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Best wooden MONKEY BARS for kids and garden? Dunster House kids climbing frame

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Best wooden MONKEY BARS for kids and garden? Dunster House kids climbing frame



are you thinking about this? 
monkey bars for your kids?
in the garden?!
I am sharing how to put these up step by step from start to finish 
and it's all speeded up but you'll still manage to see my pain and pretty much all of the mistakes I make along the way this is the big Christmas present for our daughter you know the big massive one 
and she had no idea this is what was coming so I had to lie to her like this! 
so can you do me a favour 
I’ve got some fencing to build for mummy 
for... it’s a Christmas present 
so she can put plants up it
Oh nice!
So could you make sure she doesn't come up to the end of the garden 
okay all right thanks 
it's fencing 
I love by the way that I have absolutely no problem lying to her but anyway that's one jeopardy that she's gonna work it out and completely spoil the big surprise and ruin Christmas 
the second massive problem is that I’m doing this on Christmas eve and I’ve only got five hours of daylight to put these monkey bars together am I gonna do it on time 
hello I’m Neil this is the dad delivers vlog where I try something new every day and today I’m trying to put these monkey bars together and not ruin Christmas
okay this is crucial these grooves have to face down 
because this bar - this is gonna be the... the top of the monkey bars
it is really difficult trying to get both bars onto the rungs at the same time 
I just had spent ages moving left and right trying to feed them into the holes 
you push them in one end, they come out the other 
can you see what I’m doing wrong 
I can't figure this out at all
the rungs are done yes 
now the pressure's on slightly 
hang on that shouldn't be turning 
oh my god 
of course I’ve messed up a couple of these 
I think you're supposed to put the screws kind of nearer the edge so they don't turn around like this
so I’ll probably do these ones again just to not have them broken

now we have to do the same for the legs either side of this top bar that goes along the top there 
it will look like this 
so I’m going to build those sidebars now and I’ve got to make sure that the... the rungs go uh the right way up you know that the flat bits on the rungs are the right bit up 
but here you can see me screwing 
I’m screwing it a bit more carefully now I’m putting the screws in closer to the edge of the bar that the rungs go into otherwise if you put them in dead centre they just miss the run completely and they just spin around

it's at this point that I need to make a really important phone call 
so is there any chance of a cup of coffee 
how's it going 
it's... it's going 
do you want a biscuit as well?

so here I am fitting the... the other side bar onto the rungs and hopefully this time now the wrongs won't fall out when I am trying to squeeze the bars in 
squeeze the rungs into this sidebar 
oh man 
I don't know if this is coming across on screen but it is raining quite heavily now 
got my coffee in the uh ellen mug 
I think ellen would approve of how it's coming together 
or she'd just yell at me for doing it wrong 
we're now at a really crucial stage that could go horribly wrong because I need to now put the bars up together 
as you can see here you bolt the top row of rungs to these side rungs so that they form ladders either side 
and they're... there I am bolting - bolting it together 
the instructions are very specific about the order of bolts and nuts and washers and a cap on the end there 
so I’m just gonna bolt this together 
but this is the point where my daughter is gonna... she's gonna see what it is 
I don't think she's gonna buy that this is fencing at all

they're watching coco uh in there at the moment 
what I’ve done is I’ve got them to close the curtains so my daughter thinks we're hiding this from mummy 
oh and here's another gift from Dunster House: the screws don't match the dimensions in the instructions 
so it's taking me five minutes to work out these are the screws that I need 
it's difficult to tell from the picture in the instructions but I think you need to take this bar and this is what sets it at 45 degrees 
so if it aligns with the top there and you screw it into the top there and then into the side of the ladder there 
and that's what gives you your exact 45 degrees for the ladders 
so I’m now sheltering from the rain because these instructions Dunster House 
they are absolutely impenetrable and you just can't tell from the drawings what side and where these bits of wood are supposed to go 
plus my daughter is now playing on the trampoline over there 
I think she sort of still believes me that it's a pergola

well I got it on but I’m not sure that that works very well because... and in the instructions it says 1010 goes behind but it doesn't because it... it doesn't fit and it hangs out the other end so that can't be right
I’m getting really wet and fed up with this now

this is so difficult I don't I don't know where this goes 
the instructions are not very good 
so I ran out of time I think I think I’ve got this

so this is a two-person job

they say put 70mm screws into this bar 
look what happens when you do that 
it comes straight through the other end 
Dunster House 
another Dunster House quality instruction there 
straight through that 
it's too long 
there you go play time kids

so somehow I managed to not ruin Christmas and six months on you can see they're still standing 
the kids love them 
here's my review though 
they take a day and a half to put up for me 
maybe it's just me but I also found the instructions that come with them absolutely abysmal 
they arrive as just a big pile of wood and they're not cheap but if you want these exact ones there's a link down below in the description 
good luck with your monkey bars 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye all right this is going to be the proper one right

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