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How to fix a bricked KINDLE: not charging, Amazon Kindle stays on battery logo

Does your Amazon Kindle hang on the empty battery icon?
Your Kindle doesn't seem to charge, even though the charging light is orange... and the screen just shows a battery logo with an exclamation mark.
If your Amazon Kindle is not working, not turning on and doesn't charge with an exclamation point, I have 2 possible solutions for you in this video!

How to fix a bricked KINDLE: not charging, Amazon Kindle stays on battery logo

0:00 How to fix a bricked KINDLE : Amazon Kindle not charging, stays on battery logo
1:00 Method 1: Reset Kindle by removing some books from your Amazon account, to trigger a sync to your Amazon Kindle
2:40 Method 2: Fix your Amazon Kindle by charging it from a laptop not a wall charger



hello I’m Neil welcome back to the happy hut 
this is the dad delivers vlog where we try to be happy with what we've already got 
and we've already got this 
it's an Amazon Kindle but we're not happy with it because look 
it has bricked!
it has completely tanked 
it has stopped working 
it's a Kindle paperwhite and nothing removes this horrible icon of doom gloom and death 
is this device dead 
I’m going to try and fix this using only my laptop and if this has happened to you too I’m so sorry 
we've only had this like two years 
but there might be a way to fix this 
my Kindle is actually my... it's actually my wife's Kindle 
but her Kindle is only showing a battery icon with a exclamation mark 
as you can see I don't know if you can see in the daylight 
there is a nice battery charging light 
but nothing happens 
it doesn't turn green and it just... it just stays dead 
it's completely bricked 
this Kindle has just stopped working 
so thanks for coming along with the ride of the jeopardy with me 
so this is my wife's Amazon home page 
I’ve obviously blanked out some crucial details because goodness forbid that you would actually order some stuff for us 
probably do less damage than we do with it 
if I zoom in on the left hand side you can see this hamburger menu icon 
the three lines in a row there 
that indicates this menu 
and if I scroll down you can see digital content and devices 
I’m going to go down to Kindle e-readers and books 
click on that but I’m going to go all the way down to manage your content and devices 
now this has opened up the list of books on my wife's dead Kindle 
I wonder if all of these books might have crashed this Kindle 
I’m going to remove the ones I know she's not going to read 
so let's try this one and this one 
I’ve selected just two random books and I’m hoping changing the account will somehow force Amazon to try and contact this device 
so if I hit delete here and this deletes them from my wife's Kindle’s library 
by the way you get to see a little glimpse into mine and my wife's reading history 
yeah make of this what you will 
whoa the next thing I need to do is to come indoors 
this is where I’ve got wi-fi connection to the... the Kindle 
and the next thing we need to do is to press and hold down the power button for a long time so I’m going to try that and see if that somehow reboots it 
and let go of the power button 
which isn't worked at all 
what a waste of time 
okay so that didn't work but there's another solution that apparently does work and it means that I’ll be slightly less grumpy and it involves plugging this into your computer to charge it up rather than into a wall socket 
if you plug in your Kindle to your computer - it charges at a different voltage and if you leave it on charge for about half an hour in a computer sometimes that helps 
if you can hold down the power reset button for about 45 seconds 
and we've got the charge light on so that's a good sign 
I’m going to leave this for half an hour 
so we just got back from the park and you will never guess what's happened 
haven't got my microphone on - I’m sorry I think you can guess what happened 
it worked! 
it's brought the Kindle back to life 
yeah look by plugging it into a computer it charges it at a different voltage there's some kind of block from using a wall charger 
so while my family are arguing about whether an Asus Chromebook is a mum computer 
I will celebrate the fact that I have somehow managed to fix her Kindle 
there's all kinds of rows kicking off here now 
if this has helped you please hit a thumbs up so that other people can find this video too and if it hasn't leave a leave a comment because I’m sure people down below will be able to help you with your broken Kindle 
oh man I’ve got Bolognese on the back of my paperwhite 
can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers 
just click on his face - thanks bye! how's that

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