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Made a video in a Supermarket during the UK Lockdown 2020... Friday night dash round Sainos... panic and paranoia... empty aisles and shelves. Against the clock.
How much footage can I get?

Virtual tour - in case it helps plan your next supermarket visit:
1:19 Drone Of Shame
3:29 Easter Eggs
5:18 Bin Liners
6:07 Toilet rolls
6:17 Coffee, hot drinks and beverages
6:25 Sparse biscuits
6:40 Special offer dairy


Those ones?
Or those ones.
I don't know which ones you want.
Which ones?
Maybe these ones?

Hello I'm Neil and usually I'm a tightwad dad - trying to be happy with what we've already got
there's a graphic and everything
but this is a weird video

As you probably gathered there are weird videos being produced at the moment
Why is the light still on?
Is the door open?
Oh it's because I've put the key in

The great shutdown of 2020...
this might seem nothing to you in the future but right now things are a bit weird they're a little crazy and the first step was to actually get to this supermarket
There's been all kinds of horribleness in the press about what what is and isn't essential in these times and we've-- we've got some shops in our town, but they're rubbish

So our favorite shop is this one but it's obviously further away than the other ones so it's the first step of paranoia in this is am I gonna get stopped for going to the wrong chain... sending drones out shaming some non-essential instagramming?
And we've had some sunbathing... sunbathing-shaming this week or for taking too long on their essential exercise...
so anyway this is the the mood of the country right now.

Can I still make a video?
Can I even get to the supermarket?
Will anything be there?
Will it be crowded?

I'm in the last half-hour of the opening hours on Good Friday - so that's Easter 2020 - and I'm hoping that because it's so close to closing time that things should be a little quiet
How many-- I can't even say it.
How many minutes of video footage am I able to take inside the store that I don't feel I should be even allowed to in the first place
let's see how it goes

This is it. This is my trip to Sainos supermarket during the great shutdown
I don't know how much I'm gonna be able to film
I don't wanna be told off or kicked out
That would be a disaster
"Hi, thank you"

[TANNOY]: Please be prepared to push your trolley off the walkway.

Okay so right here is where I realise I have completely lost my list
Yeah my precious shopping list.
The thing that was going to get me in and out as quickly as possible
Look I'm checking all my pockets - it's not there - you can see on my hand I've got two extra items... in biro

This building is literally the only place on planet earth that I can catch this today and I've now got to walk all the way back.
So stop the clock

I had to walk all the way back down the travelator past security through the carpark and look there there it is
I dropped it when I got out of the car

There's the list so I'll get the list go all the way back to where I began and start the clock and the shopping all over again
I think this video it's about me overcoming my fear of filming in public

[TANNOY: Help stop the spread, and download the smartshop app today!]

Those ones
or those ones
I don't know which ones you want!
Which ones?
Maybe these ones?
These look a bit big. I don't know any more!

So I did it!
I didn't video very much but I did buy more
So that was to see how many minutes I could shoot in a mad supermarket.
Er... quite a lot I think - that was quite good, AND, because it's a Friday night, it was really quiet... so that was good.
That was a result.
So shopping 1... vlogging zero

It's late at night now and I've just got home you'll see what happened next in a moment but I paid for my stuff for the checkout and had this brilliant chat with the young woman who was serving on the checkout
It was the only checkout and it was taking me forever to get everything out my trolley - I managed to do really well with the shopping

So I said you know "how is it, you know it's nearly closing time, yeah?
So you're nearly finished now?"

Yeah that sounds wrong doesn't it - but anyway so I said you know how are things at the moment?
Is it is it bit strange - it seems very quiet now
"Yeah it's really quiet now"
I said have you had any, like, oddness?
And she said "yeah there's-- yeah... all the time."

But there's one that she remembered in particular and it's basically a woman who basically made her pack her bags.
They're doing everything they can to avoid contact

There's a lot of Plexiglas up - a lot of distancing... and you're encouraged to pay by card and not cash- so there's like all these checks, there's lines over the floor and signs everywhere... and then at the checkout this woman demands that her bags be... be packed!

And I was disgusted to hear that because while we are at the moment demonizing people who are sunbathing, we got people like asking checkout workers to pack their bags for them!

What's going on!

So anyway she said-- so I said, "Ahh that's really awful"
She said no, no the awful bit was that this woman then unpacked everything that she had packed and repacked it - in front of her!

People are rubbish.

If you're busy demonizing people who are sunbathing, and making checkout workers pack your bags for you... I think that maybe you've got some time now to reflect on your priorities

Thanks for watching - if... if you reached this point in the video I think this video's gonna be very short, so it's not really an achievement
But really appreciate it

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I always feel good about having the wrong brand bags
What's all this like for you?
What's it like shopping at the moment?
What are you experiences?

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