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BEST fish and chips in TORQUAY! Fishionados Fish & Chip shop Torquay Beach

Hello - I'm experimenting with getting more reviews on the channel, and you want the best fish and chips in Torquay? This is Fishionados Fish and Chip Cafe Bar on Torquay Beach - we think this is the best fish and chip shop in Torquay! I'll go through what the restaurant looks like, sitting outside, prices and what the fish & chips look like!

BEST fish and chips in TORQUAY! Fishionados Fish & Chip shop Torquay Beach

0:00 BEST fish and chips in TORQUAY! Fishionados Fish & Chip shop Torquay Beach
0:35 Review from the fish and chip shop
0:47 Review of the food: Fishionados fish & chips restaurant

Fishionado's Fish and Chip shop cafe bar's website is here:

Fishionados Fish & Chips on Google maps here:



And this... ahhh...
In the sunshine... (too hot!)
Hello I’m Neil and I’m trying to do more reviews on this channel - and YOU want to know the best fish and chips in Torquay I think we found it 
It's this place here: Fishionado’s fish and chip cafe bar right here on Torquay beach 
so let's take a look around and see what the food looks like!
This is Fishionado fish and chips cafe bar... in Torquay
And this... ahhhh... in the sunshine... ahhh. look at that.
[DAUGHTER:] Just spit that out Dude, get it out!
There we go, curry sauce.
and behold the chips oh yes excellent colouration 
I’ll just do a taste test - excuse me
Perfect chips the um the batter is just [CRUNCH]
[SON IN BACKGROUND It tastes slightly different] 
lovely light... light and thin sorry you can't hear me and oh look at this perfect perfect fish inside
And this is the view I don't know if you can see in the distance there's a couple of cruise ships and I guess that's our view and I guess that we are their view from their window
Curry sauce...
So so here's the aftermath we ate every last drop of fish and chips and also the curry sauce and ketchup uh it's £40.50 for what you can see... or what you can't see here haha!
So what do we give this? 
I give this place a nine out of five
That ends the review of uh the best fish and chip shop in Torquay let's uh let's leave you with a view of from the table 
if this video is helpful uh you could really help me out by hitting that thumbs up button or of course hitting the subscribe button that helps us get to 1000 subscribers thanks so much and we'll just leave you with the shot of the I think it's the queen... which ship was it that that's out there? 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye 
That's the Queen Elizabeth that's the Queen Elizabeth... Victoria it's the Queen Victoria oh it’s gone wrong...

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