Friday, 1 March 2019

Justifying the coffee shop #teamTIGHTWAD 025

I can already see I spend way too much time in the coffee shop.
So instantly I want to justify it.

I say I go there to work.
That I’m not there for the coffee but the table.
What if it’s avoiding the work?

Spending our family money on being away from the family, to get a table and a drink that I could get for next to free at home.

It’s an addiction I can’t give up.

I try and save cash by getting the cheaper milk and a discount for the reusable cup (thanks, planet).

Once, I spent ages choosing coconut (+40p) or soya (free) because coffee chains hate me, then went home and found out an app signed us up for incoming Premium Rate texts which you cant block because mobile phone companies hate us. (£72+VAT)

The coffee shop chain and the mobile phone company isn’t the problem.
The problem is wanting this stuff around me.
Because that’s the deal, for wanting stuff we don’t need.

What if there's a better way to go through life.

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- Medium-sized supermarket shop
(including frozen pizza, veg, bread, yoga, curry stuff: veg, naan, samosas, herbs, pickles and ice cream cones) with £18 loyalty coupons off.
- Dairy-free milk (from the little supermarket).

Try my new book!

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