Sunday, 27 November 2011

What Was It Like When ITV Regions Ruled The World?

Back during the constant working-in-televison daydream as a kid, TV wasn’t too timid about pointing the camera at itself.

Now it’s gone all self-conscious and ‘cool’

(to the point where *all* channel idents in the UK are bizarrely identical - itv1, Channel 4, sky one, and BBC One are above in no particular order...)

So we don’t get gems like this. The ITV Region startup theme tune.

It’s a genre in it’s own right.

Love the bit where the heap of furniture is part of the image of “what we do”.

A mate who used to work there pointed out the Yorkshire Television shelf-of-booze.

Ah branding consultants of 2011...

Have a stab at which approach we think has more impact, substance and love...

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