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Things to do in LOOE Cornwall

It's another unplanned family trip with the kids EXCEPT this time, it's for a WEEK... in Cornwall... with our dog Casper too!
We try to share as many things to do as possible in Cornwall, around Looe.
Hope this sparks some ideas for your family holiday...

18 epic things to see in CORNWALL with kids and a dog

0:00 Things to do in Cornwall for a family holiday with kids and a dog, near Looe: including crabbing
02:45 Dog beaches in Cornwall: Polperro Harbour and beach 
3:57 Carnglaze Cavern: cave and woodland walk
6:05 Hannafore Beach: stone skimming, cafe and dog ice cream
7:02 Kartworld go karting at Adrenalin Quarry, Cornwall
08:57 Trago Mills Liskeard, St. Pinnock Viaduct
09:53 Lansallos Beach Cornwall
10:24 Golitha Falls waterfall and Trethevy Quoit ancient stone monument Cornwall, and Aquapark in Adrenalin Quarry



Hello I’m Neil welcome back to the channel and welcome to Cornwall!

Now usually on the dad delivers vlog we go as a family to a place for a day with no plan. 
In this video we're going to go for a whole week here in Cornwall with the kids and the dog with no plan whatsoever we just turn up and see how many places we can see... how many things we can do without planning it in advance. 
I don't know if you're gonna like some of these things so I’m gonna try and get in as many as possible and hopefully they might even just spark some ideas for some other places for you to go, and other things for you to see and do. 
There are four of us we got two kids: one thirteen, one eleven years old and we've got Casper who is two years old.
But I think that's... that's a teenager in dog years, right? 
The other thing with this video is that it's centred in a place called Looe. 
This harbour, Looe harbour and the first suggestion is to go crabbing... so we bought some special crabbing buckets and some disgusting bait, and we took our chances on the harbour walls. 
We got one?
This was really great because all we needed was a couple of nets and you could buy those in a lot of shops around the harbour and some bait to put into the nets. 
We used some bits of bacon which apparently is what uh everyone uses there and this kept us entertained for hours. 
We did this over a few days. All you need is a harbour wall and obviously for the tide to be in.
We're in Looe, we've caught a crab... do you want to go in and have a closer look? 
Here we go!
Yep I’m putting my hand and my camera into that bucket.
A very kind street cleaner who was walking past explained to us that if you have two males in a bucket, they can start fighting and start pulling apart each other's legs so we made sure that these two weren't male or weren't fighting... and uh we... we threw them back into the sea quite soon after this.
Anyway we can really recommend getting a couple of buckets and some fish heads and my camera now smells like crab!
We spent a lot of time during the week looking for places where Casper could go for a swim.
Obviously dog beaches aren't everywhere so we're really pleased to find Polperro harbour which has its own beach.
Polperro is like a lot of places in Cornwall, absolutely gorgeous and tucked in the middle of nowhere.
The trouble with Polperro is that to me it feels like a not very good theme park.
It looks really nice and is probably great for a one-off visit but be warned the parking is really expensive, far away and you have to pay for it in coins.
Also all the public toilets in the town are locked with electronic locks and have to be paid for every single visit.
They say it's obviously to pay for the facilities but it does look like a working harbour of holiday lets cafes and garages.
I think there might be better places to visit with the family in Cornwall but we had an okay day out in Polperro.
So we can go into the cavern now, ow ring hand! 
This is where we're gonna go, this way, so this place is... what's this place called?
The Carnglaze caverns? 
There's a giant cavern uh in a place called St. Neots, so we've come down into the cavern now.
Look how clean this water is
If you're into minecraft you might really like this place, am I right? 
That's great I really like that.
Did you like that? 
Yeah? And then there's also this woodland trail so that if you have a dog one of you can sort of take the dog on a walk round while the others go around the cave and then you can swap over.
It's about 20 minutes: it's got little interesting things along the way like this hobbit hut 
I think we could just about get all of us in.
Hey Joe, can I get a walk past shot I know you hate them.
You know these shots where we walk past the camera like someone else is filming us? 
Well obviously to get those I’ve got to actually run ahead put the camera down and go back to where we were and walk past. Then you get that nice shot of us passing the camera but my son absolutely hates me doing these
Oh, he just finds it annoying.
This is the big one - wow it's still going! Oh.
It comes with a spoon so you can eat some.
This is Adrenalin Quarry.
We're at Kartworld and we're going to go go-karting!
I don't think we can film this can we... so you just gotta imagine that it looks a little bit like this.
So how did you find that?
I’m counting this as a thing to do: shopping at Aldi
This is our haul.
Quick before it goes.
You can tell it's one of my shops when there's bake at home stuff
Mum neatly puts it in the car 
this is all the veg that we're buying 
have a nice day! 
And quite a lot of meat. 
Five a day meat.
Mars, ice cream, meat and milk, five a day.
Can you hold that for me? 
No okay take that in cause I’m gonna eat that on the way home
Time to get home and prepare for day four! 
This is Trago Mills - it sounds like a... a Bond villain but it's uh right underneath this viaduct, so I’m gonna see if the train's going to come over any second now!
Joe put it best just now this is like a level of Backrooms 
An extra level. 
Hello? Hello?! 
We're in dresses. I don't... we're in the dresses section.
Hey guys! 
This is what happens... this is what happens when you get your son to put sun cream on.
We're doing real life Minecraft look, here we go.
So I think we found an abandoned mine shaft down here.
That's what it's down here - it's still moist 
Look, oh what are they mining for? It's nice and cool. 
Look there's like 1980s rubbish in there.
Casper hasn't seen a waterfall before so I think uh I think he really likes this.
Hey have you been in? Go on! 
So we think these are the Golitha Falls.
I’ll soon find out when I’m editing this if it's a bit further down or if that's it there. 
I think that might be it there.
There's a lot to climb on when it's dry. 
I don't know what it's like when it's raining so we've been really lucky with the weather.
I read on a sign that locals said that it's from where giants were throwing stones.
There's a game and that's where the game name quoits (coits) comes from this isn't a history channel.
Are any of these any good? 
Thank you for being awesome and hitting the thumbs up button and right here are some other things that YouTube thinks you'd love to try out next.
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers, just click in his face thanks bye! Alright this is going to be the proper one right?

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