Sunday, 6 April 2014

Late Night with David Letterman - FAVE TV #26

I've had this draft post sitting on blogger for years...

David Letterman announced his retirement this week, so here I've set up a retirement home for some favourite clips.
I'll add to it as I go along.

All I know is that very late one night in 1989, during a strike that blacked out all advertising on Channel 4
(TV strikes! I'm so old, I remember those).
I was recording something on VHS and the tape ran on to this weird American show.

It was completely unpublicised and unannounced.

"Do you have a clip"

I didn't get the references, and that almost made even more unspeakably cool. Most teenagers seem to have music or an album that suddenly for no apparent reason clicks and resonates. They describe it as chiming with how they are wired - that's what happened when I saw this.

Here's Late Night Monkey Cam

Lesser shows think a segment has to be 'good' or 'work', but for Dave (and Steve Allen before him) it's not about the segment... it's about the host's reaction to the segment.

13 cameras instead of 4

Alka Seltzer Suit

Hal Gurnee's Network Time Killers

Camera goes nuts and runs amok

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#19 The Cinema Ads
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#15 Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation
#13 Engelbert Humperdinck on the BBC VT Xmas tape 1979
#12 My favourite clip about writing TV sitcoms

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