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I spent £400 on Bitcoin and THIS happened

How much my Bitcoin is worth NOW is on this playlist here:

I bought £400 Bitcoin directly from PayPal, using my regular personal PayPal account: just using the crypto tab. I'm buying £100 over each consecutive week... 
See how much it's worth now!

I spent £400 on Bitcoin and THIS happened



hello welcome back to the channel this is week four of my painful cryptocurrency experiments 
every week I’ve been buying 100 pounds worth British of cryptocurrency and I’ve just hit another weekend and this is the... this is the fourth week I’m doing this 
which means it's a month and look at what's happened in a month that I’ve been doing this 
I think the value of Bitcoin which is what I’ve bought 
I’ll tell you why in a moment 
it's gone down by at least a third 
there's the exact percentage there 
but that was always the plan 
I’ve got to somehow now hold my nerve and keep going which is why it's six o'clock on a Sunday 
I do this every weekend and I’ve waited till the last possible moment I think because I want to wuss out 
but I’m going to keep going and I’m doing this in the... the easiest way possible which is through my PayPal account 
this is just my regular PayPal account and I’ve been I’ve been buying 100 pounds every week of Bitcoin 
so let's go into my dashboard now and I’ll show you exactly what is going on 
you can click on this tab here it's the second tab in I think because PayPal really want to plug this at the moment 
and that will take us into my crypto holdings 
and there is how much I have spent at the moment 
I want to say invested but it's not 
I’m just throwing money into a hole and this could go horribly wrong 
I could lose all of this 
very well aware of that 
but that's part of the experiment 
will I be able to not blink and keep doing this for a year 
I really can't afford this but I’m gonna see it through because there might be an upside 
now I make this graphic every week and I never show it because I always cover it with electronic graphics but I’m gonna show you exactly what I’ve spent in four weeks 
so every week I put in 100 pounds which after fees is actually 102 pounds and one pence 
so the first week I did it and a week later it was worth 83 pounds 
the second week I put another 102 pounds in and that 204 pounds is now worth 178 so last week I did it for a third time 
taking the total to 306 pounds and three pence 
and as you can see on screen now let's punch it up 
that 306 pounds is now worth 268 pounds 75 pence 
and that's going to fluctuate while I’m speaking 
and the rule that I’m playing - it's a really simple rule 
if Bitcoin goes down in the week then I will buy another 100 pounds of Bitcoin 
if it goes up I will start to buy other crypto currencies 
I know for a fact the first one I’m going to try is ethereum 
just because that is also available on the PayPal account here 
and I’m doing this on PayPal because I’ve tried signing up to other platforms 
I tried binance couldn't get verified and then couldn't get a reply from binance as to why I couldn't get verified 
it just looked really sketchy 
I nearly signed up with coinbase or etoro 
I’ve not gone through that yet because I just couldn't face more data mining and just handing over my date of birth and vital personal documents to yet another platform 
Then I discovered that PayPal were offering it just as part of their regular PayPal account so I’m doing it the lazy vanilla way to start with 
and if Bitcoin starts going up then I’ll start to explore other platforms and other cryptocurrencies 
there are 18000 cryptocurrencies out there 
if you were me - leave in the comment which crazy fruity cryptocurrency you would try next if you were in my position 
because you know the best financial advice does come from YouTube comments right? 
anyway let's go in and buy another hundred pounds worth of crypto 
all I need to do is to click the Bitcoin button there 
now that looks nice and green and going up but that's just the last 24 hours
let's see what it's done in a month so when I started Bitcoin was worth about 30000 pounds per Bitcoin 
over the month it has gently rolled down all the way down to here 
it's now worth about 23000 pounds which is a drop of 24% in a month 
the big figure I want to see is what it's done in the last week 
Bitcoin has dropped 3.42% so my... my rule for this experiment is if it drops I’m gonna buy another 100 pounds worth of Bitcoin 
if I scroll down I can see that big bad blue buy button 
oh no that sell! 
not yet 
there we go buy Bitcoin 
and I explain this every week but PayPal's fees for 100 pounds or up to 100 pounds is 2.3% and if you go a penny over it drops to 2% so we're going to go for that so I’m going to type in 100 pounds and one pence then click next 
there goes my sharpie 
so review and buy we still see it going up and down while I’m speaking but this will buy 0.0042 Bitcoin 
there's the transaction fee of two pounds so I will agree and buy 102 pounds and one pence 
you purchased 0.00428064 Bitcoin! 
yeah so right now at the time of recording I have put in 408 pounds and 4 pence and that 408 pounds is currently worth 367 pounds 93. 
what's it gonna do in the next week? 
and if you want to see what my Bitcoin is worth right now it's all up here 
my latest video is at the top of this playlist here and if you're interested in perhaps buying some Bitcoin or cryptocurrency using PayPal 
I go through the whole system and that's in that video there 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye alright this is going to be the proper one right

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