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How to get 1000 SUBSCRIBERS in 5 EASY STEPS

I got 1000 subscribers! I've been on YouTube for 10 years, but it's taken 2 years of effort to pass the 1000 subs barrier. I think these 5 tips helped me for how to get 1000 subscribers.
1 Regular Posting
2 Leave Comments
3 Subtitle Your Videos
4 Good Video Hygiene
5 Take Us On Your Journey

How to get 1000 SUBSCRIBERS in 5 EASY STEPS


I'm gonna go for it.
This is how to get 1000 subscribers.
So this is a video for how I think you can get 1000 subscribers... hello!

My name is Neil Mossey, and this is my YouTube channel.

And for the last 2 years, I've been trying to get to 1000 subscribers - I finally did it!
I leapt over the hallowed line of 999, to 1000 subscribers.
I'm monetized!

I was demonetized in 2018.
YouTube changed their terms and conditions.
And that was a sad time for all of us, who hadn't got 1000 subscribers yet.
Two years later, 2 years of slog and videos, finally... I did it!

I did it, I managed to get over 1000 subscribers and if you're watching this video-- Firstly thank you!
If you've subscribed, thank you.
Do you know what you get? When you, when you get 1000 subscribers - my son made this for me - You get the YouTube Brown Play Button!

Hey look, you can pause the video and you can make your own out of Hama beads there.
This will be the thumbnail!
It's... er, not edible.

So I just wanted to make this just to share some of the things that I think have helped me to get 1000 subscribers.
And I want to share them just in case any of these help you.
Now if you're looking into videos on "How to get 1000 subscribers" I'm sure you have seen - like I did - the same tips coming up over and over again.
But there were some things that helped my channel which I haven't really seen recommended elsewhere, so I just wanted to go through these 5 ideas.

Five basic ideas for things that I think helped me get this channel over 1000 subscribers.
Look - I've got my little list here.

The first big thing I think helped me hit 1000 subscribers is "Regular Posting".
I'll put it on-- I'll put it on the lower third caption there.
I went through a stage last year where I put up one video every day.
And my Views and Subscribers didn't move at all.
It, if anything, I think they probably went down a bit.

But I can't help thinking just from seeing all the Analytics that's presented to you on the Analytics page - the algorithm loves it when you just put out something regularly.
And that could be once a month, could be once a week, but just having that regular pulse means that it's a sign to the algorithm that you are consistent and that you have videos coming out at a regular rate.

I don't think it should be every day, I think you'll probably start to feel ill if, if you were to do it daily.
I just wanted to hit one video every week - even now that's a struggle.

But just getting out something regularly has, has, I think, was the first big step to a big leap in my subscribers.
Most of my views don't come from subscribers.

I think this is more a thing that lets the YouTube algorithm - the YouTube machine - to bump you up as a regular YouTube channel.

Now to help you, I've gathered a load of videos from around YouTube right here on this playlist.
I'll put the playlist link up here, and it's down in the description:

Videos that I found really really inspirational in helping you to keep going there's a video called 100 crappy videos - which is one of my favorites and oh my goodness the Casey Neistat video: "Filmmaking is a sport"
Anyway all of those videos helped keep me going - and this Ira Glass video as well.
So I hope those videos help you hit this point: number one post regularly.

The second big thing that I think helped me... I've not seen anyone talk about this at length really.
I am absolutely convinced that leaving comments on other people's videos is a really good idea - so that's my gut instinct tip number two.
I think you should be doing it for a number of reasons.
Firstly I think it's just a kind thing to do, so even if it doesn't have any effect on your channel - I think you're helping other people in your situation.

I think psychologically if you start helping other people to achieve their aim by encouraging them with kind comments you are more likely to invite some of that onto your channel.
So I think firstly just-- just be a good person and say well done to the people who make the videos that you watch.

As soon as I started leaving comments on other people's channels I think two things happened:
Firstly I think the YouTube algorithm started to see my channel in lots of other places, and that's another clump of data that it can gather to maybe suggest your channel to other people who like that channel?

Maybe it's more direct than that.

Maybe people scrolling through the comments might be more likely to click on your avatar to find out more about you, if you've left an interesting comment somewhere?

I just think it's a really good idea to leave comments on other people's videos.

One of the hardest things, as you know, recording videos on YouTube is that you're worried that someone's going to leave a nasty message - and I've had certain comments that have been a little bit off, and you know 100 percent of the time when you click on that avatar - when you go to their channel - the person who left you a horrible comment, they have never ever, EVER made a video themselves.

And I am delighted every time I get a comment that's slightly off-key.

I love the fact that they've not made anything themselves.

But anyway, leaving comments on other people's videos that's my big tip number two.

Unexpected tip number three, for how I think I got 1000 subscribers is "Making subtitles".
YouTube calls them lots of different things...
They're called subtitles... they're called captions, or closed captions, or CC, which is I think an American term.

I put subtitles on my videos and I'm convinced that has helped me.
I'm convinced that YouTube's seeing that my video has been manually subtitled bumped it up in the ranking.
If it doesn't, I'm absolutely sure that my videos have gone up in the ranking, which means they're offered to more viewers, because I have removed the auto-generated subtitles that are automatically applied to your video when you upload.

These captions are usually really good but the two things they get wrong... they get my name wrong!
They get the name wrong of the terminology that I'm using - so the actual video... say if it's about a camera... the auto-generated captions spell that camera name wrong - so you're missing out on letting Google and YouTube know what your video is about.

These auto-generated subtitles have actually put swear words into my subtitles where they don't exist!
Maybe it's my British accent?
Maybe it's because I do not have an American accent, but anyway I made a whole video about how to make subtitles and how to transcribe your videos.

It's up in the corner of the video now if you click on the "i" and I'll put a link to that in the description below - but I really, really strongly recommend you teach yourself how to subtitle your videos.
I think that really helped me get 1000 subscribers.

Tip number four: "Good video hygiene."
I came across this term when I was working for a branded content agency.
It's a lovely word, "hygiene".
It just means make sure all the bits of your video are clean!

Good YouTube hygiene is having a good title - it's having a description that's really sort of "beefy" and writes out in prose what your video is about, and what is in the video, and why your audience should be watching this video.

Subtitling is part of good hygiene.
I always put cards at the top of the videos.
I always put an end board... at the end!

I sometimes get a bit hung up about having to do it, because after I've shot the video and edited the video, the last thing I want to do is to spend the same amount of time typing.
But just good general hygiene for your videos has really, really, I'm convinced helped me to get 1000 subscribers.

I think good hygiene on your videos means that the YouTube algorithm ranks your video more highly because it shows it has some care and attention behind it, so--
And the details that you put in themselves also help rank your video higher and make it more likely that someone's going to see your video, and more likely that someone's going to hit subscribe.

By the way on that note, I've actually put these tips in the description so you can jump around if these tips are helping, or if you have any tips that have helped you to get more subscribers, please leave a comment now. Just click on the comments below, it'd be lovely to hear from you - just say hi.

But here's the last tip.
"Take viewers on your journey."

I'll say it again because it's a bit oblique: "Take viewers along with you on your journey."

So I wanted to get 1000 subscribers.
I was really upfront in every video that that was my aim.
I actually said it out loud in every single video "I really want to get a thousand subscribers".

Other creators - other youtubers actually want to help.

There are other people who want to help.

I want to help you, that's why I'm making this video - just to encourage you to keep going, so that you too can hit 1000 subscribers.
I know you can.

All you need to do is to keep posting and to take people with you on your journey.
We're all in this together, and we're all part of this YouTube ecology.

You can step up - you can leave comments on other people's videos - you can keep sharing stories from your viewpoint - and I found the more that I did that, the more of myself that I put into the videos.

I think it's a volume thing.

I think the more videos that you make, the more likely it is that you let your guard down and you bring people in on the things that you really want to talk about.

You won't do it on the first video.

You might not do it on the first ten videos, but if you have this regular pulse where you're putting out videos, eventually your story is just going to come out and you're going to share more and more, and that is why someone's going to subscribe to you.

Someone, somewhere in the world is going to want to hear your story.

And the brilliant thing with YouTube is that it could be out there forever, for everyone - and the algorithm, I find is really good at finding people who might latch on to hearing the things that you want to say.

So that's it!
That's my top five unexpected reasons why I think I got to 1000 subscribers.

Leave a comment! If you've hit 1000 subscribers and you have an unexpected reason that you haven't seen shared very often, please leave me a comment.
It'd be lovely to hear from you.
If you've hit this point in the video and it has helped why not hit the thumbs up.
It would be lovely to know that somebody reached this point in the video and if you're feeling even kinder, why not subscribe?

I guess my next goal - to hit - I don't know what colour button comes next after 1000 subscribers.
Leave a comment - what should the next YouTube play button be for 10,000 subscribers?
I can't even begin to think what would be more cherished than my beautiful brown button.
Thanks for watching and I'll see you for the next 10,000 subscribers!
I need to change the end of the video!

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