Sunday, 19 June 2022

Put up Clothes Dryer Rack

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hello I’m Neil welcome back to the channel where I try something new every single day and I think the biggest challenge with the channel is... is trying to hold on to your attention but I think today we've got... we've got a winner
 it is this 
it's a folding clothes hanger drying rack clothes rail airer!
and it's great because it means we can finally hang things up instead of using the radiators 
I’ve put this job off for I think about four months now and there's a link in the description down below to this exact same clothes dryer on amazon 
so let's you and me get through this as quickly as possible 
and to put this up onto the wall here I’m going to need tape measure, pencil, drill, and a spirit level and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something else in there but that's enough to get started right 
first thing I’m going to do is to put it on the wall where I want it to go and then I’m going to mark at the top where at least I know the top of this drying rack is going to stand 
the most important thing I’ve got to remember with this is to NOT show my pants while I’m doing this job like I do with every other video on this channel 
now I’ve got the height, next I need to see how far across I want to put the drying rack 
which means I’m measuring across because I want the closed hanger to be halfway across the counter 
I want it to be centred with the counter at the bottom there 
on the back of the clothes hanger there are these two holes 
basically you put two screws in and you can hang the rail onto those on the wall so I’m going to measure these and I know that they are eight centimetres apart so I need to draw some lines on the wall to show where those two screw holes will be 
and I’m using the spirit level to make sure that I’m actually going to put it up in a straight line 
I’ll just make those markings in pencil and this is where I’m going to drill into the wall 
now it's the bit I dread the most it's to drill the actual holes into the wall 
next I can put two wall plugs into the hole - into the holes into the walls 
one here and the second one there and then I can put the screws in 
and these are the screws that are going to hold the clothes dryer 
the screws don't go in all the way 
they stick out at the end so that the clothes dryer can hook onto them 
I never know how much to leave hanging out but let's try this one 
put the clothes dryer on the... onto the screws

oh yeah 
yes I think it works 
let's test with some washing 
oh man yeah so that's how it works 
I’m calling this a dad delivers success 
boom there's the graphic 
which job - which DIY job is on your list that you're putting off 
leave it in the comments below it'd be great to see them 
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it really helps me to keep this channel going and I’ll see you on the next video 
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