Sunday, 31 October 2021

FREE STUFF from LIDL? Spin of Surprises Haul from Lidl Plus app!

This is a bit of an extreme experiment for the channel: Spinning the Lidl Spin of Surprises, on the Lidl Plus app FIVE times... here's what happens next!

FREE STUFF from LIDL? Spin of Surprises Haul from Lidl Plus app!



usually I play this in the in the line at the checkouts oh I’ve won 
hello welcome back to the happy Hut 
I’m Neil this is the dad delivers channel we're we're outside it's night time night is setting in but before I go to bed I thought I’d try a little experiment here on the channel 
I’ve got the the Lidl plus app right here and I don't know if you have the Lidl plus app but if I scroll up you can see we've completed coupon plus 
we managed to do that in about seven days flat uh that resets every month 
but what I wanted to try and share with you was the joy that is Lidl's spin of surprises 
I thought that you could enjoy the roller coaster of excitement that I need to move to one side and so you can see it on screen here so you can play along with me you can play along at home and we'll see what the spin of surprises holds for us today 
now the weird thing with the spin of surprises is that Lidl don't actually tell us what the top prize is so I thought if I video this and share it with the world that I’d actually capture the moment where I win something on the Lidl spin of surprises 
so let's let's just dive straight in I hit the green button 
usually I play this in the in the line at the checkouts oh I’ve won! 
wow okay so this is this is good you're bringing me good luck thank you 
but we have got rivercote crackers 
I don't know what they are 
it looks like you can put cheese on them so that's good it doesn't say what type of crackers and of course Lidl have all of their fake brands don't they 
so rivercote - it's not just any old crackers they're rivercote crackers so that's fantastic and I’ve got to buy them within seven days as well so better save that coupon 
I only have four more Lidl’s spin of surprises let's go for the one that ends tomorrow and we'll hit that green button 
oh what's it gonna be I was gonna say only play this when I’m in the checkout queue 
oh that's no good sorry you didn't win this time we'll dive straight back in three more chances left 
I’m sure Lidl are going to top the rivercote packet of cracker I don't even know how many crackers I don't need to know this is just non-stop surprise entertainment 
oh that was so close that was so close sorry you didn't win this time 
we have two spin of surprises 
do you think we're gonna win on this one 
let's take a look we'll open it up
it's a good job I’m doing it here and not in the checkout queue 
oh man we can't go out on the rivercote crackers 
can you see it suddenly got really dark 
almost echoing the darkness of the of the Lidl app 
let's go for the last one 
this is going to be the one I know it here we go hit that green button
oh oh oh yes we did it high five ah we've had this before fantastic it's not a chocolate hazelnut croissant 
it's half a chocolate hazelnut croissant 
so does that make it a hazelnut croissant 
fifty percent off 
uh maybe I could get footage of me choosing the chocolate hazelnut croissant 
I don't know if it's -- are there... just chocolate ones and chocolate hazelnut 
I just think there's just one type of croissant there 
and are there any left 
I don't know because I’m recording this separately 
but this is me filming myself choosing the croissant 
putting the croissant in the bag 
I use my hands I don't know about you but the tongs surely we've reversed things so that holding the tongs probably isn't the most hygienic thing to do right now Lidl 
and it's either that or the plastic bags that you put your hands in but that's going to destroy the planet and we haven't even got any of those in our store anyway so manhandling my chocolate hazelnut croissant there it is on the conveyor belt today is a win today is a good day before the sun sets 
so here's my half a croissant 
I feel very proud it's a very proud day
I... I know no! 
it's my croissant! 
I didn't bother buying the crackers maybe I should 
there's the crackers 
where's the crackers there they are 
I don't know it's not even I don't even get the crackers for free 
it's 30 pence off the rivercote crackers I think we'll just leave that on the shelf there 
there they are rivercote crackers 
the booby prize the the runner up prize that's how I roll 
I can just leave 30 pence on the table on the app 
anyway if you have any spin of surprises you want to share with me leave them in the comments and we'll do this again sometime 
by the way here's what youtube thinks you want to be watching next 
can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye how was that

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