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How much I earn on YouTube at 4K SUBS! My YouTube revenue Sept 2021

This is how much money YouTube pays me at 4000 subscribers this month!
I go through all my tabs on the YouTube Studio app: including Reach, Audience, CTR (Click through Rate) and my RPM (revenue per thousand - how many dollars per 1000 views)
I also take a peek at my views and subscribers on my other channels:

How much I earn at 4K SUBS! My YouTube revenue Sept 2021



hello welcome back to the happy hut 
I’ve come outside because the weather's not terrible for a moment 
but I’m going to show you everything that I earn on this YouTube channel 
I’m going to have all the stats on screen here 
we're going to be going through my click-through rate, my RPM - that's how much YouTube pay me per 1000 views I’m going to show you which videos are doing well 
and I’m also going to take a peek at my three new YouTube channels which might be a terrible idea um so I’m not sure if I’ll even leave this bit of the intro in the video 
but I’ve also got some stats to see how close I am to not getting 1000 subscribers or 4000 hours of watch time on those to get monetized 
but anyway this channel is monetized and it's the place where I try to help high achieving creators and performers just like you - high five - to get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world happy 
but this video is about making the world money 
so this feels slightly vulnerable to... to show you everything on my mobile device I mean I’m in the UK so we call it a mobile 
but here's the app right here on the screen 
as you can see I have 4174 subscribers thank you to each and every one of you hint 
you also get an overview of how the channel's doing and as you can see on my analytics, my watch time is down to 600 hours roughly - 21000 views 
subscribers by 135 so far in the last 28 days and I’m doing about $100 a month 
and this is why this is why I haven't done this video for a while 
I was making these videos where I go through how much I earn every single month but as you can see on screen right here my revenue has taken a complete dive 
and there's a reason for that 
if you're regular on the channel you'll know that I removed half of my videos 
guess what! 
it removed about half of my revenue but some of my best earners weren't niche 
I wanted to niche this channel to help high achieving creators and performers just like you - high five - so I took away all my gardening videos and all of my UK specific things 
they've gone to another channel and I might go through that channel in a moment 
that's my latest video which is doing very well on the average few duration 
if you scroll down on the app it shows you the last three videos and some comments 
but there's some very kind comments there that could have been a lot worse couldn't it 
let me dive into analytics 
I’m going to click on “view more” 
in the last 48 hours - this is pretty regular I get about 1500 views and these are my top videos 
you can see my top video is how to link your YouTube channel to other channels 
but I’ll skip back and just go into more detail on some of the other channel level statistics 
so I’m getting about 600 hours a month if I open up the timescale to the last 90 days it's pretty much the same 
and if I open that up to the year you can see that big drop 
that big drop there ding! 
is where I unlisted and moved all of my videos that are not about making YouTube videos 
I’ve moved them onto another channel the links are in the description if you want to take a look at them but you can see the effect on my watch time it's pretty much halved my watch time 
and if I pull up the lifetime statistics for my channel well it doesn't even make sense does it because I’ve been running this channel since about 2009 
so if I scroll over and just look at the last few years - so just when I was monetized you can see I had a crazy spike in March 2020 
let's open it up I’m just pinching the app graph with my fingers 
so you can see that really strange peak which was for a video that's not very niche and then a trough and then the channel started doing very well assuming... 
wow we've got some military helicopters going over now it's because I’m sharing the good stuff with you! 
it's time for a drink 
Oh dear it's the local air ambulance that kind of puts things in perspective 
if you think your channel is doing bad well just cheer yourself up with the thought that you're not using an air ambulance today I guess 
There was a time when I was getting 10 subscribers a day that's probably nearer five subscribers and it's been like that for this year 
if I put in the last 365 days that's what I’m doing on the subscribers 
what do you think are your statistics like this 
leave a comment I’d love to hear how your channel is doing 
now my estimated revenue which unfortunately is pretty accurate 
I’m getting about 100 dollars a month and again that is since I removed the videos 
if I pinch to open up you can see I was doing about twelve dollars - eight to twelve dollars a day 
now that's just tanked to something really low that spike there is from a very kind friend dropping 20 dollars into a super chat and it really stands out but this is pretty much how much revenue I get a day 
so in the last year I’m really grateful for this - I’ve pulled in $2000 
I’m hoping that the revenue will go up in the run up to Christmas so I’m in September 2021 at the moment I’m really hoping that we might be doing more than we - I might be doing more than $100 a month 
so the last 28 days the the nice little pictures have gone but you can see the titles so my top video is about featured channels 
that's how to add other channels to your channel so you get a little list of channels on your featured channels tab 
if I go into the analytics for the video you can see that the average view duration for my top video on my channel right now is one minute and eight seconds that's... 
that's not quite so helpful I wish it were longer but the views are insane 
It has clocked up 20000 views in what, two thirds of the year?
so that's good I’ll click on go to video analytics using the app we can deep dive into how this video is performing 
so I get about 90 watch hours 
pulls in 44 subscribers a month that's good 
can you see along the top of the page there on my app it says overview 
so I’ll scroll across to reach 
and wow the click-through rate on this video is 16% which is really good 
I think my channel average is about 8% 
now this is the percentage of viewers who click on this video based on being served a thumbnail 
so the thumbnail and the title clearly doing doing the business and most of my traffic is coming from YouTube search 88% 
and I’ll scroll down even further to those external sources so 60% comes from google search and you can also see your top YouTube search terms 
these are the search terms uh leading to people coming to my channel 
but the percentages are quite low 
the highest percentage is how to add channels to our YouTube channel 
this is new on the app on the YouTube studio app 
I can also see the top videos which have suggested viewers to come to my video and if I click on this - I don't understand why it lists THIS video as the top source suggesting this video 
I’m guessing maybe this indicates how many people come directly to this video 
the next best referrer is this one here how to add feature channels this is a tutorial - this is someone else's tutorial video 
two percent have come from one of MY videos about changing your YouTube name 
and it actually refers me to that video which is useful 
piggy meme review has brought two percent of my videos suggesting this! 
should we have a look? 
okay this meme here yeah your piggy 
uh okay now I’ve already seen that I have no I have no idea why so it's interesting 
I’m not sure it's actually that useful it's helpful to see where your viewers are coming from but I’m not sure that enables me to do anything with that information 
if you disagree please leave me a comment I might be missing something there 
audience retention that nose dive there can you see that big dip in the graph 
that is because that's the part of the video I’ve basically told the viewer what they've come to hear 
and it's doing 96.7% likes that's nice 
the audience for this video happens to be 82% male and weirdly 100% between that age bracket I... I don't want to question YouTube statistics but that seems very strange and not very likely 
the top geography is the united states which is good because united states viewers pay the most as you might already know if you're monetized 
let's go to the revenue 
this is what you want to see isn't it 
for that one video I’m getting about $18 a month 
the rpm - this is how much YouTube pays me per 1000 views for this one video so it pays me about four dollars per 1000 views 
it's a short video 
I find if my videos are longer than eight minutes the revenue per 1000 views is so much higher 
let's compare this now to how my overall channel is doing 
so back onto my channel analytics 
we still have the tabs along the top, so I’m going to scroll over to reach 
reach shows you where your viewers come from 
so impressions is how many thumbnails are served basically 
and if I compare that for the year my impressions have halved as a result of removing half of my videos 
my click-through rate (CTR) as you might already know the click-through rate is what percentage of your viewers are clicking on your thumbnails 
but my click-through rate if anything has gone up in the last year not by a lot but you can see it was dithering at around six percent and now it's dithering at between six and nine percent 
so that's a good sign for me I think that tells me that it was a good thing to niche my channel 
my click-through rate has gone up 
not that I’m seeing that in in money terms yet but... 
but I’m glad the ctr has gone up there 
overall for my channel I get about 50% of my views come from YouTube search and about 30% come from external 
I have been putting my videos onto my blog which I think is a really good idea I think that's really worked well for me 
I think it helps with with google search and I think it helps refer viewers to me from the blog 
I also tweet out my videos 
I put them on Facebook and LinkedIn as well but I think if anything that might be harming my views 
I think they click through the video through curiosity so they're not actually there to watch the whole video 
they just want to see it because they've seen it on their feed 
so for me putting videos out on social media I don't think works very well 
the top video suggesting my content?
you can see now what other videos on YouTube are referring viewers to your channel 
but I’m not sure there's anything that I can do about affecting this 
so I’m not sure how useful it is 
let's go over to engagement 
no let's not go over to engagement 
you want to see the money don't you 
show me the money! 
so for my channel revenue I’m getting $101 for the last 28 days 
if I compare that with the last 90 days pretty much the same 
last year it's tanked it is really tanked since I removed those videos 
let's go back 
I don't want to look at this anymore 
my rpm that has stayed at channel level - that's stayed pretty much the same for the year so around the six dollar level 
overall my lifetime rpm is $2.55 
but I think that includes the time from when I was monetized before and YouTube removed monetization from anyone who had under a thousand subscribers 
but if it... if it is of use or interest you can see how my rpm has fluctuated 
and you can see that really nice hump from September to Christmas last year 
the rpm does go up from six dollars the around nine or ten dollars 
I’m really hoping that that will happen again this year 
fingers crossed 
what's your rpm? 
let me know in the comments below 
I’d love to know how my rpm compares with everyone else's obviously 
that's probably why you're watching this video 
these are my top earning videos 
it's not a very pretty screen but the featured channels is pulling in $18 
there's a huge drop to the next level of videos 
I’ve got a tutorial on how to fast-forward and rewind videos on YouTube that's five dollars a month 
oh this video I made years ago when my kids were really young and drawing all over the car - that video is still pulling in three dollars a month which I’m delighted by that's amazing that something I made about six years ago is now bringing in three dollars a month! 
it's wonderful isn't it YouTube? 
my brain at the moment as a YouTube creator is to just keep making videos because the more videos I put out then the more videos I’ve got out there pulling in one or two dollars a year 
obviously it's not enough to live on but in my brain I’m still thinking off I could just make two videos a week then I’ll always be increasing my revenue by one or two dollars a month for each video! 
so say I made 10 videos I mean that could be 10 or 20 dollars a month that my income increases 
and then of course I hit I hit a wall and then I see the futility of it just think what's the point because you know you can't live on a hundred dollars per month in a in a western economy 
I don't know where in the world you're watching you might be watching on another continent and this might actually look like a lot of money to you 
and if it is good luck - let me know in the comments 
I’m going to keep going because I’m learning so much from these experiments here on YouTube 
I’ve spread out my experiment now so what I’m doing now is making three other channels 
I wonder if I can pull them up here 
now some of these channels are dead some of them are very active 
so I’ve got a travel channel Neil’s trains and stops that's at 93 subscribers 
I’ve got my dad delivers vlog which I think is my favourite channel at the moment 
that's on 400 subscribers 
and my ikea dad channel is on nearly 180 subscribers 
so Dad delivers is where it's at and I think I’ve stopped making videos so frequently on this channel to try and get some more videos on that channel 
should we go in oh I’m just gonna make this video long 
there's a little sneak peek on how I’m doing on dad delivers I’m going to make a whole video about this I think and I’m going to show you how many views I’m getting on this other channel 
it's almost the same amount of views and watch time I’m getting on this channel but obviously it's not monetized yet 
if I could get this other channel monetized that could double my revenue to 200 dollars a month which would be great 
it's taking so long 
the number of subscribers 
I only get about one and a half subscribers a day on that channel so it would take me another two years to hit a thousand subscribers 
I’ve hit the 4000 hours watch time because the videos are good 
I know they're good because they worked on my other channel before I removed them 
let's dive in here yeah I’m getting like 600 hours a month and on my lifetime for this channel I’ve hit the 4000 hours easily 
it's just the subscribers and the problem with that channel is that the... the videos do really well on search there are lots of how to's you know how to change a line on a strimmer, which they do really well on search and people watch them and think thank you very much that's ALL I needed to know and move on 
it's not so good for gaining subscribers 
so I think my plan with that channel is to make it a bit more personal 
try and make videos that people would might want to come back to 
I’ll cover all of that on the other video and I’ll put that video on screen now and in the description 
but if you have any questions leave them in the comments below 
I hope this video helps and right here is what YouTube thinks you'd love to watch next 
good luck with your channel let me know how your channel is doing I’d love to know!

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