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IKEA KULLEN BEDSIDE TABLE assembly in under 30 minutes

Can I assemble the IKEA KULLEN 2 drawer bedside cabinet in under half an hour?
Is the Kullen any good? Can I make an unboxing and review in under 30 mins too?
In this video, I put together the Ikea Kullen cabinet against the clock, and hit some problems along the way - which hopefully you will avoid!

Fast build IKEA bedside table in UNDER 30 mins? KULLEN assembly instructions, unboxing and review

0:00 Can I build IKEA bedside table in under 30 mins? IKEA KULLEN assembly instructions, unboxing and review
0:55 Putting on the drawer runners
1:25 Fixing on front sections of Ikea Kullen chest of drawers
1:50 Fixing on the Ikea Kullen cabinet sides
2:04 Fixing on the Ikea Kullen bedside table top
2:30 Fixing the back of the IKEA Kullen drawer cabinet
3:10 Building the Ikea Kullen 2 drawers
4:20 My IKEA Kullen chest of drawers review



hello welcome back to the channel 
can I put up this IKEA Kullen chest of drawers up in half an hour - 30 minutes? 
I’ve got a clock back there - it's five o'clock let's see if I can get this done by half five

This is what it looks like once it's put up 
but I don't know if I can do that in half an hour so that's the challenge with this video 
precious instructions! 
this is the dad delivers vlog 
it's where we try to do something new every single day and today I’m going to try and put up an IKEA thing in under half an hour 
that has never happened 
we're going to be using this as a bedside cabinet - bedside table for my son's bedroom - we put a new IKEA bed the NEIDEN bed 
a link to that is in the description and up above but let's get through this first 
here's the precious bag of bits 
oh no there's nails in here! 
I’ve got to do nails!

I think these are drawer runners - so I need to put these in four of these in

need screwdriver now

these are dowels that have to go into these pieces 
okay I’m 10 minutes in already, so I’ve already lost a third of my time just doing the first two things

This is a regular thing - trying to get the dowels to line up on an IKEA thing - I never manage to do it right

And then you get the bolt and the allen key and we'll put these screws in the side 
I need to put four of these things down 
ah dammit put them in the wrong hole!

Right I’m over halfway through for time 
it's 5:15 got under half the time left 
I’ve got to hold those bolts in place with these 
oh that's clever 
okay so you put that on and they've given you a little nail holder so you hold the nail with this

Oh right so this helps you to distance the nail - so you put the nail in here

I’m gonna wing it without the holder now

I feel like I should be getting them in with like two hits

That's the family coming back 
The dog is gonna run straight through this! 
I’ve got one minute remaining

And then we put this side on 
that's half an hour I’m giving myself five minute time bonus for not having the screwdriver so leave a comment if you think I deserve another five minutes

let's watch out because there's usually bits of sawdust in there that stops them biting 
and then I slide the baseboard in make sure the white side is up 
and they hold on with these plastic things 
I love these you get to really hammer them 
I can't see my hammering face 
oh fantastic so we're at the end all they do is slide in there's no complicated mechanism... he says

The Kullen two drawer side chest of drawers with two drawers 
did it and there's proof uh five minutes uh sort of 
I’m calling that a win I don't care that was half an hour 
this is what they look like and yeah like I say the... the drawers are a bit stiff to pull out at first but I’m sure that will wear down over time 
it's just one thing here I’m sure I’ll watch over the footage can you see this bump here? 
which looks like oh no was that my hammering? 
oh it might have been my hammering 
that is why you should use the hammering tool I... I went for it 
that's a shame okay that was my fault 
usually I damage it by over screwing and just going too far in 
hopefully my son won't notice 
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so thanks if you do manage to hit either of those buttons and right here is what youtube thinks you should be watching next! 
good luck can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face, thanks bye how was that?

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