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How to change FLYMO BLADE and fit those weird spacers Simpliglide 330 hover mower instructions

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How to change FLYMO BLADE and fit those weird spacers - Simpliglide 330 hover mower instructions



hello I’m Neil - this is the dad delivers vlog it's uh where I get to try something new each and every day and today I’m trying this 
this is a bit of a... I want to sit down but look I look a bit stupid behind... behind the Flymo
I know I’m going to commit to it 
today I’m trying this: I’m trying to remove the blade from a Flymo hover mower and this particular mower is no... I’m gonna stand up 
this is the Flymo simpliglide 330 and it's lovely 
I’ve got a link in the description to... to the mower and to all my other videos about this but I’ve never ever taken a blade off a mower or a Flymo before 
so I’m going to try it now on camera step by step so you can follow along 
you're probably aware of this but you need... you need a tool that came with the mower 
bizarrely we've managed to keep hold of ours - these always get lost and if yours is missing I’ve put a link in the description to one you can buy on amazon 
and I’m also trying this - there are spacers that come with the Flymo simplyglide 330 
which means that the... the blade is lower and that means your grass is shorter and I really like the idea of shorter grass and doing less mowing 
I guess we should just dive in 
it's got a strange hexagon shape on the bottom of this tool and that fits the bolt here exactly 
I’m sure you could probably do this with a... with a spanner but what I’ve quickly worked out is that you've got to hold the... the spinny thing here by the round thing 
not obviously by the blade because that would be quite painful I think and then you'll turn it anti-clockwise

like this

and the bolt is quite long so what I’ll probably do is take the tool off and then just turn it by hand 
Have you done this before? 
leave me a comment say hi it'd be good to hear from you 
you might need to do this if you are actually replacing a Flymo blade 
I’ll put a link to a brand new blade there 
ours isn't looking too good mainly because I keep running it over all kinds of stones in the garden and Casper's holes which are a challenge for me and the mower 
but I’m going to stick with this blade and you can see it's just this could come off really easily 
if you look even more closely there are some holes around the edge of where the bolt goes 
which is where the spacers come in 
I’ve got two sizes that came with this mower 
there's like a double width spacer and a slightly smaller spacer 
I’m going to... I want to go for the really short grass 
But I’m going to go for the wuss version just to... just to make sure it doesn't hit any stones or paving stones 
what's great with the spacer is that it's got these... these dots on 
it's got these two studs and the two studs should fit in the two large holes there 
and with my one there's there is a lot of debris in the... in the holes but if you just push it in to where you think the holes are it... it fits snug and it's actually flush with this uh spinning motor thing 
I’m going to put the blade back on and of course there's a right way and a wrong way to put the blade 
who said it had to be easy 
thankfully Flymo have put on one side “this side to grass” is actually etched engraved in the blade 
so I’m going to keep that side up and it looks as if the holes themselves they fit exactly on these studs on the spacer so that will stop the blade moving around independently 
then I’ll put the bolt back in and screw it up by hand 
I’m going to use the tool to tighten up the bolts for the final few turns and I’m going to hold the circle thing so I don't slice my hand 
I don't want to go too tightly and break the thing but I think that's tight enough 
that's not budging so now we're good to go 
don't forget if you need these tools I do have links to them down... down below in the description 
this is my mower after changing the blades spacing it seems to work 
it seems to be going 
I’m calling this a dad delivers success! 
right here are all my other garden videos and thanks for watching good luck with your Flymo 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! alright this is gonna be the proper one right

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