Monday, 11 September 2023

Hedgehog in our garden...

We get a visit tonight - and probably every night - from this hedgehog in our garden. It makes our cocker spaniel dog Casper go crazy, but we didn't realise it was there. So this is the first time we step out into the garden to see a hedgehog rolled up, curled into a ball.  Leaving a camera there for it to uncurl and walk away back down the side of the garage.

How this creature makes our dog bark like crazy



Hello, welcome back to the channel. This is a quick little video about this little guy.

Last night, Casper, our cocker spaniel, went absolutely nuts in the garden, barking and barking. He wouldn't stop. He only does that when there's someone on our property. So, I've heard him do it when there's a cat outside or when some drunk guy won't stop knocking on our door because he thinks he lives here. Here's some footage of that; it lasted for a few hours. He must have been off his head to think that this was a good place for him to live. The police came and sorted it all out, and Casper got to stay in our bedroom for a bit, for the first and last time ever.

But this night, Casper was barking and barking, so we went out to see what the problem was, and I almost trod on this!
Oh! Casper, back!
It's a hedgehog, rolled up in a ball. I've only ever heard of this, to actually see it was wonderful. You might be able to see his face and legs in the middle there. 
Oh my God, is that a hedgehog? 
They're up in the air to make up that ball of sharp quills, and he's staying completely still. Well, almost. If you look really carefully, you can just about make out his breathing.
This is the Dad Delivers Vlog, where we try new things to make your family happy. And the new thing I'm trying tonight is helping a hedgehog in our garden. Now, I know it looks really light out there in the garden, but that's our camera compensating for the dark. This Hedgehog seems completely ready to just stay like this for however long it takes. I have no idea if it's a he or a she, which causes a lot of debate in our house. Most of the family thinks she's a she because of the Miss Tiggywinkle propaganda. Is it Miss or is it Mrs. Tiggywinkle, or Ms. or Mx.? Anyway, we didn't want to distress her or him or they. We all gave it enough room and stepped back, and I set up my camera and put down a bowl of water, like are you supposed to put a bowl of water down, I don't know. Anyway, we left the camera running and we waited.
And after some time, it uncurled and went over to the water.
Do you want to see that again in slow motion? 
There it is, going to the water, and straight through the water. “I'm not having any of that!” And it trundles off quite quickly. I think I would have thought hedgehogs move slowly, but it's got quite a gait on it. Off it goes, under the trampoline. My son takes a few photos, and it seems really happy under there, which means I can get this footage of it for you.
I am calling this a Dad delivers success! 
When he'd had enough, I'm calling it a ‘he’, he went off down the side of the garage, and I think he might still be down there. [Music]
Anyway, thanks for letting me share this with you. It makes a change from the DIY videos, doesn't it? Thanks as ever for clicking thumbs up or the Subscribe button. It really helps me to keep this thing going. And right here is what YouTube knows you're going to love watching next. Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers? Just click on his face. Thanks bye! This is going to be the proper one right?

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