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How to wall mount Dyson cleaner

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IKEA HACK! Wall mounting our vacuum cleaner... How to install a Dyson V8 V7

How do you fit the Dyson vacuum cleaner wall mount?
I wall mount my Dyson cleaner in real time, step by step. Doing it a little more elaborately by mounting it to a wooden board - for a bit of extra strength on the wall, and also because it looks nicer.



how do you mount a Dyson vacuum cleaner to the wall like this one? 
this is our Dyson vacuum - it's a Dyson V7
it was in the back of a cupboard for a long time 
wouldn't it be great to put it on the wall so that you can just charge it whenever you're done cleaning
this is the dad delivers vlog where I try something new every day and today I’m finally putting this on the wall 
my Dyson - I said ‘my’ - it's OUR Dyson vacuum cleaner 
it means that you can just pick it up and it's good to go 
I’ve only got one hand... hang on
and it's good to go 
this is how this room looked before this went up and I’m probably doing this a bit more elaborately than I need to
but I wanted a nice wooden board to mount the Dyson on
by chance I found this IKEA wooden chopping board 
it's a board that just sits on top of a sink but it's the exact right size for mounting the Dyson wall mount and this colour wood is almost identical to the countertops in the room 
so once I’ve pre-drilled the holes it means that I can now hold it up against the wall and put it in the exact place that I want to mount the vacuum cleaner

this now means I’m missing one hole
one crucial hole 
so I’ll do the two other holes first and then I’ll take it off make a fourth hole and then put it back on again

this is a brand new wall
I hate doing this

so now I can make a mark for the fourth screw that I messed up

so now I can put all four screws in
just remember which way up you had it, because they are slightly different each way around

this is the ultimate test... I need to find the Dyson

oh yeah so the next thing I need to do now is to work out how the wiring goes 
so it's got this thing - this hinge and we want to run the cable through the hinge so what you do is you go around the back
push it in - it's kind of spring-loaded - so you want to push that all the way back to like... oh wow it clicks that's good 
when you push the Dyson in, this power plug goes into the socket like this and then when you want to use it, you push up - hinge - and then pull out
but there's a little groove so you can run the cable so that the holster holds flat against the wall 
push the cable into the groove and you run it around the screw hole here... and then when I hold it up against the wall - wherever you're going to put the holster - it goes like that 
now the length of the cable isn't that generous unfortunately so I’m going to run the cable to the side here, and this is how it looks
this is how I’ve mounted our Dyson to the wall 
what do you think? 
is this something that you might attempt with your Dyson? 
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