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How to make hummus - EASY RECIPE

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My easy homemade hummus recipe, step by step for beginners.
You can vary these, but I'm making hummus at home using:
2 lemons, 2 cloves of garlic, a can of chickpeas, 150g/5oz Tahini (sesame paste), some extra virgin olive oil
Then how to eat hummus (or not) with pita bread, which we call pitta bread!



hello how do you make hummus and how do you even spell houmous? 
hello again I'm Neil, welcome back to the channel where we try something new every day to make our family happy 
you know how hard this is but today I'm going to make my ham… my family? 
today I'm going to make my family happy with this dip 
this delicious homemade hummus recipe 
ah the flash forwards are so scrumptious s
hould we dip some bread in on the footage? 
thank you future me! good work because I'm not a cook this is the first time that I'm making a food video or recipe video on this channel and that's probably because this kitchen used to look like this 
we'll get to the houmous as quickly as possible I promise but this is what our kitchen used to look like 
absolutely disgusting and we lived with it this way for over five years 
I didn't want to make food in there let alone food videos 
you can't tell from these pictures but we only had one ring on the cooker and lots of rings on the counter top so a few months ago we knocked through the wall and now this is what it looks like 
but I feel like… I feel like I should be justifying this but we spent we spent about five years saving up for this so I thought well at least… the least I could do is share it with you and to share my amazing hummus recipe that I made up 
I cobbled together from lots of other hummus recipes on the internet from looking it up so many times and evolved my own special version of this dish 
let's get… let's start making a mess in the kitchen 
let's mess it up a bit yeah? 
I've got a second camera over here so you can get some good close-ups 
first thing I'm going to do is to squeeze two lemons 
these are quite small ones I usually have bigger ones 
these are from lidl and I'm cutting into them so they go deeper onto the squeezer and you get more juice out 
now I don't know if I should be showing all of this in real time because I've not done a recipe video before so I don't know if I should be showing any of this speeded up? 
let me know in the comments if you're getting fed up sitting through all of this 
and the next thing we need probably the most important thing are these chickpeas and these chickpeas are in water 
come over to the sink and I'll empty them out and rinse them off 
I'll just rinse these off by pouring them into this giant sieve spoon from Joseph Joseph 
I'll put a link in the description because someone always asks what thing are you using there 
you can get a bag of chickpeas and soak them in the water but life's too short 
it takes forever... they’re sat in the fridge for two days 
this way is much much easier 
some people like the goo that comes off the... the chickpeas I... I don't 
I think it smells foul 
now I'm showing off because I've managed to get a whole can into one spoon so let's put those into the bowl and I'm going to throw in the lemon juice and I'll probably scrape off some of the lemon bits as well 
I just remembered I need... I need a blitzer 
I need a hand whisk thing 
we've had this one forever 
it's probably an electrical hazard somehow it's hanging on in there 
before I start that going I'm going to put in the rest of the ingredients so I'm going to put in a very generous... I hate saying “glug” 
it's such a pathetic trying to make a recipe sound more active and interesting... but I'm just going to throw in a load of extra virgin olive oil 
I... I know I probably put in far too much of this but I like it and crucially it bumps up the volume as well so we get a bit more hummus 
next in is the garlic 
let me break off and again I probably put way too much of this as well but I put in two cloves and I'm going to choose the biggest cloves as well 
and controversially I don't use a garlic crush and I don't cut it properly, I use THIS 
it's a microplane 
if you are looking for a gift for someone at home or best friend or something this microplane is absolutely brilliant I've put it on my list of gifts “for him” which is down in the description 
the thing I like most about the microplane is that it gets all the garlic in and it just makes it into this really smooth fine paste 
which is a bit pointless because we're using a blender to blend it all but I just find it easier to use than a garlic press where you've got to like pick bits out afterwards 
the final ingredient - this recipe is so easy I'm going to go over here and try not to pull everything over it's this! 
it's tahini 
a big jar of tahini 
we're living like kings! 
and I am going to put in half a jar of tahini 
tahini is sesame seed paste 
this is a 300 gramme jar and I'm gonna put in half so I guess we'll call that 150g
Sometimes I put in more sometimes I put in less 
finally we can get the blender going 
this is a Braun Vario and I'm going to use this on the maximum power setting partly to make the dip nice and fine but mostly because I'm a bloke and I want to use it at full power 
so we'll just blitz the ingredients here try and get rid of all the chick peas 
turn all of the chickpeas into a nice brown paste

should I be leaving all of this in? 
I don't know I'll make it…
…a nice long video 
this is the hardest part now 
I've got to get all of the hummus off the blender 
if you weren't here obviously I'd use my hands and steal some just to taste how it's going and I'm showing great restraint because I've got two cameras on me but I'm going to put this in the fridge - come with me 
we are going to get this into the fridge and there's no room! 
I'm going to squeeze it in there and I'm going to leave it there for about 20 minutes so should we do a time jump? 
it is 20 minutes later and time to get the houmous out of the fridge 
oh probably should have covered it up but it's still good 
I like to keep the pizza breads in the freezer but these ones are defrosted so let's get into them and get two of these good guys going 
look there is a water pistol in here? 
I don't believe that anyone has fruit in their fruit bowl 
put down in the comments what's in your fruit bowl right now 
obviously I could cut some carrots or crudites to go with the hummus but I'm not an animal and I like my bread too much and at last I get to make the sensational hummus beauty shots 
should I put a blob of olive oil on this? yeah let's go for it 
time to try one oh here we go

oh perfect another good one 
say hi in the comments below if you have a go at the hummus 
I think this is my first and only food video on the channel but right here is something else that youtube knows that you're gonna love! 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! 
alright this is going to be the proper one right

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