller demonstration 
there so those are the kind of metrics that I’m doing at the moment and I don't know if you are at the 800 or 900 subscriber mark 
I don't know if this is the kind of level of... of traffic that you're doing 
the tab that we want is down here on the left hand side 
the next tab that you check each day even though it doesn't change 
the “grow with YouTube” page 
this will change as soon as I hit 1000 subscribers 
this will magically change into details of how to monetize each and every video on the channel but for the moment it's got this this parking page 
and you're probably very familiar with this if you are aiming to get 4000 hours of watch time or 1000 subscribers 
I actually had a question today: somebody asked me is it 4 000 watch hours that YOU watch or the other people watch your channel?
It's of “time viewed” on your channel and it's also 4000 hours in the last YEAR
It doesn't say that here - it's 4000 in the last 365 days 
I am getting roughly 70 subscribers a month and how is this for you? 
if you are aiming to be monetized do you have two problems 
you've either got to get the subscribers or the watch time 
I’ve got friends of mine who have launched a second channel and they actually found that the watch hours was a huge problem 
I’ve got lots of how-to videos 
because they're how-to's, once you've seen this channel you've got no reason really to stick around 
there's probably less reason to subscribe to this channel - which is probably why my subscriber growth is slower than my watch time growth
I’m going to hop skip and jump along these tabs along the top here 
the overview reach engagement and audience 
so let's get into reach 
these are my impressions and I’m quite pleased with this click-through rate my CTR
what's your click-through rate? 
is it eight percent or less?
 mine kind of hovers around this kind of level 
if I put on say the last year my click-through rate pretty much dances around the eight percent mark 
let's go back to this month and they're right there in that statistic 
you can see I’ve got 60% on YouTube search of... of all my views because they're how-to's 
they're good for bringing people in but probably less good for making people stick around 
and I’ve been trying to address that by making these vlogs 
so I’ve made some vlogs of my dad delivers life and doing tasks around the house, taking the kids out to places 
those videos they're doing okay but they don't do nearly as well as my how to videos but I’m hoping that over time it will mean that people stick around for the channel for more than one video 
I’m doing 720 hours a month and if you're finding a struggle getting the watch time you're probably throwing things at the screen right now but it's the subscribers that are hard for me 
And average few duration: two minutes 22 
I’d love that to be longer but again with how-to videos, once you've shown something there's only so much you can draw out of your regular how-to video 
these are my top videos for holding the audience 
it doesn't affect me because those videos - they're out there I’m not changing them!
below typical intros: 
there are four older videos where I was slightly less brutal with my editing so I’ve got a lot tighter now 
my top five videos on the dad delivers channel - this is by watch time - how to change your mobile phone network is top for watch hours 
onto the audience tab 
all these metrics they all reinforce that same message of people coming in and not sticking around - because look at that blue line - look how far above “returning viewers” there is 
there's a very male audience for my dad delivers vlog 
the gurus say that you're supposed to niche your channel and you're supposed to give your ideal viewer an avatar 
not... not the james cameron kind of avatar of the people living in the forest but it's supposed to be an ideal viewer 
I kind of like the videos that my unstoppable wife watches: the Emily Norris channel and the BrummyMummy channel 
I love the idea of making that kind of video but about the rubbish things that dads do around the house and they might be helpful, and they might be... do good in search but I like telling that story and that's why I wanted to make this channel to... to tell these little minutiae of doing things around the house and turning that into little stories 
the more experiments that I do on this channel the better the videos get, definitely 
literally no one between 13 and 17 years old has anything to do on the channel 
so the big idea is “can I double my money on YouTube”? 
I’ve got a playlist it's... it's over here where I show literally everything I earn every month here on YouTube 
have a look there and you'll see what kind of riches... what kind of coin YouTube wants to drop on your channel 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers 
just click on his face thanks bye! alright this is going to be the proper one right

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