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How to buy BITCOIN with PAYPAL APP for beginners like me

How much my Bitcoin is worth NOW is on this playlist here:

Can you buy Bitcoin directly from PayPal? Yes! 
In this video I show how easy it is to buy Bitcoin using only the Paypal app and the Crypto tab.

How to buy BITCOIN with PAYPAL APP for beginners like me



hello welcome back to the happy hut 
can you buy Bitcoin on PayPal using just the PayPal app? 
that's what I'm going to do in this video 
hello I'm Neil and this is the Dad delivers vlog 
I try something new every single day and today I'm going to buy some Bitcoin using PayPal only on the phone and oh my goodness what a roller coaster it's been 
this is the graph for what Bitcoin has done in the last week 
I know there are all kinds of disclaimers with this video that I need to work through with you but what I'm going to do is you and I are going to buy some Bitcoin together using using just a PayPal account 
This time last week I bought Bitcoin for the very first time in my life 
this is my very first crypto currency purchase 
I had tried to get onto a proper Bitcoin cryptocurrency website and I just I just failed 
I couldn't get verified with one of them and the thought of having to hand all my personal details over to a site that I've never heard of to buy… to buy something that I'll never see and have no idea about was a little bit of a too big a step for me to do 
so I was really shocked when I found out that PayPal now has this crypto tab at the top and I bought 100 pounds 
as an experiment I bought 100 pounds of Bitcoin 
there's lots of things wrong with this picture 
firstly is that I'm dabbling in cryptocurrency at all but it's thrilling you know it's a bit of a gamble 
the second problem is that it's not real cryptocurrency 
I mean we're being told by PayPal that they're good for it and you are actually buying Bitcoin but it's not buying it in the way that the cryptocurrency community buy it which is to actually get it properly electronically 
basically PayPal hold it for me and I know there's that phrase isn't it - if you don't have the key you don't have the coin - but I sort of like the protection that comes from letting someone else deal with that 
even though I'm paying quite a… a saucy fee for that 
I lose my keys to the house 
I can't imagine what I'd be like with keys to crypto currency but it was my way of buying Bitcoin for the first time so I bought… 
look I've got a little graphic here that I've made myself…
so I bought a hundred pounds worth of Bitcoin 
it's a hundred and 100 pounds of one pence 
I am now going to see if I'm going to buy another 100 pounds worth of Bitcoin using the PayPal app 
here's my PayPal app right here and you can see that my 102 pound investment including fees is now worth a whopping 83 pounds 99 pence 
this is just my regular uh PayPal account 
if I click on that crypto button there it takes me into the crypto tab so yeah… the value… the value of it has gone down quite a lot 
now the rule that I'm playing as I… I don't know how long I'm going to do this for 
in my head I'd like to do this every week for a year and just uh play with a hundred pounds every week 
the rule that I'm going to play is that if the Bitcoin has gone down in the week I will buy more Bitcoin 
and if it doesn't go down in a week I will then buy other crypto currencies on PayPal and maybe I'll venture out onto another platform and buy one of the what… 18000 crypto currencies out there 
PayPal only offers four cryptocurrencies 
I'm going to stick with Bitcoin for this week because it has fallen in the week 
we're now going to go into buy 
I'm going to press the buy button 
buy Bitcoin 
now the fees we covered this in the in the last video 
if you click on the fees button it shows you the current fees 
obviously it shows you the current fees for buying crypto and if I go one penny over the 100 pounds, the fee comes down a little bit so I'll save what… 29 pence so if I go back to buy Bitcoin I'm going to type in 100 pounds and one pence and click next 
so it's showing me what my 100 pounds would buy and it’s… it looks like 0.004 
that figure that's fluctuating before my very eyes and so I'd pay another 102 pounds and one pence 
by continuing you understand that crypto isn't regulated its value fluctuates and you can lose money if the value drops 
yes I… I agree and buy 
so click that big blue button at the bottom there 
I've got that's it 
I've just bought my second batch of Bitcoin 
I have invested gambled thrown into the wind 204 pounds and two pence and that is now worth 182 pounds 84 pence 
is this something that you do already or is this something you you're thinking of doing? 
say hi in the comments it'd be great to hear from you and I'm going to try and show up every week and see how this this experiment goes by putting in 100 pounds and one penny in each week 
it could be going better but I'm hoping that if I keep buying on the way down eventually when it starts to come up maybe… maybe good things will happen 
if you want to see what my Bitcoin is worth right now or all of my cryptocurrency purchases I've got a whole playlist that's on the video up here 
and down here is a video all about how you can buy Bitcoin for the very first time on PayPal 
can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face 
thanks bye how was that

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