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Hello I'm Neil thanks for clicking on this video
Usually I'm a tightwad dad trying to be happy with what we've already got... but this week we have been homeschooling - home schooling? - and I'll level with you it didn't go quite as brilliantly as I hoped it would
This is how we found out about it...

Good evening, all schools in the UK are to close this week...
[BORIS:] For many parents this will be frustrating, and make it harder for them to go out, to work.

Okay, so we're going round to granddad's to deliver some food
Just gotta check that we're two metres away...
What's the reading?
2 metres.
Oh, well done.

So we got, we got some food for you...
"Nice ad for Tesco... Awww, come on! Got it!"
Success! We fed, we've fed the old!
I'm supposed to be homeschooling them today so what...
"No, we're done now!"
What, no no no...
"But it's past 3:15!"
No no what did you do in the war?
What do you mean, "what did I do in the war?"

Alright, erm... no no the other one? There must be, oh I know, the one in the Eighties?
"I was down the Bonehouse most nights..."
You writing all this down?
I can't remember, because I'm of that age.
Okay, well I think we've learned a lot from, from Grandad today, haven't we?
You didn't think these things through.
Alright, school's ended.
Well that went well.
"The greatest generation".

Okay so the next lesson is problem-solving.

We've completely lost the hole in the ground that we use for our clothes dryer
It's just... ahh, it's here somewhere.
It's just healed up.
And we know it's here because we've got photos of it!
So I've got these sticks to divide up the ground, you know like when police forces search for things in the woods...
"I'm amazing!" Oh, woah woah, where?
"I found it."
No way! You got it! "Mum I found it!"
"You owe me one pound."
I owe you a pound? That's partial credit!
We are really happy about that... that is er... that was a good lesson

We could... I thought we could watch the whole of YouTube.
So what was the first video on YouTube? Anyone?
Oooh, "at the zoo", "at the zoo".
Oh it's called "Me at the zoo"?
He was the first person to go on youtube?
I think this was the first ever video.
Yeah, it was.
[VIDEO:] Charley says... if ever you find a box of matches lying around, tell Mummy, because they can hurt you.
[CHARLEY:] Meeoww, wowwowow..
"Is that the picture of the Mummy?!"
[CHARLEY:] Meeoww, wowwowowwowowowowow...
Charley says that stoves are dangerous to go close to, because there are so many hot things there that can hurt you.

(Re. Grange Hill) "Why is their logo 2 dollar signs?"
"What's that?"
It's an old empty building
Why are they there?
They're just playing where they shouldn't be.
People did that in the 70s
"Did they?"
[VIDEO:] "It's something you've developed yourself is it?"

"What is this?"
So this is "Tucker's Luck" - this is what he did next in Thatcher's Britain
[GOVERNMENT VIDEO:] Move the body to another room in the house, label the body with name and address. [LAUGHTER]

Chocolate Rain!
Chocolate Rain!

[VIDEO:] Charlie! That really hurt!
Then why did he do it?!
I wonder what that baby Charlie looks like now.
He's just amazing at filming
Remember when Bart was skateboarding off Homer's tow truck?

There's no way she's gonna eat that. That's a WHOLE bottle of milk, there's no way... is she actually eating it? Bleugh... [LAUGHTER] I feel like being sick!
That's a whole box! And a whole load of milk. That's like-- SHE'S GONNA FEEL SIIIII--
No way! Oh shoo-- [LAUGHTER]
Who is this?
I don't know...
She's finished. Please don't subscribe...
I didn't subscribe.
So basically we learned absolutely nothing! Nothing!
Well done class!
Partial credit!

So that's how our week of homeschooling went.
I still can't say it, "schooling"?
Can't even say it, let alone do it.
How was it for you?

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