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Buying Bitcoin using the crypto tab on Paypal - I blew £300 on Bitcoin... what is it worth now

How much my Bitcoin is worth NOW is on this playlist here:

I bought £300 Bitcoin directly from my PayPal account - using the crypto tab - over 3 consecutive weeks... 
See how much it's worth now!

I blew £300 on Bitcoin... what is it worth now?



if you've clicked on this video you're probably thinking about maybe buying some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency 
I was exactly in your position two weeks ago and then for the first time I… I spotted that PayPal has this crypto tab 
and if you click on that you can actually buy Bitcoin through PayPal so I wondered what would happen if I bought Bitcoin every week for a year?
would I make some money or would I very much lose all of my money?
so here we are on the on the third week of this experiment it's good to see you 
hello my name's Neil and I'm out in the garden today 
you can probably hear some of the neighbours doing some essential garden maintenance in the background…
I’m not. 
I'm here just throwing money into a hole with no hope or prospects for any guarantee of what might happen next 
and if this is something you are interested in doing I thought I'd make these videos,  so that you can follow along with me and we can see together if this is going to be good news or bad news 
I have a feeling it hasn't been a good week - so let's go into the dashboard now 
this is… this is just a normal PayPal account and up here at the time of recording there is this tab here 
it says “crypto” 
second tab in 
they really… I think they really want us to use this 
if you click on that button it opens up this crypto dashboard and this figure right here 178 pounds 50 shows what my Bitcoin is worth 
so this isn’t… this isn't good news 
on the first week I put in 102 pounds and one pence so I invested 100 pounds plus fees and then last week - I’m doing this every weekend by the way - so I'm a few days out but I put in another 102 pounds and one pence so in total I am down 204 pounds and 2 pence and that 204 quid is now worth this - 178 pounds 77 
but this is the reason why I wanted to do this every week 
I'm going to do this every week for a year and the rule is… 
well let's go in and see what Bitcoin is doing this week… so you click on… so it looks like it's going up 
but that's just the last 24 hours 
if I click on the one week button, it is down three percent from last week 
my rule is if Bitcoin goes down in the week then I'll buy another 100 pounds worth 
if it goes up then I'll look at buying another cryptocurrency 
probably Ethereum because that's one of the four currencies that PayPal let you buy 
we can see here that we are down on the last week, so that makes things really simple 
let's buy another hundred pounds worth of Bitcoin 
and to do that it's really easy on the… on the PayPal site 
I can just click on this big buy button down here and it brings up the buy Bitcoin dialogue 
and you can do this on your phone, on your mobile device with a PayPal app 
I've got a video explaining how that works 
it's in the description and on screen now but I'm going to do this on desktop so you can follow along with me 
and we are going to put in 100 pounds and one pence 
now the reason I've gone one pence over is because of the fees that PayPal charges 
there's a little bump where it's 2.3% fee 
if it's a hundred pounds and it goes down to two percent at one pence over a hundred pounds and so I save 29 pence and I need every penny right now 
so let's click on the next button and that brings up this dialogue here 
choose a funding source 
you can take it from your PayPal funds so long as your PayPal balance is more than what you want to buy plus fees 
well I haven't got that in there right now so I'm going to take it from my bank account and it brings up a review and buy window 
so this week my 100 pounds at the moment buys 0.0041Bitcoin and this is the bit that tickles me every week 
that figure fluctuates while I wait 
while I’m… while I'm talking away you can see it just fluctuating away 
it also explains that the transaction fee for this is two pounds so I'm actually going to pay 102 pounds and one pence which is what I'm paying every week so I'm going to click on the agree and buy button there you go 
you purchased 0.413728 Bitcoin so I'll write that on my chart and it's another week of buying Bitcoin 
I have now spent - what’s that 306 pounds and three pence and that 306 pounds is currently worth 277 pounds 93 pence and that's going to fluctuate while I'm speaking so let's see if that goes up or down 
but in the next week, if Bitcoin goes up in value I'll choose one of these other currencies that you can buy on PayPal only because I'm lazy and because I tried signing up with another platform 
I tried Binance - couldn’t even get verified and I looked into Coinbase and Etoro and some others but this just looked at this by far and away looked like the easiest thing to do because I've got a PayPal account 
I think I would go for Ethereum regardless of whether it goes up or down 
if this is something that you're interested in doing - you crazy fool - good luck to you because up here is what my Bitcoin is worth right now 
I'll update that playlist as we go along and down here is how I did this in the first place 
how to buy crypto on PayPal 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye 
alright this is going to be the proper one right

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