Wednesday 22 February 2023

How to clear GMAIL storage if you hit Google 15GB limit

How do you reduce the size of files in your Gmail account? 
Can you get your Gmail under the 15GB limit for free storage on your Google Account?
In this video, I'm sharing 3 ideas for what to do to clear gmail storage and bring down the size of files... if your Gmail account storage is full and not receiving emails. Together we can fix the gmail storage full problem. 

How to clear GMAIL storage if you've hit Google 15GB limit

0:00 How to fix Gmail account full storage problem
0:47 Tip 1: How to clear gmail storage if it is out of storage using Google One: To clean up space and see the emails with the largest attachments
2:35 Tip 2: How to search for big files in Gmail using the search bar or advanced search to clean gmail storage
3:37 Tip 3: How to make a new gmail account to create a new address to give out as our junk email address, to stop more emails coming in


Do you need to put your Google Mail on a diet? 
Has your inbox ballooned so that it's now full and Google wants you to pay a monthly fee? Every month? 
Has your free Google storage now hit its limit and you think that you might need to reduce your Gmail? 
I know exactly how you feel, my Google photos was full so I made this video about reducing the size of photos and videos in Google storage - without deleting any photos or videos... 
And someone in the comments asked me how can I reduce the size of my email storage? 
I hope this video helps because I have three tips to bring down your Gmail storage under the 15GB limit to get that Google free storage. 
Let’s dive straight in, and this is tip number one: go to Google one! 
And the easy way for us to get here is to just type in into your browser. 
It’s the area where you can manage all of your storage here on Google. 
It’s really important by the way go to the top right hand corner and make sure that you are logged into the correct Google account... and on this friendly page that tries to sell you stuff, we have “storage and more with Google one”. 
And right at the top we have three options here: storage, backup, or clean up space. 
Let’s click on “clean up space” and that brings up this page. 
You can get to this page really easily by going to and if any of these links change I'll put the latest link down in the description for you. 
This is just an overview to give you some ideas of places to look to reduce your storage size. 
If we scroll down on this storage manager page we've got different options here but there's a really handy one here: large items, and emails with large attachments. 
So let's click on “review and clean up” and here we can instantly see emails with the biggest attachments. And there's a really handy pull down menu on the top right hand side here where we can choose the size of the attachments... so I could choose anything that's larger than 20 megabytes. What we can do here is actually select something that we want to delete so I'll just tick on this box here and then in the top right hand corner we have this big scary blue delete button, and that permanently deletes these files. 
Tip number two is for us to search for large Gmail emails and that's really easy. 
We can do this two ways: we can either go to the search box and type in “larger:” and then I'll type in “10M” that's for 10 megabytes, and it brings up all the emails larger than 10M. 
Thankfully I've only got one because I've cleared out this email address. 
Yeah this is is a sound file that's 23MB so this is a good way to spot emails which have large attachments within Gmail. 
The other way to do this is again in the search bar: there's this icon here for advanced search settings and that brings up this pull down menu. And we can type in here, size, let's say 20MB and then I'll hit the search button and again it brings up all the emails with file attachments that are larger than that size. 
So we can use either of these to spot the emails with the big attachments. 
Let’s go for our final tip. I'm going to suggest making a dirty Gmail address. It’s really simple, we've just got to do the steps that we took to make Gmail in the first place. 
We all need to give out email addresses from time to time for things that aren't important. 
They might be to get discount codes in stores or to sign up to things online that aren't that important to us. 
So this stops us from getting more junk email taking up the space in the first place. 
All we need to do is to log out of Google or open up an “incognito” or “private tab” and type in and then click “sign in”. 
And down here underneath the “sign in” there's a button to “create account”, and it gives you three options. 
I’ll choose “work and business” and we can create this Google account in exactly the same way as we did with our original account... except this time we'll set up a username that will be the name that we remember to give out when we're in a junk mail situation. 
But if you're finding that photos and videos are taking up your Google storage, I've got you covered. I've got two videos right here: one video for doing this on desktop, and one to blitz the photos and videos on mobile, without deleting any of your precious photos and videos. 

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