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MOW WITH ME Flymo Simpliglide 330 hover mower review

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MOW WITH ME and my Flymo Simpliglide 330 hover mower



hello welcome back to the channel 
welcome back to the garden! 
my unstoppable wife and I absolutely love watching vloggers like Emily Norris and Brummymummyof2 - and they do videos regularly called “shop with me” or “clean with me” where you get to follow along with them and you... you see them do their shopping and their cleaning 
I’m neil and this is the dad delivers Vlog where I try something new each and every day and today I’m trying this... 
I’m going to try “Mow with me” 
which is just a video of me mowing the lawn 
now obviously this is the first time I’ve done this so I have no idea how it's going to go 
I hate mowing the lawn and I don't know why
it might be because I always leave it too late to cut the grass?
so it gets really long
and you know makes it just that little bit harder to mow
I like the mower 
I actually love the mower as an object 
this is the Flymo simply glide 330 and I actually paid for this with my own money
as a gadget it's really pleasing 
I like the shape 
I really like the colour 
how did they know that orange goes great with green? 
that must have been deliberate that that could not have been by chance
it's not perfect 
when I unboxed it there was a giant crack on the spinning drum inside 
I keep meaning to contact Flymo to see if they want to send me a new hover mower instead? 
maybe a more advanced one or a smaller one for me to review? 
but instead of going to the hassle of contacting Flymo is probably easy to you know... just mow the lawn first
I call it a lawn but there are more holes than grass 
this is Casper 
he's featured on the channel before and these are Casper’s trenches 
There is a whole network of trenches 
a network of holes 
just fell down one 
that's how deep it is just to show you how deep this is
when my brother-in-law Andy wanted to do some gardening he joked that Casper could help him with the digging 
and so off Casper went to work 
look at him go! 
did he just push you out the way?
“Get out the way - It’s my hole!”
anyway back to the mowing
this terrain is treacherous 
I’ve let the grass grow all over the holes 
I could set Casper onto finding the holes for me but even he forgets where they are - falls into them from time to time 
that's half of the lawn done so far 
didn't take long but I think I’m going to do the rest of it tomorrow
there are also objects in the grass 
some are fun 
some are fluffy and some are utterly foul 
oh I have a casualty - oops
the Flymo Simpliglide 330 blade will make short work of that 
oh I hope it was the dog
I’m going to do this section here and I’m going to probably speed it up a little bit
what is it? 
what is it that's primal where short grass is what we want 
what we want to step on 
what we want to smell 
that's if you don't hit the logs left around by Casper
but most of all I don't know why I hate mowing the lawn
this part’s a bit tricky because there are so many stones hidden in the grass 
that they are supposed to be around the hut but Casper likes just picking them up and having a chew and then dropping them wherever
Solar light
the Flymo Simpliglide is good 
it's a little heavy 
I think the Flymo turbo lite might be a little better for us... or for me
Flymo if you're watching - I’d love for you to be involved in my next mow with me 
but it seems to have survived 
this is what the blade looks like after a long long session 
looks like a bit chipped on the side 
obviously I can't believe that you're still watching this 
you've seen... seen it through right to the end 
I’ve left some bits there in the middle probably do those uh later on in the year 
And my junk corner where I dumped all the stuff so it wouldn't damage the... the mower
obviously not mown that bit yet 
anyway thanks for coming along with my mow with me 
and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next 
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thanks bye how was that!

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