Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Royal Mail Access Fees For Our Letterbox #TightwadDad 030

I had a card through the door:
“Unfortunately we can’t deliver your item because there is a fee to pay.”

Like it’s my problem.
Except now it is.
What a tease.

A 2 quid lottery gamble on I don’t know what from I don’t know who.

And now I’m annoyed that they've really made me want it.

You'd think that's genius.

But they've personally handwritten this invite to me in Biro.
And built and maintained a whole local storage facility network to handle my stuff.

And I know that I'm no good at macro economics but...

"Did you just spend way more than 2 quid on this card?
Did you?

I see your timewasting.
And yes.
I'm gonna double down!"

Because the one thing I crave in my life right now is yet more correspondence.

So I go to the sorting office to get it sorted.

I ask the kind man behind the bulletproof glass if it's okay to peek before paying.

“Sure! Here it is. Do you think you want it?”

"You win this time Royal Mail.
Making cash from all that stuff I never even wanted through my door...

I do.
It's a Christmas card.

But just you wait.
Teaching us that our letterboxes have some kind of money-making significance.

One day, just one day, what if we start charging access fees to that hole in our door.
Yeah, what then?
Maybe I'll send you a commercial loss-making handwritten notification card to settle in cash."

I clearly haven't thought this through.

I am a #TightwadDad and finding happiness for my family with...

- School coat and navy tights from high street shop online.

- Birthday stuff.

- Big online supermarket delivery order (for tomorrow).

- Milk from expensive supermarket.

- 1x Choctastic
"A healthy chocolate milkshake with like cacao and banana in it?
And they whizz it up."

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