Thursday, 12 November 2015

Any and every James Hunt documentary... My Fave TV #32

You know you're a British Dad when you wonder...

Watching how many James Hunt documentaries on YouTube is "too many" for a straight man?

First one I ever saw was the brilliant Clash of the Titans, made by some mates who are all big telly cheeses now.

It's the same story I've seen many different times now.

I like the bits with the "Sex is the breakfast of champions" team badge...

And that bit from 1976 where he tells Murray Walker "I'm in the middle of a race dear boy".

I love it.

My full Top 100 TV list is coming together here...

And here are the last few...

#26 Late Night with David Letterman

#27 Chopper Squad

#28 CHiPs

#29 The BBC Grandstand Fight

#30 Rainbow

#31 The Theme From Juliet Bravo

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