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How to buy Ethereum without using a shady site on Paypal

How much my Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is worth NOW is on this playlist here:

How to buy Ethereum WITHOUT using a shady crypto site?

I bought £400 Bitcoin directly from PayPal, using my regular personal PayPal account: just using the crypto tab. What is the safest platform for buying crypto?
I'm buying £100 over each consecutive week... 
But THIS week I'm buying £100 of another crypto currency: ETHEREUM!
See how much it's worth now!

My spending rule is this:
Every week (if I can afford it... this is a stretch!) I buy £100 of cryptocurrency... 
If Bitcoin goes DOWN from last week, then I BUY
If Bitcoin goes UP then I will buy Ethereum.

How I buy Bitcoin using PayPal for the very first time is here:

0:00 How to buy Ethereum with PayPal 
0:38 How much I have spent on Bitcoin in the last 4 weeks
1:06 My cryptocurrency investment strategy
2:24 What is the best place to buy crypto? How to buy Ethereum using PayPal account



hello I’m Neil welcome back to the channel
excuse me 
we're on week five: every week I buy 100 pounds worth of cryptocurrency and then see what happens over time and every week I think long and hard about 
wussing out - even though it's raining - it's actually a thunderstorm at the moment 
I thought I’m gonna go through with it
this is my PayPal dashboard and I have been buying cryptocurrency using the PayPal account and... and this thing on my face is... it's a London taxi tattoo because it's the queen's jubilee weekend. 
let me recap where we're at 
so I have spent over four weeks: 408 pounds and four pence let's see how much that is worth in Bitcoin
the Bitcoin I’ve bought each week is now worth this figure here
381 pounds and five pence 
so I’m down by about nearly 30 pounds but I’ve got good hope for this 
my plan is if Bitcoin goes down in the week, then I buy Bitcoin and if it goes up in the last week then I will buy a different cryptocurrency
and it's been Bitcoin every week over the last four weeks
here is what Bitcoin has done in the last month 
you know red doesn't mean good apparently
let's see if Bitcoin has gone up in the last week 
it's gone green!
oh my goodness the value of Bitcoin has gone up by 4.17% in the last week
now this is... this is the first time this has happened in five weeks
it looks like it's had a little rally so it's a bit of a shame because I did want to keep buying on the way down but I’m going to play the rule 
Bitcoin has gone up so let's buy something else
now I’m going to buy something easy and vanilla because I’m scared and I could lose all of my money 
so I’m going to choose one of the three other currencies that PayPal offers in its crypto tab 
and it only offers these four currencies:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and Bitcoin cash 
it's not going to be Bitcoin cash because that just sounds like a stupid made up cryptocurrency 
that's not Bitcoin but sounds a bit like it
also look at its logo 
it's just green with the “B” tilted to a slightly different angle 
I’m gonna go for Ethereum
I know nothing about this but I just thought I’m going to buy Bitcoin on the way down and buy other stuff on the way up so let's look at what Ethereum has done in the last week
it too has gone up it's almost as if it seems to do exactly what Bitcoin does
I’m sure that's not the case but every week when I sort of take a peek at it that's what seems to happen 
wow the rain seems to have ended this could be a good sign 
by the way where's my manners my name's Neil this is the Dad delivers vlog where I try something new every day
and I tried signing up to Binance and Coinbase or Etoro and each platform - firstly I’ve never heard of these companies and yet I have to hand over all my personal details, date of birth and personal documents 
Binance didn't even get back to me when I couldn't even get myself verified with them so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this crypto tab on my PayPal - regular PayPal account 
I’ve got no stake in that at the moment other than my dwindling Bitcoin reserves so today I guess I’m trying something new and that is:
I’m going to buy some Ethereum 
there's the graphic and the sound effect and I do that it's... it's a very complicated process but I... all I do is go down to this big buy button down here 
and then I type in what I want to buy
now it would be a hundred pounds on the nose but PayPal's fees drop one penny over 100 pounds:
the fee drops from 2.3 percent down to 2% so I saved 29 pence
Over 5 weeks that's very nearly 1 pound 50 so you know you're in good hands over here!
so I’m going to make this 100 pounds and - excuse me - one pence
I... I ate a lot at our jubilee party 
we had a street party I had a lot of bacon rashers
then I click on the big blue next button 
and now it's presenting me with a review and buy dialogue 
you can see my ETH - ETH - Ethereum
it's fluctuating as I’m dithering and talking with you
the transaction fee is two pounds so I’m going to pay 102 pounds and one pence
let's hit agree and buy 
I’ve done it
you purchased 0.0682 Ethereum and already my 100 pounds worth of Ethereum is worth 99 pounds and 45 pence 
I’ve... I’ve lost 50p just in the time it took to hit that button 
so what happens now
if I click on the crypto tab I’ve got two different cryptocurrencies
there are 18000 cryptocurrencies 
maybe somehow I’ll work my way through them
if you've got any... any tips or anything you would buy if it weren't Bitcoin or Ethereum
say hi in the comments and say what you would buy because as we know the best financial advice comes from YouTube comments 
I have a little uh summary here so I have spent 510 pounds and five pence and that 510 pounds worth of cryptocurrency is currently worth 480 pounds and 79 pence 
I have no idea if I’m going to see this through
I’m planning to do this every week for a year and I can barely afford that
I thought if I don't lose everything then at least I... I will still have some money and I’ll have the experience and your company to see me through this
and almost on cue the rain is now starting to fall quite heavily if you want to see what my cryptocurrencies are worth right now 
let's see in this playlist here down below is how I bought Bitcoin for the very first time on PayPal

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