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Amazing Fridge Freezer American Style at SAMSUNG EXPERIENCE KX Kings Cross RS6HA8891SL

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Come Fridge shopping with us! We're taking a look at the stylish SAMSUNG RS6HA8891SL American Fridge Freezer at the new SAMSUNG EXPERIENCE KX in Kings Cross, London. 
This Fridge-Freezer has SmartThings cooking: a live video screen on the door and camera inside the shelves!
It can connect to your Ring doorbell so you can see inside the fridge and outside your house.
Also features large door trays and fridge storage, plumbed in water and ice dispenser and a multifunctional rack-and-shelf. 
Hope this tour is useful if you're looking out for the best new Samsung American Fridge Freezer reviews for your kitchen.

Amazing Fridge Freezer American Style at SAMSUNG EXPERIENCE KX Kings Cross RS6HA8891SL


Hello if you're looking for American style fridge freezers you know how much of a pain it is going out to actually see them. 
We need to see these things in real life before deciding what to look out for let alone which fridge to buy. 
We are looking for a double width fridge freezer so I've been filming every single one we've seen and putting them in this playlist here. 
I even reached out to Samsung's PR to see if they'd lend us a fridge for us to show you! 
That request didn't go down very well but - they said - but Neil, have you seen our Samsung Experience? 
I hadn't and it turns out there's this brand new Samsung Experience KX in King's Cross in London. 
It's sort of like a Samsung theme park which has three American style fridge freezers - all in kitchen settings with other Samsung products sprinkled around. 
So in this video we are looking at the Samsung family Hub RS6HA8891SL American style fridge freezer with smart things: a live video screen on the door in aluminium. 
Or is it aluminum. 
Here's how the fridge looks like inside. 
So inside the Samsung Experience... here we go. 
Hang on, I'll just put my bag down... 
I... I will put the model on screen now and obviously there's a... there's a camera inside the fridge for this screen. 
It's got a water dispenser uh... so it's got the... the handles on the side. 
As you know, fans will know that I prefer having a handle that you can hold, but I guess this makes it more Sleek. 
Let's go freezer first: and there's the... the water dispenser section which... and crushed ice... which I'm... I'm not a huge fan of because it takes up so much space in the freezer section uh... 
I'd prefer to have extra shelves but what's lovely about the Samsung fridges is that their shelves are really deep. 
There's only one shelf there and then there's a little shelf down here. 
And then we've got these bins at the bottom um you have to close that one before the top one opens. 
Also it's um prevented by the door, you have to open the door all the way to uh to open those fully. 
But really nice five shelves there one two three four shelves and two bins. 
But then... there... the I'll save the screen for a moment... in a moment.
What I love about the fridge interior is that it has the metal back um... it just looks nice. 
I don't know if it functions differently and we've got one two three four shelves uh... and I believe this is special, I can't remember 
I'll put it on screen now. 
There's a word for this tray that can hold bottles as as well as be a shelf. 
And then we've got fruit and veg storage. 
I'm saving the best bit for in a moment but we've got five shelves. 
So four big ones and one little one at the bottom. 
And these these shelves look smaller than the regular... than the other Samsung models um yeah... that's a bit small for me. 
And then there's a camera there for the... the what's on the inside. 
And a speaker I can see food getting in that cuz we got food all the way up our fridge. 
I can see that speaker getting damaged. 
God I can see this... this screen getting damaged as well in our house. 
I don't know how our fridge got dented but it has and this shows what's inside. 
Takes a snapshot. 
So if I take the drink, what happens if I take the drink? 
It takes a while to update it's not a video feed it's a snapshot. 
Maybe this is just a demo thing oh no there there we go, it's updated!
I don't know what food list is... oh look... is that automatic I'll put that on screen if it's automatic. 
And you can add things.
That's good, it's got a little inventory and if I put that on home and we've got the smartthings home. 
And then I love this, it's got fridge manager. 
Oh look you can move... move the window around.
That shows inside the fridge, so it's 26° in here it's quite warm. 
30% humidity. 
Making Ice is on. 
Water filter is clean. 
And then you can set the temperatures here. 
Oh look at that so I can make it 2° and hit save.
I can reduce this to - 18°?
Wow and it syncs up with your phone through the smartthings app.
This is this is what it looks like.
And there's a thing over here: it's linked up to ring so if I click on the ring doorbell.
I can hit view oh go back. 
I don't know what it did there... oh oh well you got a little snapshot of who was at the the front doorbell. 
Which is Handy if it's you know, Ocado or a Tesco delivering. You can holler them in from the fridge. 
Got a lovely display here. 
You get a much better idea of what it looks like in a home. 
Looks really nice. 
Lovely logo in the corner. 
Let me give you uh... open both shelves so you can see... see inside. 
Yeah so look first impressions is: I... I still think the drinks dispenser would eat up space for the freezer storage and also our kids would feed the dog by just pushing it there. 
I could see that not ending well um... 
The shelves feel a bit small for me but it does have one big shelf down here, so I could get my big fat six pint bottles of milk in there. 
And yeah... this is this happens with most most fridges, let alone the Samsung ones... that the fruit and veg is blocked by the door. 
You have to open the door all the way to get all the way into the baskets. 
That's not... that's not a biggie. 
It's just something to bear in mind. 
And I hear that there's a special digital inverter compressor which is guaranteed for 20 years um... 
I mean I don't know in practice how you'd get it fixed if something went wrong. 
And obviously with this, I could just see this screen getting cracked. 
You know my family... we've got four phones in the family and three phones screens are cracked at the moment which is why I was here in King's cross to see if I get screen repair... 
oh wonder if they do that here I I'll check if they do that here um...
But yeah... 
That is the Samsung RS6HA8891SL SpaceMax. 
Thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button if this video is helping and right here is a playlist for all the American style fridge freezers we're looking at right now!

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