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BEST SAMSUNG A51 SCREEN! Spigen Samsung Galaxy A51 tempered glass protective screen

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What is the best tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy A51?
I think I've found it: the Spigen, 1Pack, Samsung Galaxy A51 Screen Protector, Full Coverage, 9H Tempered Glass, High-Responsiveness, Case Compatible, Anti-Fingerprint, Screen Protector
I love this one because the screen is curved, following the Samsung A 51 screen.

BEST SAMSUNG A51 SCREEN! Spigen Samsung Galaxy A51 tempered glass protective screen

0:00 BEST SAMSUNG A51 SCREEN! Spigen Samsung Galaxy A51 tempered glass protective screen
1:10 How to fit a tempered glass protective screen on a Samsung A51
2:00 How to avoid getting air bubbles on my phone screen protector



what is the best tempered glass screen protector for this the Samsung galaxy A51 
I have fitted a few of these and I can honestly say my favourite one so far is this it's the Spigen woah, that’s a bit bright isn't it 
it's the Spigen alignmaster tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung A51 
I’m going to fit this in real time with you so you can actually see what this is like and why I think this is the best one that I’ve used so far 
it's actually for my son's phone 
this is a shot of a really bad out of focus picture 
my son dropped his phone and it did smash the glass 
he dropped it from about waist height with no screen protector on because we we've been through a few 
the biggest problem as you might know for the Samsung A51 phone is that the screen's gorgeous and it has this kind of curved edge 
and some tempered glass screen protectors actually give you like a sachet of gel to fill the gap 
you don't have to do this with the Spigen, that's the first reason but let me show you me going to the bathroom now to put this on this 
here is the Spigen tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung galaxy A51 and this is what comes inside the box 
we have a frame, some cleaning materials, a rubber I think for pressing down the screen to press out any bubbles 
all wrapped up is the actual screen itself with some instructions there and this is how the screen comes 
well that looks really smart 
really well presented 
there's a black frame around it which I know will annoy some people like my son because it's going to look like it reduces the screen size and maybe it does by a few pixels I’m not sure 
but as you can see it does go edge to edge and this looks so much more solid than some of the cheaper products 
but this isn't that expensive itself 
now to do this obviously a single spec of dust is going to completely ruin this by putting a bubble under the screen so I’m in the bathroom and I’m going to run some water 
apparently that helps get rid of some dust in the air 
I’m going to use the Spigen screen protector box as a base - a little workbench for me here 
let's open up the cleaning materials 
there are more instructions here on the technique for removing air bubbles 
oh it's called a squeegee that's what this is called it's the squeegee to get rid of the bubbles 
dust removal sticker this is what you usually get in screen protectors tempered glass screen protectors 
a nice dry microfiber cloth and a wet wipe to really give the screen a proper clean so let's do that now 
wow it's quite a generous size 
usually the ones you get in the cheaper screen protectors are a bit dried up and tiny but this is a proper wet wipe 
now I’m going to dry the screen and I’m going to use the dust removal sticker to just make sure everything's picked up
next goes on the frame guide 
that clips perfectly on the front 
wow that fits so perfectly I’ve used others - cheaper screen protectors - that not fit the phone or they fit the phone and they don't fit the actual screen protector so this is really good 
they're not paying me 
and then we're going to remove the backing which if you've used the screen protectors before that you've probably not seen a backing like this
it's rigid and then I’m going to lay it down on the guides and then follow the instructions so I’m going to press here at the top and then slide down so the middle pushes out the air bubbles 
I’m going to lift the guide frame and I’m going to press out all these air bubbles 
I don't know if they're showing up on the camera 
ah I’ve got a bit of dust there 
now the danger is you can make it a lot worse by doing this so here it goes nothing 
you don't know if the dust is on the phone or the screen 
right zapped that one that's good 
that's the next thing we're going to do is to remove this top sticker 
that's just informational really 
and then I can't see any bubbles but there are just in case there are tiny ones and just to really really super make sure that the adhesive on here spreads 
and we've got a good coverage any tiny tiny bubbles I can't see are pressed out 
so that's it I’m really really pleased with how this has gone 
I’m just going to rub off my fingerprints now 
there are no bubbles whatsoever 
what's really good with this as well apart from meeting it up to the bezel and being friendly for cases - what's really good is that there's no hole for the camera so you don't have to line it up with the camera you can just go straight over the camera and that might be something you might want to bear in mind 
maybe you do not want your screen cover over your camera but this looks like it just protects it 
and it's... you don't have to line it up 
that frame was really useful 
I’ve got this fusion clear case 
it's a cheap case but just to show you how it plays friendly with the screen protector or rather the screen protector accepts all cases that is really well covered really well protected and no bubbles 
that is a success 
there's Casper the dog! 
yeah he's giving us a woof of approval 
that is a definite definite success - well worth the money 
so the screen is on my Samsung or my son's Samsung A51 now 
it is gorgeous no bubbles I absolutely hate fitting screen protectors to phones and this works this did the job and there are no bubbles 
it looks great and what I don't think I mentioned in the bathroom was the case doesn't clash with the screen protector at all which is fantastic 
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