Wednesday 29 May 2024

How I CLEAN my USB C port: EASY remove fluff from USB-C socket on mobile phone...

How do you SAFELY clean a USB C port... or remove debris, fluff or rice from any USB or 3.5mm headphone socket of a mobile phone or laptop? I share the best way for me to clean out a USB port and 3.5mm jack of our Samsung mobile phones.

How I CLEAN my USB C port: EASY remove fluff from USB-C socket on mobile phone...



Hello, welcome back to the Happy Hut.
Do you have a filthy phone? 
Is your phone jack, your USB-C socket, your port - is it gunked up? Have you got something in there? 
I think I might have something that might be able to help you. 
You are seeing footage of my method for getting filth and fluff - pocket fluff - or removing anything from any USB-C port.
As you know, you don't really want to put anything metal in here, and if you have something really thin, it might snap and just leave an even worse blockage inside your USB-C port.
Because the thing I'm helping your family with is how to clean a USB-C port!
Now, as a dad, I'm - for some reason - responsible for all the phones in the family, which means, by the way, fixing their screens. 
There's a video down in the description for sorting that out. 
But from time to time, you can get something caught in the USB-C port; maybe it's fluff from your pocket, or maybe you've tried to dry your phone out - which is a whole other video subject - but maybe you've used rice to clean it out, and a tiny fragment of rice might have got into your USB-C port.
What I use to clean my USB-C ports are these: they are regular straws, they're paper straws, but because of how they're coated, I've got another camera down here - this might be easier to see - they're paper, but they are really super stiff. They're treated with something. So, I'm hoping to use this, and all I do is - just get my scissors. 
We want to make like a really super sharp point, so I'm going to cut this in half, lengthways. 
It might take a couple of cuts to get right.
There we go, and then we flatten this out. 
So, I might make this a bit sharper, so I'll cut it again, lengthwise, so it's almost like a flat pick, like a toothpick there. And this is really quite stiff. 
You can use plastic straws, but there's something about the paper ones where they just kind of have more stuff stick to them.
So, here's my filthy USB-C port. 
I'm going to dive in, and it might take me a few tries; it's kind of hooking fibres and dust out. 
So, if I take my lovely wife's phone - my lovely wife's not-so-lovely phone - and look, I mean, look how my family treat their phones.
How come mine hasn't broken once, and yet, every member of the family has smashed theirs?
Anyway, that's for another video. 
So, I'm going to dive in with this and use it like a hook. 
You can use plastic straws, but I find the paper straws are kind of - they're a bit rougher, so they kind of pick up dirt a bit more easily.
Look, you can see some dirt there, and you can kind of give it a rub on the side that makes connection with the inside of the USB-C jack. 
That's looking quite clean, isn't it?
I mean, look, it's a bit of dirt coming out. 
Let me try my daughter's phone.
Or I think I can see bits in there. 
Here we go, and you might need to do this more than once. 
Oh, there you go. Look at that. You see that filth? This is like a "clean with me" video, isn't it? 
Cleaning my family's phone jacks and ports.
So, this will help the connection. 
Look at that! Look! And I'm thinking, if you're looking up how to clean a USB-C port, your ports might be a bit more filthy.
I keep my phone in my pocket, and it just picks up so much lint, and - oh, look at that! Look at that! It picks up so much lint and basically filth, pocket filth.
I'm going to make another one now, probably use the other end.
I don't know how we ended up with so many Juice Box straws; we just did.
How are my kids drinking their juice boxes? 
They just slam them into their mouths, 'cause the straw just gets in the way - too much time. 
There we go, that's nice.
It's really good for lifting out grains of rice if you've done that thing of drying out your phone, and you've got a tiny bit of rice in your port. This might hook it out.
You can also use this to clean out the 3.5 mm jack if you're lucky enough to have one.
I really miss mine on my Samsung. 
Just twirl it around.
I am calling this the "dad delivers success!" 
I hope this helps.
Let me know in the comments if this does work for you, and thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button. It really helps me to keep this channel going and pay for some more phones as well. 
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