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How to destroy a leather sofa with electric foot rests in 12 minutes!

I had to dismantle my dad's 3-seater leather sofa before he could get his new IKEA Ektorp armchairs built. We couldn't donate this sofa because it's against the law if it doesn't have the safety tag still attached... and we couldn't afford to get it reupholstered: the leather is torn and the seat on one side completely collapsed. So the only way to get it out of the apartment and over to the tip was to take apart the foot rest motors and then destroy the sofa into 3 large parts which can be carried out to the car!

How to destroy a leather sofa with electric foot rests in 12 minutes!


hello welcome back to the channel this is a funny little video about how we destroyed my dad's leather sofa his three seater sofa look you can see the three of us the men of the family working out how on Earth we are going to get this brown leather sofa out of his small apartment or flat as we call it here in the United Kingdom 

we knew we had to pull it out but we had no idea how we were going to get take this apart so the first thing we're doing is is tipping it up on its back and it has adjustable footrests mechanical electric footrest don't worry it's it's unplugged but we had to First somehow work out how to get the electric motors out from the sofa and then figure out how we take the thing apart or get it out of the out of the flat uh 

underneath the fabric oh you can see a nice shot of my uh my my clothing at the back could probably be a bit more uh better uh forgive me thank you for your patience but we're going to somehow work out a way to unbolt the electrical motors that drive the footrests and to do that we need to even find them so here's my sun and I are just trying somehow to locate where the motors are and how they're bolted to the leather Sofa underneath and this is going to be a bit dull but I'm I'm just trying to use my electric screwdriver to to power out the the different screws and we plug it in again just to we had to like move the footrest to different positions just so I could even get to the the screws that held the motors to the sofa my my dad granddad's uh very helpfully diving in with the uh the vacuum cleaner and this took forever 

I think I might speed this up a bit faster because it takes ages just to find out where the the screws were it turns out they were about 6 of them on each uh motor there were two foot rests we're now looking into the sofa on both sides it's so difficult just trying to just trying to find out where where these screws and bolts are so the two of us thought we we do a two prong attack and see if we could get both foot stool Motors out at the same time 

dad's back in with the Hoover it's great work dad and yeah and slowly but surely we start to remove more fabric to expose more by the way it's it was really nice it was really nice family day nice male bonding for the three generations of the mossy family here without a clue oh my God I'm so sorry I'm going to have to blur out the uh I've got to blur out the back of my jeans I've got real Builders bum going on here which was right for the for the toolbox and the the task in hand but you don't you don't need to see this I think this this blurring needs to be quite loud [Music] 

anyway this this took forever so if you've looked up this video to see how to destroy a sofa how to take apart a leather sofa with electrical mechanical foot stools I hope something here helps but uh it was just a painstaking exercise to dismantle it so I'm now unplugging the the motors but I have to plug them in again just to move the foot stool a small amount to be able to expose the bolts and the screw is holding the motor to the wooden frame of the leather sofa and uh it's really difficult it's just so hard I'm using combination of a cross- head screwdriver and I've got a wrench there and some pliers because some of the the bolts have to be held on the other side and I I've managed to get the right hand side loose so I knew we're on to something it was just a couple more screws holding the motors in place that stopping us from actually taking the motors out and then we could start cutting up the sofa but this was a bit of a breakthrough here this was the moment where I knew that I could get the right hand side footstool out so with a bit of help just to remove this one final Bolt 

the whole weight of the entire mechanism was just on one one screw there and I think that's that's now out so now I've gone over to the other side to remove the remaining screws holding the the mechanism in place and with a bit of help from my son to lift up the there like a pump action kind of thing that pushes the footstool out and locks into place we had to move that from time to time oh look at this I found uh my dad's Freedom pass he' lost that about 5 years ago 

he had free travel in London from when he was living in London and was convinced that he'd lost his freedom pass I think I I'll show it to the camera in a minute but uh I found that jam down the side of the sofa so if you take nothing away from this but this tip up your sofa now tip it up now and have a good rout around underneath because there'll be all kinds of gems from the the 5 or 10 years that that you you've had it this sofa is about 10 15 years old and we would have loved to have kept it going but uh to reupholster it would have costed hundreds if not a thousand and no one would take it because it didn't have the the the tag anyway we're tipping the the the sofa up as you can see and we've managed to get the left hand side sofa units out we can carry that outside which which is uh fantastic it was the best part of the day so we found an old lost Freedom

pass oh Dad was choked it was here all the time he was looking everywhere for that so now we are taking apart the the right hand side of the sofa and that can go out out the back door ready to go to the tip because we can take these piece by piece in the car I haven't got a big car so I couldn't get the uh the whole sofa in and that then leaves the carcass oh Dad's having another go with the uh with the vacuum cleaner yeah I'm now thinking what on Earth do I do with the three seats of the Tre seater sofa so we removed that unit and just looking at the fill

this is about five years worth of of just stuff and spillages and a little bit of uh mold that's built up on on the wall there I'll talk about that in a bit here's sofa part two I'm going to somehow try and Destroy what's left of it the camera here we're in for the final push and I've got the jigsaw out it's a corded jigsaw and in my head I'm just thinking if I can make some crucial cuts on the wooden frame of the sofa then I could at least get the thing into three parts and I could get those three parts into the back of the car so it's a combination of Jigsaw and that's just plywood at the back my dad's offering me a hammer as you can see the the sofa is just built of plywood and foam and these these wooden struts so I've tipped It Forward just to get a different angle for the jigsaw to get in and I'm using the handsaw and and uh what else have I got there I didn't take the hammer and I'm just trying to work out where where are the easiest points to cut what's there 

I I pulled out the there switches on the side electrical switches that controlled the the motors I thought that might be useful to keep them with the motors maybe sell them on eBay I don't know is there much of a market for foot rest motors from sofas they're really good and they work really well uh so I've cut out all Electronics put that to one side and then back to removing this part of the sofa and I had an idea here where if I make a couple of cuts I could fold it down and that would help the arm just fold down in into the car so off that goes out the back door and I've got to cut what's left now in half dad's having a much needed uh sandwich break uh very crucially holding it for me uh this is what looking like at the back and uh

this going to cut here and cut all the way down there and then and then I can use the jigsaw or saw to cut through the frame and that will be the three parts we need to get rid of it and I'll take out the electronics here back to the jigsaw and the and the hand saw just get a nice angle on the camera and I'm using the knife that's the other uh piece of equipment I've got it's the knife to remove the fabric making those incisions into the leather of the back of the sofa there and there a lot of Staples in the thing 

I had to avoid the blade hitting the Staples so I'm just using the knife just to cut away any fabric I can and then this jigsaw just goes straight through the plywood and the wooden struts holding it together little bit of work with the hand saw I think that was just to get around the metal Staples that are in in the in the frame and then one final bit of jigsaw to cut this last Strut and that's it I've managed to segment divide this three sea sofa into three I'm pulling out the electronics bit little less carefully this time I don't if you can see the silver buttons there so I'm just trying to find those I don't know why I'm salvaging these it just it was just my favorite part of the sofa I think it' be a shame to let those Motors go to waste so I'll just put those with the footrest Motors and then little bit more cutting with the jigsaw so I can fold down this arm of the armchair for its final Journey to the the council tip uh you got to book in these days which is Fun Since Covid 

and then we've got a last section there so now it's just the clear up uh take everything out to the back door and get things ready for the Ikea Ektorp two armchairs I'm going to just clean the floor this is like 5 years is worth of spills that have gone down over the years and I need to clear a space because the Ikea Ektorp they're they're quite big these armchairs that are coming in I've got another video about these that link is down in the description I'd love you to see it those Ikea armchair builds with a separate foot stool no motorized foot rest unfortunately but time to gather up all the tools one final final clean and uh this place has never been this clean look at this amazing stuff uh 

just do a bit of uh merry Poppins with my uh trousers hanging down and that line against the wall there that is where I guess warm air was hitting the cold wall behind the sofa it's the coldest point in the room and I'm going to use a sterilizing fluid I'm just very carefully sucking up the dust around that back wall there all I'm doing is getting a cloth with Milton sterilizing fluid you know the fluid that you use for uh sterilizing baby bottles let's pull in the the Ikea boxes I'll move the camera and we'll just get the cloth and bleach these walls just do it really carefully you have to dab at the walls and not uh Splash it I don't want to Splash it on the carpets because that really would bleach it but can you see how clean the skirting boards are coming up and that it's on the skirting boards and the walls it's pretty uh revolting stuff here 

I'm trying not to disturb the the mold spores should really be wearing uh uh face guard but uh I'm hoping if I just do it quickly enough and with enough sterilizing fluid it will obliterate the the the lights mold that had grown behind the the sofa this room is just going to be so much more clean and healthy uh despite my poor lack of clothing there hanging out the back thanks for hitting the like or the Subscribe button it really helps me I really appreciate you coming along for the ride and right here is a video where I replaced the leather sofa with two Ikea Ektorp armchairs [Music]

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