Sunday, 24 March 2019

How to get cheap console games #TightwadDad 048

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

- Nothing.
And the family have all gone away for a few days and they spent...

- Nothing!
JOY 10

Then I double-check with my son on the phone.

- Local Independent Toy Shop: 4x packs of cap gun caps.
“630 bangs.”
JOY 11

How to get cheap console games #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 010

Hello, welcome to episode 10!
Welcome back to the Happy Hut. It’s Tightwad Dad Podcast.
I'm Joe.
I'm Neil thanks for clicking on this. It's very special: we’re going to double figures, episode 10.
I know. I never thought we’d get to episode 10. This is where I found out we haven’t recorded any of them [LAUGHS]

You had an idea for something we could celebrate our 10th anniversary.
Yeah we're gonna we're gonna stop for a week and we're gonna let you decide in the comments if you - I wanna say that - YOU decide what you would want us to talk about.

So if you have any questions... and is that it? Is that all we’re gonna say in this episode?
No we're gonna have to do more because that was only about a minute let's talk about the latest games.

What are the latest games? The consoles we have are really out of date.

PlayStation 3, - because they’re cheap - Xbox, DS Lite, DS Excel, Playstation 1 that Grandad gave us
Oh yeah. But we’ve got Minecraft, that’s still a hit.
It is and it was so expensive to buy even pre-owned because no-one gives...
It was 15 quid...
Yeah 15 quid because no-one gives them up.
I had just the right amount I had to - I had to be like - I was just lucky - I had just the right amount.

That’s true, so that’s our tip isn’t it - to use old consoles to save money.
Yeah because if you have old consoles look it up look up how much minecraft is on ps4 or Xbox and it would be quite a lot unless you have a PlayStation 3, it would only be 15 pounds.

So what consoles do you use, that’s what we wanna ask.
Yeah in the comments.

Leave us a comment if you've got any console money-saving tips because we think buying games for 50p a disc is pretty good but if you've got any better ideas.
No, a pound. I think we get a pound, that’s the cheapest we've got. One pound.
I thought we had some for 50p.
We have one 50p.

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