Wednesday, 3 November 2021

My morning routine + journey into work, back home in Camden Town London

Taking you on my journey into work... you lucky thing... to Camden Town, London... then back home again. During The Rona.
That's all there is to this video. 
Via South Western Railway and the Northern Line tube.

My morning routine + journey into work, back home in Camden Town London



good morning this is how my day starts at the moment 
it's 7:30 and my train is due in at about 7:45 
I’m not going in every day and the way our trains work in our country means that means I’ve got to get a small mortgage out to pay for the single ticket 
it's about £30 into London and then I’ll get a reduced rail card fare for the way home 
I must remember to get that ticket!
Made it onto the platform - time to get the train hello I’m Neil...
[TANNOY ANNOUNCEMENT] Guildford for the AirBus
Hello I’m Neil, welcome back to the channel if you're new here especially big welcome 
today is a bit of an unusual video usually I help high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out here onto YouTube but I haven't been posting very much for the last few weeks and I wanted to make a video about why why that is 
I thought I’d do that by making a video about my daily routine at the moment 
I’m... I’m doing some work in London so I thought I’d take you along with me for that journey the first thing I’ve got to do is to get into London 
so it's 7:45, the train's on time it's always a good thing 
I like to go on the back carriage because it's usually quiet but I don't if you can see the whole train is quiet anyway! 
you use my knuckles obviously
The government advice at the moment is to work from home for the next two weeks at least uh till the 19th of July so we've got a really nice nice clean quiet train
I do my morning pages every single day for half an hour and there's no getting out of it even though I’m on the train 
except thanks to the face mask when my glasses steam up! 
[TANNOY: See it, say it, sorted]
I still can't believe how empty these platforms are these are really major stations and usually before the Rona, these platforms would be absolutely heaving with passengers
After the writing, I’ve been reading typing and tearing out 13 pages which is pretty good for this session but I’ve got to go through all of these pages at some stage
As we head into London I’m walking to the front of the train to get there just that little bit quicker 
I guess it's my morning exercise and the trains being held at some signals on the way into Waterloo station
[TANNOY: Platform 15 on the left hand side]
Finally we get into the London Waterloo a little late some things never change and you can see that in my eyes just how happy and grateful I look for this service 
so it's 8:57 made it to Waterloo 
time to go on the tube now over to Camden Town

I’m going to mention this a few times now so sorry about this 
but when I was a school kid and 11 years old I used to make this same tube journey every day until I was 16... except in the opposite direction
And it's still really weird being back at Camden Town station 
I remember bounding down the escalators three stairs at a time to check the dot matrix indicator at the bottom there 
I’m still not used to it 
This is Camden Town and this is where I grew up 
just so happens I’m working here for the first time in the place where I grew up and I used to do that journey every morning but the other way around 
still not used to being here um it's been about 20 years since I’ve been here properly 
and I’m still not used to it being so quiet as well look at it 
I think it... I think it gets a bit busier later on but even so this I’ve never seen it like this at all 
down here is... to flip the camera... that's my old infant school I made a whole video about this I put it on screen now and in the description 
but oh my goodness it is so weird walking past my old little infant school every morning to work 
let's go down and have a look because I made that video about what's happening to it about two years ago and... get run over 
what's happening is they're knocking it down for the Camden town underground station so it will not look like this for much longer 
I think it's probably going to take a couple of years to build a new underground entrance and they're going to bulldoze this little Victorian infant school that taught me all my nursery rhymes... taught me the colours 
the reason I can do this now right now is because of that building and all my lovely teachers in it 
Hawley infants it's moved - it's closed down they're not going to bulldoze the school with the kids still in it that that would be wrong 
but it's been derelict now for about oh two three years anyway that that video is a nice video if you if you've got some time on your hands 
then I cross the bridge over there to get to the building I work in which is just opposite Camden lock market 
obviously I don't think my employers would be that happy about me filming in the office so I’ll give you some shots from the window and some uh pictures that I took from the roof 
the upside with filming here is that a lot of people get their camera out so I don't I feel like I’m blending in by filming this for you 
hello it's now about lunch time and I need to go back to do my calls to the... the united states the... the America so a bit of a rush because I’m trying to get the 1:30. It's one o'clock now let's see if I can get from Camden to Waterloo in under 30 minutes 
I don't think I’m gonna make it 
let's see if I can do this
I love it - I’m against the clock and this tube train could not go any slower if it tried 
this isn't my train!
so I’m down... I think this is the first train to Charing Cross
I know that I am in a rush because that is why the trains are running so slowly
yeah that's that's not my train
turns out this this footage right here isn't slowed down!
okay out of the tube station - now over to a ticket machine to get my network railcard ticket
okay we are on platform 14 which is just over here
wow you're bringing me luck because I have never been able to do that journey in under 25 minutes! 
I’ve managed to get here for 1:25 ready for the 1:30 so we're good 
we're good thank you London Underground - Northern Line you rock!
and we're home so that was quick
everything ran to time 
it's not always like that even in these uh difficult times but uh yeah I’m very grateful to the train actually making it back bang on the dot 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers, just click on his face thanks bye! Alright this is going to be the proper one right

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