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How to trade Bitcoin for beginners with PayPal app

How much my Bitcoin is worth NOW is on this playlist here:

How I buy Bitcoin using PayPal for the very first time is here:

I bought Bitcoin the easy way BUT now it's worth THIS... plus a maritime disaster

I bought £500 Bitcoin directly from PayPal, using my regular personal PayPal account: just using the crypto tab. I'm buying £100 over each consecutive week... 
See how much it's worth now in the link above!

Every week (if I can afford it... this is a stretch!) I buy £100 of cryptocurrency... 
If Bitcoin goes DOWN from last week, then I BUY
If Bitcoin goes UP then I will buy Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.



hello welcome back to the channel and it's... it's colder than it looks even though it's right in the middle of June 
This is the dad delivers vlog where I try something new every day and I’ve committed to this about seven weeks ago where the new thing that I tried is to buy Bitcoin 
uh using the PayPal app and I’ve come to the beach and should I give you a quick pan?
that... this is the amazing view over here and the... 
the tide is coming in really quickly so I’ve got to get through this as quickly as possible or we might end up underwater 
hello sorry to interrupt but I’m just editing this video now and I’ve just noticed that I don't even mention that at the end of the video we looked out to sea and there was clearly a ship in distress 
there was a plume of smoke and like these flashing lights 
can you see them there I don't know if I captured them but those lights look like distress signals and you can see on this time-lapse footage that we... we don't know what to do 
we're watching this so I phoned the coastguard I’ve never phoned the coastguard before in my life 
I think other people probably did as well and I’ll try and zoom in sorry it's a bit wobbly

it's probably about two miles away from us I think 
but the smoke got worse and worse and it turned out this boat had exploded and was being pulled to safety by two lifeboats 
I’m looking at the news sites now and it looks like everyone involved is completely safe even if they have lost their ship 
it's got absolutely nothing to do with Bitcoin but I thought I should mention it because it happened at the same time and this is a vlog! 
anyway back to the crypto 
up on screen now is... if you can hear me over the crashing waves 
up on screen now - this is what you can see on my PayPal app 
this is just a regular PayPal account 
I’ve been doing this for six weeks now and I’ve spent 100 pounds every week 
every weekend that was the plan to just put 100 pounds into cryptocurrency and see what happens in the year 
and I didn't think we'd keep going but here we are on week seven 
I think that means that I have spent 612 pounds and six pence on cryptocurrency 
this is what it's worth right now 
it's on screen there and it's terrifying it's 378 pounds and 74 pence 
I’ll flick up on screen now the headlines that have been in the news this week 
cryptocurrency and specifically Bitcoin has done phenomenally badly 
it has dropped like a stone just in the last week but I started this experiment about six weeks ago and it's just gone down and down 
let me show you the two currencies I’ve bought and show you how they've performed in the last two weeks 
so this is Bitcoin - this looks okay it's green - but that's just for the last 24 hours 
if I click on the one month button, Bitcoin has dropped just in the last month 31% and that was right in the middle of the experiment 
and I’ll show you what that that means for me financially in a moment 
if I go back I also bought 100 pounds of Ethereum 
this was a few weeks ago and if I click on the Ethereum button in one month the Ethereum I bought has dropped 45% 
I put in 102 pounds... well, I spent 102 pounds and one pence on Ethereum and that 102 pounds including fees is now worth an eye watering 57 pounds 66 pence 
I’ve managed to nearly halve a hundred pounds in four weeks 
what am I doing! 
but this is the point of the experiment 
this is the reason that the rule is to spend 100 pounds a week over a year to see what would happen 
with the Bitcoin alone I have spent 510 pounds and five pence 
that 510 pounds is currently worth 321 pounds! 
it's like 180 period has just disappeared from my life and from my PayPal account 
sorry the kids are playing with the dog behind me 
so let's keep adding to this pot that keeps diminishing week by week 
but it's time for our weekly look at the price because I’ll put the rule on the screen now 
the rule is: in one week if Bitcoin goes down in the week, then I’ll buy some more Bitcoin 
and if Bitcoin goes up in the week then I will put the 100 pounds into a different currency 
let's press the one week button 
I’m terrified of doing this 
there we go 30% 
the price of Bitcoin has dropped 30% since we last met 
which is good news 
it means - this is the rule - Bitcoin's gone down so I will now put in 100 pounds - another 100 pounds into Bitcoin 
let's uh hit the button and I’ll just type in 100 pounds and one pence 
and that's because of the PayPal fees 
the PayPal fees go down from 2.3% to 2% if I go one penny over 100 pounds so I’ll hit next 
and it brings up the... the... the purchase details 
review and buy 
wow it's actually - I mean the amount that I’m buying has gone up 
it says here you're buying 0.006 Bitcoin when I first started this, the 100 pounds would buy 0.003 
so I’m buying twice as much Bitcoin six weeks on than I did right at the beginning 
so this should be a good thing right? 
even though the value of my Bitcoin has just been going down the toilet 
we've got a transaction fee here of two pounds 
I guess I’ll just have to hit the agree and buy button 
there you go 
you purchased 0.006 Bitcoin 
if I go back to the screen this is the new value of all my cryptocurrency 
I’ve not done this before so... so this is new territory for me 
but after investing spending or throwing away 714 pounds in seven pence that 714 pounds is currently worth 477 pounds

I’m committed I’m going to keep... keep shovelling in while the price plummets 
I’m doing this all on just my regular PayPal account on the PayPal app 
if you want to know how to buy cryptocurrency just using PayPal there's a video on screen here just at the bottom there and if you want to know what my cryptocurrency is worth right now this moment 
the latest video is up here on the top of the screen 
I’ll just pan the camera out to sea...

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