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How to renew UK DRIVING LICENCE Online step by step tutorial 2021

How do you renew your UK Driving licence?
In this video, I renew my Driving licence online and manage to do it in under 10 minutes... so you can follow along in case it helps to renew yours!

How to renew UK DRIVING LICENCE! Online step by step tutorial 2021

0:00 How to renew a UK driving licence online 2021
0:33 What you need to apply for a UK driving license with DVLA online: a valid UK passport, to be resident of Great Britain, £14, your current driving licence and National Insurance number
2:10 Can you use your passport to renew a UK driving licence? Yes - it automatically uses the photo and signature from the passport




How do you renew your UK driving licence?
I’m going to walk you through the process step by step so let's dive in.
There's a link in the description to the page that you can go to: this is how you do it in 2021 and maybe 2022. 
If anything changes though in the future I’ll change the link in the description, that's the only place you need to go, and I’m going to walk you through the entire process in real time. 
So this is the renew your driving licence gov.UK page. 
I’ll scroll down here because there are some exceptions at the moment you can pause the video if you need to see any of this.
But it gives you a list of what you need which is a passport.
I haven't got my passport. 
I’ve got to go and get my passport!
You need to be a resident of Great Britain. 
Well I’ve got the worry lines so checked out there totally and there's a few other details there but I’ll just scroll up to start now.
And we'll go through this step by step so this actually takes me to the DVLA website and the first page says please don't use the buttons on your browser.
Make sure you've got the documents to hand. 
I haven't so I’m going to have to pause and go into the house to get them! 
Make sure the details you enter your own, you can't apply for someone else. 
I wish someone else were doing this for me.
There's a page on the data security I’ll click next...
Now the first thing it wants is our details, so I’ll just fill this in.
I’ll speed it up. 
I always want to put something like sir or lord or grandmaster! 
Shall I put grandmaster?
Grand... master. 
The next page wants our address so shall put number 10 Downing Street? 
The next thing DVLA want from me is my driver number. 
I’d like to think that they would know my driver number but I guess we'll just type it in anyway to give them a hand.
Okay so I had a bit of a problem there I forgot to put all my names, so if you're filling this in don't forget to put all your names. 
Now this page is a bit weird: “so that we can process your application we will check your identity and the details you've given us with third parties” 
You're the government!
Surely... surely you've got all the details you need from me?
Wow this is quite intrusive. 
On this next page it now wants my national insurance number. 
On the next page DVLA wants to know my passport number. 
I think they can actually use the same photo and signature from my passport and put it on the driving licence.
I’ve... I’ve just got to go and get my passport. 
Got my passport so now I need my passport number.
The next page is this: it wants my photocard driving license issue number.
I can't really show you. 
I don't want to show you my details because I don't want you to be able to drive in my name but somewhere on here there are two digits.
Two digits? 
Somewhere on here there are two digits and it explains where it's after my driving licence number.
And my photo card number which is a 10 or 12 digit number.
It would be too easy wouldn't it just have one kind of number?
That's in at the bottom of your licence there. 
You know it really helps if you take a photo of your thing because then you've got everything in place.
Take a photo of both sides of your driving licence.
Are you currently disqualified from driving? 
Do I want to do organ donation? 
Finally there's a declaration so you have to tick these two boxes to continue. 
There's a summary page that lists out everything you've typed in so far and then it takes you to this payment page so you can put in your payment details 
I’m going to use my wife's credit card and see if they notice this 
And then it looks as if we have success and finally there's a little survey to ask how they're done because you know the government is er... the government needs to know how we're feeling about it I guess
I can see on my camera that entire process took me seven minutes including running into the house and coming back with my passport so I hope this helps. 
Does this help?
Leave a comment below if any part of the process changes I’ll put a new link in the description but everything you need is... is right there in the description
Good luck with renewing your UK driving licence. 
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Thanks! Bye! How was that?

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