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How I got yelled at for someone else's dog

Little story about being yelled at by a stranger for someone else's dog being off a lead. By someone whose dog was off a lead. 
Is it just me... I'm sensing a lot of anger out there and all of it might be misplaced.
For once it's good to be on the receiving end and end up gaining something from it.

I got yelled at for someone else's dog



but I’m slightly on the back foot because...

hello I’m Neil welcome back to the channel 
this is the Dad delivers vlog where I try something new every day 
and today the thing I’m trying is getting screamed out by some random stranger about someone else's dog 
it's a bit of a different video for the channel but I’m going to try... and try and do this 
I’m here in this beautiful park that's the size of a field 
and I’m here with Casper who's a star of the channel 
and something happened about two hours ago and I thought I’d try to... to share it 
it's a situation that I... I got into I walked into it quite literally and I think we've all been on both sides of this situation 
it's Sunday afternoon we've come here for a picnic for one of my daughter's friends and some of us have brought dogs with us 
we've brought Casper and the dogs really know this park 
they come here pretty much every day 
one of the dogs is younger... he's really excited so he's just like running everywhere around the park and it's as you can see - it isn't any busier than this 
so he's run off a few times and he's taken off after this little like terrier dog in the distance 
it was actually over here at the end of the field 
his owner who's a friend he was... you know calling for him to come back and you know he eventually came back 
and then I’ve gone to take Casper for a walk so I’ve gone for a jog with Casper 
and this... this friend's dog has kind of run along with us the whole length of the field 
as you can see is... it is a huge field that's a park for a village and I thought well that's... that's nice isn't it 
we'll all go running together even though this dog has nothing to do with me whatsoever 
the friend's dog then sees this terrier in the distance and tears off for it again to play with it 
you know just to jump around and you know be friendly 
it was not aggressive at all 
he's just playing because he's practically a puppy and my dog Casper followed after him so I’ve gone jogging after Casper and then from nowhere the owner of this terrier starts screaming at me 
get your dog on a bloody lead! 
and I knew that she was angry at the friend's dog from... for running over earlier but I’m slightly on the back foot because
but I’m slightly on the back foot because Casper's not on a lead 
but he's with me! 
you know we're running together 
get your bloody dog on a lead! 
and I... I... I don't know what to say because it's not my dog!
it's not my dog it's got nothing to do with me 
my dog is okay and he's now over there 
it's nowhere near this woman's dog and nothing was happening as well 
it was just a puppy playing with this terrier but it's not my dog! 
neither of these dogs are mine 
I said get your bloody dog on a lead! 
so I’m now frozen because I’m thinking it's not my dog so the only response I can give is... hello 
I’m Neil 
and she just kind of stood there like this

what's that got to do with anything 
so I said again, hello my name is Neil! 
get your bloody dog on a lead 
so I go “okay. small problem. it's not my dog” 
and she goes - without missing a beat she was... the rage that she was in 
she's still in order mode 
well whose dog is it then?! 
it's like... I’m now gonna answer this order and now I’m thinking hang on I... I do not have to answer any more questions from this ludicrous screaming at me 
well whose dog is it then and... 
and my only reply was 
“well maybe that should have been your first question?” 
and then you could kind of see her head kind of implode and she couldn't yell at me anymore and she kind of crumpled and I walked off to get to get Casper 
mainly because I wanted to keep him away from this angry woman who's yelling at us for someone else's dog 
and to my shame I... I actually did put Casper on a lead and it's because I wanted to get out of the situation I wish... 
I wish... why didn't I just get my camera out 
and I don't know why because it was a really funny situation 
I’m getting... everything I do in life is wrong obviously 
but I’m now getting yelled at for other people's dogs 
and then she sort of... she didn't know what to do and then she sort of called after me but I... I didn't want anything to do with it 
I just wanted to get away from this weird woman 
have you been in this situation where you're just getting screamed at for no reason 
it is gorgeous look at it 
why would you be angry at anything when you've got the chance to be here for time with your dog 
your precious little dog 
why are you screaming at strangers 
but I wrote down in the... in the hour between then and now I wrote down 10 things I should be grateful for 
and I’m going to share them with you right now 
number 10 realizing that I should have got my camera out 
it's a really great learn 
I’m gonna get my camera out next time I’m screamed at in public for someone else's dog 
number nine I’m not her 
the number eight reason that I’m grateful is that I’ve been in her exact same position 
yelling at an owner in a park for not having their dog on a lead that was jumping up at me 
really embarrassed about that now and grateful that it's not me 
I guess at least I got the right owner 
number seven it's healthy to get yelled at from time to time 
even if it is about something that's got nothing to do with you

number six I kept a cool head and I think I was even a little bit funny 
which to be fair was easy seeing as it wasn't my dog 
number five look at it... it is a gorgeous day how could this not be your first thing on your mind 
I even called this out too I’m so proud that I shouted back “it's a lovely day isn't it!” 
number four I’m... I’m glad really glad that I didn't take the conversation down market and that was really difficult 
number three she had to walk away taking with her that big cloud of negativity and darkness 
this has happened to me a few times when someone speaks out in front of you or plays alpha and you say nothing and you just let it play out and watch them kind of slowly trip over and fall and land flat on their face 
it is the best feeling in the world when you have done nothing 
when you don't do anything you just let them be obnoxious and wrong and then they've got to walk away 
and that's a long walk 
that's a long hard walk and I’m sharing this because I think we might have all been in that situation at some time or another 
although for some of us it's probably when we were toddlers 
number two is I’m not her and her punishment is her life 
and the number one reason to be grateful is I’m not her dog 
can you imagine living with that 
anyway thanks for letting me sound off let me share a story 
I know this is slightly different for the channel 
have you ever been in a similar situation oh 
have you ever been in a situation like this on one side or the other say hello and share it in the comments I’d love to hear them and right here is what youtube thinks you would love to see next 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye 
Alright this is going to be the proper one right

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