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IKEA Fornuftig AIR FILTER review - Unboxing & first impressions Fornuftig purifier review

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Is this IKEA AIR FILTER the best? Unboxing first impressions Fornuftig purifier review



ah the breeze in my hair 
if only! 
hello welcome back to the happy hut 
I have been dying to open this for about two and a half months 
it's the IKEA Fornuftig air purifier 
is your air dirty? 
Our house is too 
we've got lots of dust and pollen in the air 
we've got so much right, this has been sitting around for two months 
I can literally write my name in the dust on this box 
and ours has been caused by some building work like this 
I tried to get a good shot just to show the amount of dust outside the home that's kind of coming in 
we also had a sandstorm in this country a couple of months ago and I wonder if that's coming into the house too but let's go to IKEA now to buy this air purifier! 
this is me wandering the aisles with my kids trying to find it and we got diverted slightly 
and then when we found it I saw how much it costs 
Fornuftig - it’s 55 pounds and you can hang it up but it's got holes you can hang it up 
we'll look at it properly in a minute when I take it home 
so shall I get one 
what do you think 
I like this one as well though 
you have to buy loads of filters over there 
oh yeah I think it comes with a filter but this is a special filter 
this is the gas filter that it doesn't come with 
it costs 10 pounds but it doesn't say what it filters 
yes my gases 
yes - put it in your room 
you fart so much
it's a Dad gas filter! 
I think… shall we get it 
can you film me picking it up 
yeah let's just go 
I know I don't know what to say
I’ve got a 55 pound air purifier
And a scented candle
but I thought if we got a proper air purifier that would be better than the… the… the slightly cheaper ones we've been using which have been good but I think we want something just a bit more powerful 
and let’s… let’s zap that baby 
we couldn't find our IKEA family card that never works anyway 
and then to here where finally I get to open it on camera 
this has been driving my family nuts because they... they've wanted to open this too 
this is quite a lot of money to spend on an air... well on anything... 
just for something to suck something out of the air 
I know from the other cheaper air purifiers that we've had the... the amount of dust they collect is amazing so I really hope this is going to help 
wow this is gorgeous 
obviously this is how it comes out of the box 
unfortunately it has a bespoke cable connection for the power there which will inevitably get lost and there are some instructions in the box 
but that's pretty much all that comes in... is there a stand 
hey there it is 
it's the stand but let's look at the main unit itself 
now it comes with some instructions uh pinned on because they know that you're not going to read these 
even with all the pictures 
oh look so if you take the front off like we did in the store 
this just unclips really easily and then inside each box comes a free... a free! 55 pound air purifier filter 
now you think this would be obvious but just to let you know the instructions show you that you need to take the filter out of the plastic bag to get it to work once you've bought the thing so let's do that now 
it does indeed have the holes in the back so you can wall mount it either this way up or this way up 
let's put the dust and pollen filter in 
in this country this is six pounds 
here's what about... ten dollars and this air filter its kind of paper and it's got like a felt edge to make it fit snugly into here like that so it just pushes in really easily 
and the other filter which is more expensive than this... about 15 or for us it was 10 pounds that sits underneath and that's a gas filter and that filters out things like... I'll put it up on the screen now... it filters out um things like gases coming from formaldehyde and that kind of thing or maybe the gases that come off all the junk that we buy from IKEA 
and then this pollen or dust filter sits on top of that so you could have both or just this one 
and then this front cover - this front piece pops into the holes on the edge here so I'll push that in 
don't throw your box away because inside the box very cleverly IKEA have put a template 
it's even got perforated edges so you can cut it out like this...

got four holes on the template there so you can hold it on the wall 
measure it out do your drilling get the screws up and then mount it in exactly the right place there 
the other thing it comes with is this stand so you don't need to mount it on the wall so let me show you the holes at the bottom of the Fornuftig air purifier and you push this into the hole here and then we can put this bar in the middle here so you can stand it on a table or to just cover yourself up in youtube videos
that looks really smart it looks like a... some kind of smart speaker doesn't it 
I'll show you the controls in a moment but the other thing they suggest in the instructions is that you can feed the cable round to hide the cable so it's flat 
that's if you wanted the air purifier sideways and this can come out the bottom 
by the way hello I'm Neil and I try something new every day and today I am trying the IKEA air purifier the Fornuftig 
let's plug it in now and see how it works even though we're outdoors and there is a really easy dial 
let's hold it up to the camera 
it's really simple it's just a dial and you just turn it 
it has three settings one two three 
setting one is pretty much silent I mean I know we're outdoors 
let's see how the IKEA Fornuftig air purifier sounds indoors which might be a bit of a challenge in our very quiet family home 
I'm going to set it onto setting one now and I can feel a gentle breeze but I can't hear anything 
is it on? 
it's definitely on wow that is quiet and then put it onto setting two which is the medium setting

now I can definitely hear that and I think the microphone will pick that up and then I'll take it up to the most powerful setting

now I can definitely hear that so you definitely wouldn't have it on full power if you want it on just running through the night - just cleaning your bedroom air 
but if you turn it down to one I'll compare this to setting one the lowest setting

you could definitely definitely have it on the lowest setting through the night 
I wonder if I could put some tissue to show the power so this is setting one and it's just it was slightly blowing them up into the air and then if I put it onto setting two

that is quite a breeze there's quite a lot of air being kicked out and let's go full setting max power

it's really quite powerful 
Oooh, I’ve got hair! 
this is only an unboxing first impressions review 
I'll put something in the description if we have any issues or problems with this 
I'll say how it's going down in the description below this video 
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thanks bye alright this is gonna be the proper one right

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