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Buying Bitcoin on PayPal safe

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hello I’m neil welcome back to the channel 
this is the dad delivers vlog where I try something new every day and six weeks ago today the thing that I tried new was to buy cryptocurrency for the very first time 
and that launched this experiment I’m hoping to run through the year 
I’m six weeks on I nearly stopped but I thought it's Sunday evening... it's a beautiful evening here in June, here in the UK
I’m gonna... I’m gonna keep going with this and the plan is to buy some cryptocurrency every week just to see what would happen 
and I’m doing it using this... 
this is my regular PayPal account where you can buy cryptocurrency and I’ll explain that as I go along 
but it's... it's scary and it's quite a financial commitment which I can't really afford but the money is still there at the moment and I know that who knows what could happen to this 
I could lose everything but it could pay off as well and being a greedy herbert like perhaps you might be I thought well I might make some money as well 
but it's tricky while cryptocurrency looks like this 
it looks like it's tanking and just going down 
I’m thinking well buying while it's going down might be a good thing 
so that's what we're testing 
and it's... it's also difficult to bring you up to speed every week with how that's doing because I’m basically saying the same thing each week which is... 
It’s worth less than what I bought in the first place 
this is what is happening right now 
this is just my regular PayPal app on my normal PayPal account 
you can see this giant crypto button here  
I think we... we must think this is because PayPal are quite keen for us to be trying out crypto on its service 
this is week number six and my rule is this 
I am spending 100 pounds every week 
this is what I’ve spent so far just on Bitcoin 
and after last week I have spent 510 pounds and five pence on cryptocurrency 
let's see what it's worth now 
up on screen now that 510 pounds and five pence is now worth £446.57 
so I am down by 65 pounds 
it's down at the moment but I’m gonna continue 
I’m gonna hit this crypto button now and you have to forgive me because the PayPal app blanks out certain screens from the screen recording so if the resolution starts to look a bit weird it's because I’ve put in some other footage 
so my £510 now looks like this £445 
and I’ve bought two currencies last week 
I bought Ethereum for the very first time 
I bought 100 pounds of Ethereum which is now worth £83.92 so the ethereum has really taken a hit in the last seven days 
wow that has gone down by just under 20 pounds that means it's dropped by 20% in the last week 
should we go into ethereum 
let's see what's happened there 
ethereum is down by what about 15% in the last week 
it's really dropped look at that 
Let's go back to Bitcoin 
my 408 pounds and 4 pence of Bitcoin as you can see is now worth 360 pounds 84 
so that has lost about 48 pounds as well 
if I go into Bitcoin... 
Bitcoin is down on the week by 5% 
so this is good because this means we go back to the original rule 
the rule that I play every week is that if Bitcoin goes down then I’ll buy some more Bitcoin 
if Bitcoin goes up in the week then I will try some other cryptocurrency 
that's why I bought ethereum last week 
it's down which can mean only one thing... it's time to buy some more Bitcoin!
so let's... let's hit the buy button and then I will type in 100 pounds and one pence because the one pence puts me over the limit for the fees 
the fees for PayPal drop slightly if I go one penny over 100 pounds 
and then I’ll click buy Bitcoin 
it's telling me I’m going to buy 0.00437 Bitcoin with a transaction fee of 2 pounds so I’ll pay 102 pounds and one pence 
let's click agree and buy there you go you purchased 0.0043758 Bitcoin 
so my Bitcoin is now worth £459 after I’ve spent overall £510 and five pence 
if I move back to the crypto screen it's got what everything's worth now 
so I’ve spent 612 pounds and six pence and that's 612 pounds in cryptocurrency is worth 543 pounds 46 pence 
how long can I keep this going for 
what cryptocurrency would you choose 
because as we know the best financial advice comes from youtube comments 
but what would you do if you were in my situation 
would you keep going with this 
is anyone out there watching this experiment 
I don't know but say hi if you are and if you want to know what my cryptocurrency is worth right now it's right here in this playlist on screen 
that is what it's worth right now 
I’ll see you next week 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! 
alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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