Tuesday 6 February 2024

Silent bathroom pull cord light switch! QuietSwitch pull-cord

The WORST thing about our bathroom, is our noisy light switch. 
I'm changing that with THIS QuietSwitch quiet pull cord bathroom light switch!
This first impressions review ends up with me installing the thing as our bathroom & toilet light switch. It's practically silent and now we're not woken up by people turning on the light.

I FIXED our NOISY bathroom... with THIS SILENT SWITCH!



Do you want to get rid of this bathroom noise? 
This is how the light switch sounds now. 
Well, it doesn't sound—it's completely—well, I want to say it's silence. There is a tiny click, but it's so quiet, and that's why the makers don't call it silent; they call it quietswitch.
Hello, welcome back to the channel. This is a big day for the family, and let me tell you why. I'm going to take you up to our bathroom. It's a bathroom video. I know they're not my best; they get the lowest views on the channel, but I've got to do this job anyway. 
It's more than a job; it's a gift to the family. 
Take—I'll give you a clue. This is the worst thing. Oh, hello, Casper. It's okay. It's Casper. 
Look, this is the worst thing in our bathroom. 
I don't know if this happens to you in your part of the world; let me know in the comments. 
It's this up here. 
Have a listen. 
Let me demonstrate the problem for you. 
Light goes on, light goes off. 
Can you hear the problem? 
Now it's okay at 3:00 in the afternoon; it's sort of tolerable. 
But we can hear this clunk like three doors away down the street.
What if I was able to get rid of this sound? 
That, I think, would be the greatest gift to your family. 
I'm going to make your family happy with this. 
I am going to make your family happy with this! 
It's a silent bathroom pull switch. 
So please let me know, is this just a UK thing? 
I can't hold the camera and demonstrate it. 
Can you hear that? No click. 
I've got it right up against the microphone. It is silent.
So the plan is, wouldn't it be great if I didn't wake up the house when I've been editing my videos till midnight and turn the bathroom light switch on? 
And the same for the family, same for the kids. 
They're not the quietest bathroom visitors in the middle of the night. 
They keep poor Casper up. 
So... and that's when he's not barking at the naughty black cat that visits our driveway.
So I am going to try and fit this. 
I got it from a website called Quiet Switch. 
I think I've put a screen grab on screen now. 
They've not paid me for this, but QuietSwitch, if you're watching, show some love because I think I'm going to show some love for this switch. 
And I haven't even put it in yet, but I already like how it looks. 
This is how it arrives out of the box. 
So it comes in a small package. The shipping is very reasonable, and I thought it was a scam. 
So I searched online for literally quiet or silent bathroom light switch. 
I think it's actually a law in this country that you can't have light switches inside the bathroom. Obviously. You seem to have that in the United States and Canada. But we have to have either a switch on the outside, which is a complete pain, or this dangly light switch on the inside of the bathroom, which is kind of sealed so it doesn't get wet. 
And the mechanism in here is totally sealed. 
This is how it arrives out of the box. Really nice little package, really thoughtfully wrapped in paper. 
And it's really simple; it's just a light pull switch. 
In my head, I thought I would screw it on, onto the existing fitting on the wall, which would make no sense, would it? Because I have to unscrew it to rewire the power that's there to go into the silent switch. 
So I'm hoping, at least, that the footprint here is the same as the current noisy light switch. 
If I can at least use the holes, I'm hoping those holes will line up.
Now I'm a bit shy about doing electrical work even though it's just literally unscrewing something and screwing it back in. 
I'll get all kinds of annoying but well-meaning comments telling me how I should and shouldn't be doing things. So how about we do a time jump?
So this is how it sounds before. I'm going to try and get myself in frame. This is how the switch, the light pull in the bathroom sounds “before”. 
And this is how it sounds now. 
Oh my goodness, there's just no comparison. 
I wouldn't say it's silent. Obviously, the makers don't claim it's silent; they call it quiet. But I think that's pretty much silent. 
Oh, this is the best DIY job I've done this year! 
Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how much sleep we're going to get now because of this.
I did have a couple of challenges fitting— I’m going to keep doing it. 
So I had one challenge, which was that the screw for the new... the Earth wire got jammed. So I had to kind of take it apart and give that a little twiddle. That was hard, but it was easy to fix. 
The other thing is this. 
This is worth bearing in mind because I'm sure this is a good product, but with the Cheapo super standard erm... This is like the plate that you put in the ceiling. There's a nice big hole in the middle for the cable to go through. 
With this Quiet Switch, with this QuietSwitch, the mechanism is in the middle. 
So there's like a really tidy hole at the edge. And so I've got to kind of orient it so the cable goes through the hole at the edge. That's the only tricky thing that's— that I'm encountering with this. 
I am calling this a Dad Delivers Success! 
Thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the subscribe button. It really helps me to keep this channel going, so I do appreciate it. And right here is what YouTube knows you are going to love watching next. Can you please help my daddy get 10,000 subscribers? Just click on his face. Thanks. Bye. All right, this is going to be the proper one, right?

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