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BEST VALUE MOUSE? Amazon Basics wireless cheap ergonomic mouse for PC and Mac

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BEST VALUE MOUSE? Amazon Basics wireless cheap ergonomic mouse for PC and Mac

0:00 BEST VALUE MOUSE? Amazon Basics wireless cheap ergonomic mouse for PC and Mac
0:29 Unboxing and first impressions: AmazonBasics Mouse for laptop and Macbook Pro 
2:04 Does the Amazon Basics mouse work on a PC?
3:20 Does the Amazon Basics mouse work on an Apple Mac or Macbook Pro?



Hello welcome back to the Happy Hut if you're new to the channel 
my name's Neil I’m a tightwad dad where we try to be happy with what we've already got and today I’m trying to be happy with this 
It's the amazon basics compact ergonomic wireless mouse with fast scrolling in black 
I went for the black colour it also comes in blue purple red and silver 
this is how it arrives too I’ll come closer to the camera 
this is how it arrives fresh from amazon let's unbox this baby 
now I don't really buy many mouses - is it mouse's or mice?
but it comes in a really nice little box and this is what it looks like 
I’ll show you what it looks like actually plugged into the computer in a moment 
and if you've not bought a wireless mouse before this is how it works 
basically a little dongle thing - this is the wireless thing that you plug into your computer as a USB receiver you put that into a USB port 
but it's a nice touch apart from the nice cardboard box and instruction manual is it looks like it comes with an amazon basics AA battery 
it doesn't feel that expensive but it doesn't feel that cheap either so that's good 
let's put the battery in and then to turn it on there is a on off switch on the bottom here 
ready to do some mouse action 
I’ll give you some more close-ups while we plug it into the pc 
okay so I’ve read a bit of the instructions there's already two clever things with this mouse 
the first is this hole here in the bottom is actually a storage compartment for the receiver because of the ridged edge of the receiver that's what keeps it in that hole there 
and the other clever thing is this button here looks like a fast forward button this is actually the thing that activates fast scrolling - whatever that is - when you're scrolling on the scroll wheel 
it's got a left button and a right button 
it's got a blinking LED to show that it's in action on the side here 
there's a forward button and a backward button that you can use with your thumb while you're holding the mouse 
I’ve come out of the sun and into the happy hut to plug this in 
it could not be easier just get your usb port and plug in the wireless receiver like this and instantly as soon as I start moving the mouse the mouse moves around the screen 
I don't know if I can get this on camera where is it there I don't think see this is the other youtube channel that I run 
I don't know if you can see the cursor is just flicking up and down 
wow this feels really good obviously you can go into your windows settings if it's moving a little fast for you which it actually is because the mouse I had before is tiny 
from I think that might have been from poundland - the dollar store here in the UK  
by the way there's a link to this mouse in the description if this is the wireless mouse that you're after 
okay so just figured out what the default forward and backward buttons do on the mouse it actually takes your browser forward and backwards 
so using these forward and backward buttons on the side here is exactly the same as hitting forward and backward on the browser 
I’m finding it really smooth on screen and in my hand it's just really comfortable 
I mean it's going to be really comfortable after I’ve spent so long on a tiny mouse 
the way that you can grip it just feels so much more comfortable it feels like I’ve got more control 
but big question will it work on my MacBook pro 
let's give it a go and I’ll put the USB receiver into the side of my MacBook pro 
whoa yeah it's working instantly 
it is working really smoothly not that I thought that it wouldn't let's see if I could do some video editing with it
and this is working just as well with my mac as it was with my pc my windows pc 
so if it's not clear enough already the amazon's basics wireless mouse ergonomic mouse is an absolute hit 
I’m going to... it's a keeper I’m going to keep this 
if this video is helping why not hit the thumbs up button that will really help someone else to find this video and if you're feeling even kinder why not hit the subscribe button you don't have to watch any of my videos ever again but I’m trying to get to 1000 subscribers to get the money - the coin - from YouTube at no extra cost to use so if you're feeling awesome thanks so much for hitting that button and good luck with your amazon basics wireless mouse

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