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MY BEST EVER HEAD SHAVER Remington Stylist Hair Clipper for a Grade 1 #TightwadDad unboxing

This is without doubt, hands down, my favourite head shaver: the Remington Stylist Hair Trimmer. You can buy one here from Amazon US
Amazon UK:

I've been looking for this for a long time -- it was my first head shaver back in 2003 and really pleased to be reunited with the new version of it. It looks the same sturdy build but has a more robust UK power charger.
The unboxing starts around 4:00, and I also show some of my other failed Grade 1 head shaver purchases.

MY BEST EVER HEAD SHAVER Remington Stylist Hair Clipper for a Grade 1 #TightwadDad unboxing


But here's the unit - THIS is what you've been waiting for
I'll probably put this clip right at the start of the video to reassure you that you will actually get to see this - it's the Remington stylist hair clipper
aha ah this is it!
This is this is the one that I lost - the one that got broken after ten years of use

Hello, I'm Neil, welcome back to the happy hut today I'm unboxing this
I dunno if you can see it - it's the Remington stylist hair clipper
Bit of a minimalist model title there which I like
Now there is no way I should be making this video at all, because I have bought over the years probably a double-digit number of hair clippers or trimmers or hair, head shavers...
whatever you want to call them

I do not need another one in my life
I'm not exactly a perfectionist
I just want the perfect head shaver!
I just want the perfect hair trimmers - just something that will give me a really good Grade 1 - you see I'm stroking something that's not even there!

I just want something that is cordless.
I want something that will give me the exact grade one that I want

Sometimes like this one - I thought this was gonna be the perfect head shaver
it's a Wahl... or is it a Wahl Colour Pro trimmer
I made a whole video about this thinking that this was gonna be the one
It's a really beautiful unit - as you can see - there's a link if you click on the "i" at the top or in the description below

It... I mean it looks great but look at this comb!
This comb is so thick - and this is the smallest comb - and I know what you're saying
I know what you're saying "why don't you just go Grade Zero, you've got no hair there!"
Why do you even want a little hint of it?

I don't know why, I'm clinging to my 3mm of hair that's there - I just don't think it's that big and ask

The reason I went for this the Remington is because when I first shaved my head - shaved my hair off completely - I did it with a Remington
And that... I don't know what the model number was but I used it for about ten years and it was fantastic!

The comb was just right - you only need one comb in here - you don't need the--
yeah this comes with 8 combs they all do!
I thought I'd come close with this Remington because it had an adjustable comb
But that plastic thing is so thick that the blades just don't get anywhere close to where I needed it to get to

So I'm hoping this is the one
If this is the one I've already given this in the description of this video - I'll call it the best head shaver for Grade 1 - and so if you can see that in the description you already know that I love this and I will change that description the moment that this fails me
But let's, let's open the box and see what you get inside

Here is a collection of some of the things I've bought
That was the Babylis for men
I even shot an unboxing for that - and as you can see I was really giddy with excitement because it has two combs - two shavers either side
These combs just didn't get anywhere near to a Grade 1 that I wanted
I looked like a hairy hippie

So here is the Remington stylist hair clipper - I've been saving it - look, look how you probably can't see but I am really shaggy at the moment because I've been waiting to unbox this on camera to help some other Baldy out there who wants a grade 1 and who hasn't found the right hair clipper - so this could be the one

Sure I'll give you a quick look at the box - there's a charging indicator - it can go cordless
That's one of the things that I've been looking for
I don't need to go in the shower with it
it says advanced ceramic I've no idea what that means
there's a free detailer inside - I don't - I don't need that - I just need - I wanna be like you!
But with a grade one haircut

I want that - that's the grade - the one that's on his Jimmy Hill chin!
that's what I want on my head
easy to store

I need my glasses on - not only is my hair failing me, but my eyes are too
I'm a wreck! why are you even watching this video!
What kind of advice can I give to you?!
but if you could live vicariously through my purchases, good on you!

So it says it's easy to store
well yeah anything is easy to store when you just throw it under the bed... between charges
up to 40 minutes usage time
well that's good because I never let it grow that long but 40 minutes would be helpful
it says it comes with eight combs for different hair lengths
grade one to eight - that's the one I want the 3mm - that's all I want from you Remington
and self oiling blades

Oh my goodness that is a relief because I've accumulated so many bottles of oil for all my other failed purchases
maintenance-free performance for life - for life
you can't take these back!

If this isn't good for you - if this isn't right for you - and I think this might be why you're watching this video you can't pass these on!
nobody wants a used hair clipper!
it's bad for the environment

my hair has its own carbon footprint and I want it to end on this shaver
I do want it to end on this shaver
this could be the one
Let's open it like a man
Oh there's a tab here

there's a nice box that will go under the bed, never to be used again
To store all the bits that I'll never use again.
Now if like me you don't really want to destroy the environment this would probably make your heart sink
Oh my goodness, look at all the wrapping

Oh Greta Thunberg... and, worse... I have to turn the heating up to heat this up
this is, this can't be good - this can't be how we used to live pre-industrialization
here are all the combs

Oh man, these combs look good - these combs look good
I know I get excited about every single trimmer that I apply but this is the one
3mm - that's my grade 1, and this is exactly like the comb that I loved and lost
oh this could be it - this could be it - and it comes with a natty bag - oh no this is this is a cape

You could be a bald superhero
But here's the unit - this is what you've been waiting for
I'll probably put this clip right at the start of the video to reassure you that you will actually get to see this
it's the Remington stylist hair clipper
hahaha shall we rip into it?
Ooop, that's probably an important thing

hygiene seal - only remove if you intend to keep the product
"Remington I'm in!"

ah this is it - this is - ahhh, this is the one that I lost... that got broken after ten years of use
Model HC 366

what I'm gonna do, I'll put a link in the description probably near the top because I need the money - but every one of these that is sold - Amazon would give me some - a little bit of money - at no extra cost to you If you use the link below

Shall I switch it on?
there we go - my goodness this is the one
so I'll show you what else you get
now this always makes me giggle because obviously we - we need to to make those who are not of a grade 1 length feel good about themselves

we've got some hair clips some scissors - I wish I could use that - maybe for some hair elsewhere my nose or ears? that would be good
and a comb.
Do you remember using those? they were good weren't they

And it comes obviously with a charger
Ready, so you just plug it in and it's lighting up to show you its charged

Now I haven't read the instructions - you're probably supposed to charge it before you use it - I'm not going to make you wait - I'm going to do this right now
So get my favorite comb - ah, where is it
See, so you get some weird taper combs for your ear holes
There that's the one

I like on... is it makeup tips they, they put the hand behind it to show you
that's the Grade 1 - the precious Grade one
none of these I'll ever use again - apart from terrorizing the boy to shave his head once every six months

There we go - just clips on like that
there's a taper lever which makes it go longer or shorter
and then you turn it on just by pushing the switch on the side here
Oh dare I - dare I do this?

Here, give you a shave - go on.
Put your head close to the screen, go on, I'll give you... look...
that's what it's like being your hair every day
completely unappreciated
but I'm gonna do it now - you ready?

Ah this is the one I think this is the one!
Take glasses off - oh boy this is the stuff - this is the one, this is the one that I'd lost
so happy - look how much just came off - don't know if you can see that
Can I tap? maybe tap?
there you go
it's a messy business isn't it, having no hair

I've got some really big stuff at the back
now what I love about this - and why I bought it - let's turn it off - why I bought it
there's a perfect combination here

the comb doesn't scratch your head - it allows the blades to get super close but still allow 3mm - the crucial 3mm that us Grade 1-er's love
this is the perfect combination
right that - the comb's too thick

that says that's a Grade 1 - it isn't - it isn't - you just end up looking like a, a hairball
this? I mean frankly it-- and I know having this look gives the impression of me being perhaps more rugged or tough or even thuggish
but that's no good - that comb - it - I mean it just hurts - it's just like rubbing your head up against a plastic grater - rubbish
this this is the one

the remington model HC366 - it's the remington stylist hair clipper - once you've charged it up you can unplug and go rogue with it
did you see there's a big difference - I don't think the battery liked that - listen to the difference
yeah that's the speed it should be at

What are your best shaver experiences?

What brands do you like?

help me - advise the community
are there brands that have helped you to stay a good grade 1

leave a comment below
I'd love to hear your experiences with these hair clippers
my son's going to get me now
I'm gonna-- shall I give him a shave?
I'll show ya
come in look what I got!
I'm gonna shave you!

So look I hope this video and I hope these links below help
I just want to help the community of grade 1 hair clipper owners
I don't anyone to be buying - look at this mess - I don't want anyone to be buying this junk
because they're not cheap either - well they are cheap but that's the problem
once you accumulate a number of them that doesn't work - it really starts to add up
So I hope this video has helped
if you've reached this point in the video why not let me know that somebody reached this far, with a thumbs up they'll be really appreciated
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if you can hit the subscribe button - you don't have to - just mute me you don't have to watch any any more of this nonsense
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