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BEST FLYMO on AMAZON? Why Hover Vac 270 is perfect for lighter mowing!

What is the best Flymo lawn mower on Amazon? Should you buy the Simpliglide 330 or 300... or the HOVER VAC 270? This is my first impressions review of the Flymo HoverVac 270 hover lawnmower... in a medium sized garden with big holes dug by our dog, Casper. I try out the assembly instructions for the Flymo Hover Vac 270, and it's brothers the Hover Vac 250 and 270... to put together this lawn mower to trim our grass!

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BEST FLYMO on AMAZON? Why Hover Vac 270 is perfect for lighter mowing!


Hello, welcome back to the channel. This is the Flymo hover vac 270 in action. Yes, it's time to do the garden, it's time to do the lawn, but which Flymo lawn mower do you go for on Amazon? 
Do you get the bigger Flymo simpliGlide 300 or 330, or this Flymo hover vac 270 from Amazon? 
This is future me with the hover vac in action in our garden, and this is what it looks like when it arrives from Amazon. 
The new thing I'm trying to make your family happy is picking the best Flymo lawn mower on Amazon. 
This is a first impressions unboxing review of the Flymo hover vac, and this is me mowing the garden in future happier times. 
So let's open this thing up! And it's, um, I can carry this. I'm not the strongest person in the world. 
Let's pull this out of the box. 
You've got the... the handles and then obviously the main unit. 
When it comes out of the box, if you lift this lid... inside, we've got some crucial bits and pieces. 
There's the handle for removing the blade and some spacers and the nuts to put the handles onto the Flymo Hovervac. 
Now this is a constant bugbear, Flymo, if you're watching this... come on! 
Can you make the instructions just a bit bigger? 
Think of your demographic! 
The first thing we'll need to do is to get the handles on. I'm doing this for the first time. I did put together the Flymo simpliglide which was quite straightforward so first we'll put this bar on and I'll just squeeze it so they fit in the sides here... like this. 
And then we'll get these plastic bolt things, just put that through. I can't do this with one hand so I've just pushed the bolt through the two holes there and then to lock it we'll push it through the final hole on this side. 
You have to really give it a squeeze to get it to click to lock like that. 
I'll show you a bit more clearly on this side.
So you put the bar in between the two bits of plastic there, get the plastic bolt and we'll push that through the... the holes. 
And then let me get the camera closer. 
Then we want to squeeze this bolt all the way through till it clicks. 
And I'm doing this with one hand so you will need two hands to do this, and you got to go all the way till that clicks otherwise it will fly out while you're mowing. 
There you go, it's more of a clunk so now this is in place and it means that to... it stays in this position which is good because the arm stays up. 
And then if you want to hang it up you can squeeze them together and it folds back so you can hang it flush against the wall, just by squeezing the bars there. 
Let's put the... the handlebar on top. 
Now should we keep the camera here? 
Let's keep the camera here. 
Oh, lost all my bits! 
I've got to get this done before we've got a storm coming in, of course, because I'm trying to do something in the garden so I've got to try and do this before... before it starts raining. 
If we get the handlebar I think it's saying I've got to do this? 
Maybe it's to kind of take the slack you know so it doesn't put a strain on the on the cable there. 
We've got the side nuts and bolts here so I'll unscrew this. 
When we put the handle up we want the button to be on the... on the top side, so it's this way up and then you hold the bar onto the side like this and then feed the... the nuts through and it goes inside out, so if you can see there's like a square uh end to the bolt there to stop it spinning around. 
And it says that the washer should go on the orange bolt side - the orange turning handle thing, so I'm going to feed the bolt through on the inside so that it locks there. And then we can put the handle on and feed the bolts through. 
And then the washer. 
And then the orange turny thing. 
Hope I'm not getting too technical for you! 
I won't put it on super tight uh because we got to do the other side - so the same deal here.  
Take the washer off, feed the bolts through, and make sure that the... the square part of the bolt locks into the square part of the hole.
And then we'll put the washer on and then the orange locking nut. 
There we go so we can tighten both sides now. 
I've had these things fly off and then get lost in my long lawn! 
Almost as karma for not mowing the lawn enough so I'm going to I'm going to do these quite tight because I don't want it flying off. 
And you get a very generous cable, I believe it's 10m on the hover vac 270. 
Oh when by the way the 270 refers to the... the blade the size of the blade in millimetres. 
So this is... woah! This is 27 CM. I went for 2 cm bigger than the hover vac 250 uh just to get me a little bit extra cutting width. 
And this is the... the tool for removing the blade. 
And you can use this to fit these spacers so that you can adjust the... the Cutting length.  
So if you want shorter grass, if you put these on it will lower the blade closer to the... to the ground. 
I just wanted to get the mower out before it rains! 
Uh Casper's uh an advanced party getting the lawn ready for me. 
I wonder if he's left me any presents on there? 
Casper no! No digging! 
Good boy. 
All we have left to do now is to fit the cable holder, and this is to hold the... the cable that runs from the start stop button down to the... the motor. 
You clip this to the handle or the arm and then you can just clip the cable on that keeps it nice and tidy. 
I've always thought with the distinctive orange and the... the really nice design... 
Oh look where I've mashed it on the table. 
It's like... it's like the Apple isn't it? It's like the Mac of lawn mowers! 
You have to take it as it comes. 
I thought the extra 2cm on the blade would help uh this is over a kilogram heavier than the Flymo Hover Vac 250 though. 
So those extra 2cm on the blade uh has put the weight up to 8.2 kg. 
And it's really easy to carry with one hand. 
For me it's much lighter than the Flymo simpliglide 300 or simpliglide 330. 
It has a 1400 Watt motor, a 27cm cutting width and the cutting height is adjustable. So out of the box it's about 3cm and it goes down to 11mm cutting height if you use the 3 spacers which are provided.
The grass box stores 15 litres. 
I remember on previous hover vacs I just took this off! 
It got really annoying having to empty it but uh it... it does store 15L of grass cuttings. 
As I mentioned there's 10m power cable and if you've not used a Flymo before it floats on a cushion of air, the spinning blade kind of um elevates it and makes it sort of hover above the... the grass so it makes it really highly manoeuvrable around the garden. 
Let me read you some of the features from the box while we're seeing me actually do some lawn mowing. 
The Flymo hover vac 270 is a lightweight grass collecting electric hover lawn mower. 
It's small and agile with a metal blade perfect for small lawns. 
This was a concern of mine because the previous hover vac I had had two plastic blades that you could clip on and it meant that if you hit a stone they'd fly off and you just clip them back on. 
I was worried especially with the kids having a metal blade. 
I had to use that with the Simpliglide over there - it's my dead Flymo Simpliglide. 
The metal blade is good because it... it really does um get through the long grass so I feel good about having that now. 
There's a nice wheel at the back to help you uh move it around. 
Let me show you the cutting box. 
Wow it's really windy! 
I think I think this storm is coming in! 
There's the grass box and when it's full of grass you just lift it up there's like a... a lip that clips on there and you can just go and empty it. 
And then to put it back you just put the clips in here so that it lies flush again. 
And then you can close the lid. 
Let's take it on its maiden voyage and I'll show you how... how it works so I've got it plugged in. And then you press the middle button and you have to do that while you're gripping the handle here, so here we go for the very first very first hover vac maiden voyage press the button and here we go!
It is so easy to... to use and it's really light. 
It's probably the lightest Flymo I've ever had and I've gone through about four of these and it's just gliding over the garden. 
You can see I'm getting it over the paving stones really easily. 
The blade doesn't even come close to making contact with the stepping stones so you can get this over some hard patio if you've got grass coming through your patio. 
You can run this over stones really easily, the hover is really good for it. 
Let me show you... it's starting some rain of course! 
Uh just quickly I'll show you what it's like getting it around our patch around the... the washing line. 
This is really easy to throw around a garden. 
But if you want something a bit more powerful or if your garden is a bit larger I would probably go for the Flymo Simpliglide 300 or Simpliglide 330 but be aware that that mower is quite a bit more heavy and it takes a bit more strength to... to put around the garden. 
So if you're older or... or maybe you don't have quite a good upper body strength you'd probably want to go for the Hover Vac rather than the Simpliglide. 
Casper out! out! out!
Got to do this first! 
Our garden is... is really challenging because of all the holes that Casper has kindly dug. 
His gardening uh experience means that it's like... it's like mowing the craters on the moon or after a bad day at The Somme. 
But the good thing with the Flymo is that it kind of glides over all of that. 
It's starting to rain now. I’ll call it a day. 
I am calling this Dad delivers success! 
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