Thursday, 3 September 2015

100 Rainbows. Thats one hundred episodes of Rainbow, on youtube #BritishDadStuff

Geoffrey, George, Bungle and Zippy... and Rod, Jane and Freddy.

This was the pre-school kids show I grew up with.

The theme, even the timing of that segue from the Thames ident into the theme is hard-wired in my brain.

It wasn't as edgy as Pipkins.
But it still had that un-BBC Thames tone to it.

Rainbow was to Play School as Magpie and CBTV Channel-14 were to Blue Peter.

And the archive owners have now put one hundred of them online, on youtube.

Here's a random one I tried out on the kids.

It was a few weeks ago, and I've still got that (slightly sinister) "We're clowns..." song in my head.

With Rod, Jane and Roger. I always remember preferring Rod, Jane and Freddy.
No disrespect to Roger, but the group's name obviously scanned better with Freddy.

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