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Are these my BEST headphones? AUDIO TECHNICA ATH M40X pro headphones unboxing

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are these my BEST headphones? AUDIO TECHNICA ATH M40X pro headphones unboxing



you could... you could have a Pharrell size hat on top of these 
hello welcome back to the happy hut I’m Neil and I’m sorry for the background noise right now 
we're in a really heavy thunderstorm here over the happy hut uh we're... I’ve had to come in from outside I was going to do this in the garden 
but today I am unboxing this 
it's an unboxing and first impressions review of the Audio Technica ATH M 40 X professional monitor headphones 
let me show you the other side of the box while I tell you why I’m unboxing this 
my work has issued these to me which is great because I do a lot of audio work at work but usually I use these my urbanears plattan 2 gorgeous headphones 
I love the bass response on these and they are so comfortable and I’ve got all my urbanears Plattan 2 videos in the description but this is quite a big upgrade and I got giddy with excitement when I got this in my hands 
the first thing I wanted to do was to make an unboxing and first impressions video for you but the second reason is that Phineas Eilish, Billie Eilish's producer brother - he made a video for a GQ on the 10 things he can't live without 
and I think it was around number five were these amazing headphones that he really raved about 
turns out those headphones are the Audio Technica ATH M40X 
I’ve got a camera up above - hello - this is just going to be a really quick video just to show you what you get in the box 
I’ve wanted to open these for about three days 
oh nice and then in this triangular box there's some leads and things 
you get a really nice pouch case with Audio Technica embossed on it 
and it's like a drawstring pouch but look we'll come to all of this in a moment because you want to see these 
oh look at that 
oh oh there's more stuff under there! 
there's a bag for each ear cup 
now what I’m concerned about most is the weight and how these will feel when they are wearing it 
because these feel like nothing but obviously I don't think these will have the audio quality of these 
let me show you the cups and the stitching that's all nice isn't it 
and then as you can already see the cups are completely flexible 
you can turn them inside out swivel them up down 
the clicks you can hear the clicks as they click into place 
Oh gone too far around! I’ve broken them I’ve broken them already! 
Phineas I’ve broken your headphones! 
oh right so so basically they flip this way and that's why I can't turn them around 
it's like I’m using headphones for the first time isn't it 
there's a huge Audio Technica logo 
the finish as I’m sure you've seen on other reviews the... the materials are plastic it's plasticky 
the advantage of that is they are lighter than they would be with other materials to put them on wow and I... I can't hear anything in the room right now I can't hear the rain that's hammering down on the roof 
you can see it has ATHM40X embossed on the side but these extend let me pull them out the full way for you 
wow that's huge so you could probably get that on a very big bobble hat if you are DJing 
playing some form of guitar 
obviously they've got the mickey mouse kind of size there 
you could you could have a Pharrell size hat on top of these so I’ll push them back in because my head is big but not quite that big 
and it very firmly... I think you can only wear them one way round so this is the right and this is the left 
like that if I wear them the other way around like I do all the time with my urbanears it's the wrong way around as you can see 
so let's see what else is in the box because obviously they're not cordless so back in  the box underneath this cup here are lots and lots of leads 
right this looks like the 3.5mm jack obviously but if I hold it up to the camera where you can probably see that underneath the jack there... there is it's like a locking mechanism set into the plug there 
and there's a normal 3.5mm jack with a thread there for an adapter 
let's check out the other leads 
and this is the same kind of deal so that you have a 3.5mm jack to connect to the headphones with that locking mechanism on the jack plug there and then on the other side we have the quarter inch jack with... it looks gold plated... adapter so it goes to 3.5mm but the difference as you can see you don't need me to say this out loud but I will anyway it's a curly cord that expands 
so I think I’ll probably be using these because I’m always walking off and damaging equipment by not taking the headphones off 
so that'll be really useful for when I go a wandering 
I’m so excited about this 
on the left hand cup under here hold it up - that is the port for this 3.5mm jack and I’ve got to put it in and I’ve got to find the locking mechanism 
and then I can turn it and it clicks 
so I’ve turned it clockwise, it clicks into place and that's now fixed 
let me read out the packaging while I i show you the headphones from every angle possible 
40mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminium or aluminum wire voice coils 
90 degrees swivelling ear cups for easy one ear monitoring 
that's what the swivelling is for 
professional grade ear pad and headband material delivers more durability and comfort 
for professional studio tracking and mixing as well as DJ monitoring 
and what I love about these already I can see you can wipe the headband clean which I can't do with my other headphones it's not an unpleasant it's... 
it's leather-like but it's not pleather 
it doesn't feel too plasticky 
it does have a nice feel and there is a slight cushion underneath the headband there so there is some comfort padding under there somehow 
let me put them on 
I can't hear you I can't hear anything 
I mean look how do you review headphones on YouTube this is just first impressions but I’m going to listen to the music that I listen to all the time which is the grandstand theme 56 minute loop
I can't play too much of this music because I will get that copyright strike 
so the first thing I can say is that they are incredibly comfortable 
the ATH M40X they feel pretty good on first... first impressions 
the bass response is phenomenal 
I can really hear the bass and the timpani of the grandstand theme yet I mean obviously these are keepers 
I’m not sure what else I can tell you if you have any questions leave them in the comments 
so the first thing I can say is that the ATH M40X are incredibly comfortable 
the padding is just right 
my ears are completely enclosed and ah the sound I... I don't know how to describe this to you but to me the bass response is phenomenal 
I can really hear the low notes of the grandstand team there I better not play too much of it because I don't want to get a copyright strike 
it sounds really rich for obviously something you would expect of headphones of at this price range 
by the way you can buy the Audio Technica ATH ATHM40X using the links in the description below 
if you do that you help me out so thank you and right here are some other things that I’ve been doing on YouTube thanks for... for coming in I hope this helps 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face 
thanks bye all right this is going to be the proper one right?

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