Tuesday 12 September 2023

How to fix a garage door...

My Garage is in a total state, so today I'm changing that by fixing the wooden garage door. This is another DIY follow along where I repair and paint our garage door with exterior gloss paint from Dulux: Oxford Blue Weathershield if you're asking

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Transforming my Garage! (door first...)




look at that oh hello welcome back to the channel I'm I've got a job today that I've been putting off for an embarrassing amount of time it's it's over here over the evil plant which I'll talk about in a moment but this this monstrosity that isn't weatherproof and it's falling apart as you can see I'm going to turn this door into this I'm going to make it look like this this is future me so I don't know what I'm speaking what this is actually going to look like but I'm hoping that it's beautiful and blue and a joy to open but right now it looks like this and the number of problems with the door apart from the paint which is the big thing I'm going to do I've got some massive holes here which rats love to uh to go in even though they could use the cat flap probably every time that it rains it just it just down here pools and goes under the door which will probably still happen but I think if I put a bit of wood up and a bit of a block somehow any direct rain might bounce off and not you know be slightly less water going into the garage I've also got this thing going on here this is a lead that used to go to a fountain it's dead there's not no electricity in it this is the dad delivers Vlog where I try new things to make your family happy and today the new thing I'm trying to do is to fix our garage door to just make it look less terrible and to have fewer holes I feel like I can do something here I don't know what let's just see how it goes should we start the time lapse this Up the Music and start the time lapse montage and I'll just talk I've got those kind of a shiplap thing it's just to cover up a hole it's not for structure or even any kind of weatherproofing but I want to make sure that it doesn't hit the floor when open the door because it would be quite demoralizing to have to do this all over again before I can even start the painting I'm now drilling some holes into the ship plant ready so that I could just put the screws in and get on with the other piece of shiplap next I'm trying to line up the shiplap with the terrible what's left of the doors so it's kind of a lot of guess work going on but I really do not want this bit of wood to hit the floor when I open the door every time so I'm just feeling underneath I'm just guessing at lining up what was there and then I'd getting these screws in they're barely holding on to the rotten wood that's there but thankfully there is a bar on the other side so I'm hoping that this thing will hold of course it's going to warp over time so I'm going to put lots of paint on it and that's a problem for future me to worry about this should be a regular part of the of the video format I think for Dad delivers and now I'm measuring up for the second piece of shiplap for the left hand side it doesn't have to be too precise I've now got to empty the garage to try and get the four-way extension cable out and also on my amazing wife is mowing the Lawns so that's why the sound is now terrible


you know how it just starts off as one job and then

found it oh right now what

let me get rid of this

what I'll do is I'll just move it out of camera shots and then it will just disappear

I've now got to remove this bolt somehow so I need my son to help me on the other side [Music] I saved me a job I'll just get through here yeah

[Music] the concrete now this bolt is in the way of the bit of wood that I want to put in place just to cover this gap on the side of the door it's perilously close to my hand

so I'm trying all sorts and I was really getting nearly all the way through I realized with my wonderful intelligent wife she helped me realize that I wouldn't be able to pull the bolt out because there isn't enough room on the other side if I do get through so I stopped back quickly just so I still had the head on the bolt and then I just hacksawed the other side all the way through which was too long to film even so here's me going at it with a hammer to just knock off what's left of the nuts that wouldn't turn yes got it fantastic oh that takes so much work yes the boat's gone oh that's a win that's a win it's never easy

I just take a set Square to the pencil marking mark it up and then run the jigsaw through I could do this quite precisely but honestly this is a rough door I just want to cover things up I don't need it to be pristine let's see if this works come over with me and see if this fits down here

yeah good enough perfect that's great now I can line it up with the door and screw it in and yeah unfortunately it's not completely flush but at least the big holes are covered now and I think I'm hoping once it's covered in blue paint it'll still look okay it really is just covering up the worst of it I really do not want to do this but I just want to get painting I just I think that will be better for the video as well but I'm going to try sawing this off and putting a piece of wood on this is really difficult so I've used the set Square to Mark a line across where I think the wood is clean and good and now I'm using the jigsaw I'm running the jigsaw just about clears the concrete side so it is actually managing to go through the door frame there but it does look really really precarious doesn't it as far as it would go so hopefully if I can finish it off with a uh hand saw now I'm trying the hand saw the Tenon saw and it I can only do so much

I don't know how to get this bit off how to do it do I kick it what if I kick it would that help

I need to get some kind of crowbar like this one [Music]

okay good start I like the look of this


look at that oh oh my goodness Rusty Hammer oh boy that's not good [Music] yes finally did it that was so difficult it's never easy all I need to do now is to measure this joist up against the door frame Mark out the height and I've sewn the piece of wood Moment of Truth time oh yes that's that's perfect it's gonna be okay I've got a good feeling about this one and just check oh yeah now we get to do some painting I'll go do some scraping first and look I know I should be sanding and priming your door but this really is just a cover-up job so I'm using a wallpaper scraper to get the worst chunks off and then a brush to just brush off the gray paint that's on the door is actually primer but it's been on for so long that it's now starting to peel off it probably needed some paint on top of it I absolutely hate painting with gloss paints I don't know why I just feel on edge every time I use it because it goes everywhere and it goes on me and I just can't get it off but I know that I've got to use this particular paint it's exterior gloss paint so I know it's going to do the job and what I'm doing is just edging it into the the little gaps between the Planks on the door I'm trying to put as much on as possible just to cover up the flaky bits of paint I'm hoping I can just overwhelm it with liquid to hold those flakes in place and I'm making good progress on just the big open expanse of the door but I've also got to Edge it into the corners as well so it's really satisfying to get this much of the door done and then more time is spent however just trying not to go over the edges I don't want to get any blue paint on the concrete because I think that will look really rubbish so I do want it to look crisp on the edges but I know that big blobs of paint could be running down from the flakes if I'm not careful

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