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Best Flymo mower? FLYMO SIMPLIGLIDE 330 review & unboxing!

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My Unboxing and first impressions review of FLYMO SIMPLIGLIDE 330 hover mower for our garden lawn. The assembly instruction manual isn't very good, so I also try a How to put together a Flymo Simpliglide electric mower.
It's a step up from our previous Flymo mow n vac, and might be useful if you're looking for the Flymo Simpliglide 300. In the video, I do the unboxing, assemble the flymo and mow the lawn. You can see how it mows over kerbstones, flag stones and railway sleepers as well as the edging.

Best Flymo mower? FLYMO SIMPLIGLIDE 330 review & unboxing!

0:00 Best Flymo mower? FLYMO SIMPLIGLIDE 330 review & unboxing!
0:52 Unboxing Flymo Simpliglide 330 for the review
1:55 How much does a Flymo Simpliglide weigh? How heavy is it?
3:10 Flymo Simpliglide 330 cutting blade and how to assemble
3:48 Flymo Simpliglide 330 assembly instructions how to
6:00 Flymo review: Simpliglide 330, demonstration round the garden
7:44 Can you use a flymo over stepping stones, flagstones, patio, edging, railway sleepers?
8:15 Can you fold down a flymo mower? How to fold down the Flymo Simpliglide 330
9:10 How to adjust cutting height of Flymo mower? 



hello welcome back to the channel
if I stay quiet for a moment you might be able to hear a petrol mower in the background
so I’m sorry for that noise but I don't have to deal with any of that because today I’m unboxing this
the Flymo Simpliglide 330. 
look there's some shots of me there using it later because I have time jumped
that is after I have opened the box 
let's watch some more of of me in action doing some actual gardening with the Flymo Simpliglide 
this channel used to be called the tightwad dad blog 
but that felt a bit negative even though we were trying to be happy with what we've already got 
so now it's called dad delivers and today dad delivers this Flymo Simpliglide 
oh probably shouldn't have probably should have been a bit more careful with that 
here it goes
clunk while I’m opening I’ve got my special steak knife
by the way it's not as good as the American vlogger but it's all I’ve got
maybe I’ll show you some shots of the box 
this is an electric hover non-collect lawnmower which is why we got it we wanted something to just fling around the garden or technically in my case I wanted something so that my long-suffering wife could carry on mowing the lawn without my uh assistance 
what we did with our old mower we actually took off the the box because it was just so much easier to just not have it clog up and just fling it around and let the birds collect the grass
but we didn't see too much online about what this actually looks like out of the box so I hope this video is helpful 
this is what comes in the box so we've got the handles 
we got this from amazon by the way and if you want one exactly the same as this there's there's a link in the description if you buy it from there
I get a few pennies 
amazon rain me with coin
pretty much everything you get in the box 
the main unit comes in a bag
it's really light the whole box I believe is about seven and a half kilograms I could carry it and I’m not the strongest hardest working person on youtube and the base it feels like pure plastic which I love 
it's really light I’m actually looking forward to using this it comes with this protective wrapping which goes underneath the distinctive orange case there and over on the top the logo is protected 
just like an apple product
and what I’ve already noticed which is better than my mo and vac
is that we have these nice caster rollers at the front
and underneath this was the biggest thing that we didn't know about and that's the blade
on our MowNvac we have a blade with plastic blades that rotate and we really wanted that because for our garden it's incredibly uneven I’ve got a little dog who's nine months old and really really good at digging holes that's Casper there 
just going for it
so mowing around Casper’s er Great Escape work isn't the easiest task
so I was worried about getting a metal blade but what's really strange with this is that it doesn't actually look like a blade 
so it's a block of metal but it's kind of chiselled 
it's kind of angled can you see that
so that it's a blade there 
but it doesn't feel quite as dangerous as we thought it would be 
there's a crack
can you see that there's a there's a crack there it runs all the way from the top to the bottom there 
so Flymo if you're if you're watching this we're not that impressed 
it does come well wrapped the instructions that comes with the Flymo Simpliglide 330 as you can see inevitably the instructions are really nice and oblique 
hey maybe next time you could make the writing just a little bit smaller 
just a suggestion
so I’m going to do this on camera in case it helps you and if I go wrong then you might be able to avoid my mistakes 
let's push this in there we go so the pin holds it there 
and that looks that looks really nice 
good so we've got a handle on
that's a great start 
now I didn't think I would turn this video into a how to assemble a Flymo mower
but it is 
the next thing we need to do is to put the lever handle on top of this handle and obviously you need to make sure that the button is facing upwards when you do this 
Alright so this isn't quite as complicated as I thought it would be 
so you have to line up the top handle with the bottom handle and then we're gonna have these nice tightening bolts on the outside so run the nut through here to attach the two handles together 
and you can use the nice grey tightening nut yeah you don't need to tighten it that much 
and I’ll do the same on the other side so the nut comes through the two handles and then you can put this on the outside and this will help you oh and I think this will help you dismantle it any time you want to fold it down
now thankfully in the instructions they're instructions for fitting the handles but they come attached straight 
oh there's Casper oh yeah so all I need to do now is attach the cable holder 
so I’ll put one there and I’ll put another one down here 
well I’m not sure I want it near near the blade I’m still not sure I like having the cable at the bottom when I want it over my shoulder
now with the cable clips don't make the same mistake that I did I ended up clipping the orange lead to it which makes no sense at all 
because you're then taking the power lead as close to the blades as possible these cable clips are actually for the the black cable which is really obvious now but I did it the other way 
I did it the wrong way around so if you use the clips to tidy up the black cable that goes to the motor that just clips on there perfect and then obviously you can hold this cable over your shoulder to keep it away from the blade
I think we are good to go so this is the superglide 330 looking as clean as it ever will
do before it starts the journey across the battle of the somme that is our garden
it has the design of a sports car you can tell what quality cars I drive this is the inaugural flight of the Flymo easy glide 330. 
let's fire this up for the very first time
you have to hold down the the press button hold that down at the same time as pulling the grip
I’m doing this one hand because I’m holding the camera so that's that's how easy glide it is 
so I’m now going to take this out for a spin and while I’m doing that you can just live vicariously through me doing my well over to lawn mowing 
you can probably see that I’ve well I yeah I say we it's me I’ve let it grow a bit long 
let me talk you through some of the features while I am mowing and modelling this as best I can 
honestly this is the the most work I’ve done in the garden uh this year 
so this is an electric hover non-collect lawnmower to simply mow your lawn and is easy to store 
these are Flymo's words I’m just reading off the box 
it's easy to manoeuvre
this lightweight lawnmower floats on a cushion of air making it highly manoeuvrable and you can see here that that is really the case and this is why we wanted to buy the Flymo Simpliglide
what we were doing with our previous Flymo mower was actually just taking off the grass box and then flinging it around the garden like this 
and I suspect the the the boffins and the designers at Flymo knew that's how we're actually using their crafted devices
and look at this it just glides over our railway sleepers without breaking a sweat no grinding noises it just glides over it without any moaning or negative consequences whatsoever
underneath let me give you a demonstration 
uh obviously I’m being very careful here but this is what the long life metal blade looks like 
and in case you're concerned this is what it looks like spinning I’m using this in a way that you and I would never use but I’m doing this for your benefit 
so I hope I hope this helps
the flat folding handles allow you to hang the mower up on the wall for space-saving storage and on the box it says it weighs 7.3kg 
it feels lighter to me that sounds really heavy seven bags of sugar 
for a mower this feels really really light and and because you can hold it with both handles it makes it much easier to to move around
this lever allows you to operate with either hand for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability
on the noise front it is is what you would expect with a Flymo so it doesn't feel too loud to our ears it's certainly much quieter than a petrol mower and a lot less smelly too
let me show you what the grass looks like a bit closer
just so you can see this is what it looks like out of the box
with no adjustments to the blade height so that for us is just what we need
for the way that the Flymo Simpliglide works there are spacers
let me show you they come in the bag so you put the spacer in and that gives you a lower height we love it 
this is exactly what we wanted and our fears like we said earlier were the the plastic blades feel a bit safer than having a spinning metal blade
but this metal blade seems less lethal if that makes sense
because it's so flat and flush with the motor it feels a lot safer and we are not the kind of gardeners who need the grass to be collected 
we will just leave this out for it to dry out in the sun and blow away uh hopefully into our neighbour’s garden over that way where the massive petrol mower is making its way 
if this video is helping I’m trying to get this channel to 1000 subscribers I don't think it'll ever happen - I’m on about 320 but as soon as we hit 1000 subscribers youtube actually give us money for these videos at no cost to you so if you're feeling awesome and extra kind why not hit that subscribe button or the thumbs up to let someone else see this video and good luck with your hover mower purchase
there's some other videos up here 
this is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next 
don't forget the link there's a link down below if you want to buy one if you want to link to the exact model of this it's down below in the description

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