Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fave TV #1 Control Rooms and production galleries

Putting my fave 100 bits of TV into one place.

Starting with TV eating itself.

These got me wanting to do this for a living, (and why we put a gallery shot into every titles sequence of The RDA (completely lifted from the CNN live "break bumper" shots of the time)).

One from 1989 with Jeremy Paxman... (Director: Janet Fraser-Crook)

Here’s another (not safe for work) - from when the UK hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 1977. (Director: Stewart Morris)

(If you liked that one, you'll LOVE these Stewart Morris stories)

And one from the States during the Oscars (Director: Louis J Horwitz)

BBC One O'Clock News from 1986, where the bulletin runs out of news. (Director: Unknown)

"I've got no scripts Mike!"
"We're going to have to crash... we'll have to crash..."

How the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony was covered... (Director: Hamish Hamilton)

Turns out it was shot and completely edited and post-produced, before then turned into camera scripts for the big day...

Behind The Scenes - Television Centre (1971)

Includes "Cousin Bette", and "Blue Peter".

Full top 100 fave TV clips list here

Fave TV #2 The Best Steadicam Shot In The World Ever -->

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