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Girl's bedroom storage idea: IKEA Rashult Trolley!

Looking for storage inspiration ideas for your kids teen bedroom? We're trying out this IKEA RASHULT TROLLEY: it has three storage trays, and the height of the middle one is adjustable. The trolley comes with sturdy castors and this video shows how easy the assembly instructions are (they aren't!) I put this Rashult trolley together step by step in the video so you can follow along. We chose the Rashult instead of the Raskog so that it would fit under our daughter's desk. If you're looking for teen girl bedroom inspo decor ideas, or IKEA Rashult reviews you might enjoy this video!

Girl's bedroom storage idea: IKEA Rashult Trolley!


Hello, welcome back to the channel. I've not done one of these in a long time, one of my Ikea dad videos. 
Let's close the door because my wife and daughter are watching Gladiators next door, and I've got Casper just making a mess, and you probably hear him chomping in the background there. Today, we're opening this, the Rashult. I don't know what you call it; it's a trolley. 
It's a trolley of trays, I guess. It's a storage trolley, and it's for my daughter, and it's from Ikea, so that makes this an Ikea dad video! 
This is what it looks like after I've built it. 
I mean, it's a really tall trolley, but it comes in a small cardboard package like this. So this was the only thing we bought in Ikea, well, apart from the meatballs and six hot dogs and two fries, but this is the only thing we managed to buy on this trip, which was very restrained, I think, and it's very strategic. 
This is for my daughter's new bedroom makeover. This is one of the first things to go in there, so it won't look like this in the future, but this is just one step towards the new future for my teenage daughter. 
Well, she soon to be teenage, not a teenager yet. 
So let's open up. 
I've got the steak knife, you know, the... all the American vloggers use, a really crazy piece of knife work. I've got... I'm not going to use the steak knife. 
I'm going to use the Ikea scissors, and I've only just found out the Ikea scissors no longer exist in Ikea, so that makes these vintage scissors. So I'd better take care of them now.
So this is how the Rashult trolley arrives. 
I've got the instructions. 
I'm hoping this will be an easy one, but I thought I'd share this with you in case you're searching for Rashult trolley or kids' bedroom ideas or teen kids' bedroom inspo, and this is what comes in the package. 
I didn't ask how much this was; I was busy queuing up for the hot dogs. 
So we get three trays, there are two sizes as well. 
We could have got one that's 65 cm tall and another one that was 78, I think. 
But we'll speed this up, so let's start the speed build now, and I'll just talk all over it, and I'll try and point out things along the way. 
Now, this is looking really straightforward because the way I think this works, this is how the instructions look, by the way, and it looks as if all we've got to do is to put these interlocking poles into one another. 
So we'll just snap the poles together, well, no, you just push the poles together, and then we use a screw. I'll need my screwdriver to hold these poles in place. 
And the most difficult thing is to actually find the right poles and to get them the right way round so that there is only one way that you can put these together. 
So these poles slot into each other, but you've got to slot the right poles together, and it all depends on the little kink in one of the double poles that we've got here.
Now right from the get-go, I think I messed this up. 
I find it really difficult; I instantly put the poles round the wrong way round, and it is... it is quite difficult to match up how they bend outwards and where the brackets at the end should go. 
So I try... I put them together. 
I'm not quite sure that it was right, so I take them apart again and look at the picture. 
And actually, I think there is only one way that they can go because the holes on the end of one pole only match up one way round with the holes of the pole that slots inside the pole, if that makes sense. 
So I just jiggle them around and stare at them a bit longer, and now I can go in with my completely wrong screwdriver. 
It's a flathead screwdriver; you need a Phillips one. 
And we're going to screw in these tiny, tiny... I thought they'd be big and silver, but they're tiny black kind of stud screws that just go in here to hold the poles in place. 
The next step is to assemble the base, and that involves these four pieces. 
The hardest part with this trolley, this Rashult trolley, is to work out which bit corresponds to which bit in the instructions. But once you have a look and manage to make the link, it seems to be okay.
So for the base, the easiest way to spot which bit goes with which is that there's only one way that the two poles can interlock. 
You kind of push them together and twist them, and they stay in place. 
And then we can get the two legs that we just built, and they go either side of the base locking the two base legs together. 
Again, it's a pole fitting inside a pole, so it is really easy to go in once you've worked out which bit goes where and which way around. 
And then we hold these in place with four screws, those tiny black screws. 
I'm just putting two in on the left-hand side and two in on the right-hand side just to keep those locked together. 
This doesn't feel like the sturdiest trolley in the world. 
I guess these screws are going to hold, I hope, and if they don't, I'll just screw them again, tighten them up later on. 
By the way, hello. 
But by the way, sorry if there's some noise in the background, but Casper's having his dinner, and he's having trouble... he's having trouble keeping the bowl in the thing that holds the bowl in place. 
So he's kind of taken the bowl for a walk around the kitchen. 
It's rice and peas and beef and biscuits, one of his specialties, and he is evenly distributing it across the floor and his ears and anywhere else it will go. 
I should put the bowl back into the silicone holder, really, but he seems to be getting some extra exercise from it, so we might as well leave him to do his thing.
It's going to take even more shape now; it's going to get noisy because we are going to put the trays into the frame. 
But the instructions say they've got to go a particular way, a particular way round. 
I'm going to do it because it's like a crease or a fold on the side of the trays. 
So I'm going to have all of those on the same side, and the idea of it is, I think the bottom one will be locked, the top one will be locked, and the middle one is adjustable using these clips that kind of hold them in place. 
So the first thing we're going to do is slide this one over, get it down to the bottom, and we need two of these plates on either side.
They... they all look like identical. 
So I get two here and two there, and then they are held in place by these bolts. 
I put one here and one inside the tray. 
Then we've got to get all the holes to line up, so I put this into the bracket; it's got a square bit on it to hold it in place. 
I'll push that in. 
I've really got the Gladiators theme in my head; I really want to sing it or play it to you, but I don't want to get a copyright strike, so you have to imagine the British Gladiators theme, the '90s version. 
Tell you what, I'll recite it to you while I'm assembling the brackets on the trays. 
"Do you feel the power of the Gladiators? Can you face the challenge of the Champions? 
Do you have the courage of a hero? 
Do you have the will and the skill?" 
Okay, so I got it wrong, ignore the last bit. 
Basically, there's only one on each side, there's one bracket here and one bracket here, and the bolt goes through, and there's like a nut that holds it on the other side. 
And now we get to tighten the nut; they very generously given us two spanners. 
I suppose that's just assuming that someone will be here to help you or maybe they think you're going to snap it or something. 
And then the bolt is held in place by the square hole, so all we have to do is just tighten the bolts with the provided wrench, and we can tighten this nut. 
I always go too far with this and over-tighten and end up wrecking the thing, but I'll still do it with this one, so we'll just tighten these bolts.
The next part of the instructions kind of gone a bit crazy now because it's suggesting we can put it on its side. 
Don't forget to put the middle tray down; otherwise, we won't be able to get it in. 
And I'm trying to do it so that the folds are all on one side, so just guide this in, and it does advise don't put the trays into each other because I think it would just scratch the paintwork, so I think that's why they're advising doing this on its side so this doesn't get scratched into the bottom tray. 
And now we can put the brackets on this top tray; let's speed this up. 
So I don't know it yet, but I'm doing this completely wrong, and I'll tell you why in a moment, but let's just enjoy for a moment this speeded-up footage of me turning a bolt round and round and round, wondering why it's not locking but still turning it anyway. 
There's something really wrong with this bolt on one side; the other one goes in, and it goes in really easily and really well. 
So I'm thinking, well, maybe that holds it in place, and I just can't work out. 
So I'm squeezing harder between the poles and the tray just to make the trolley bolt together, and it's not... it's just spinning around. 
And I think it took me far too long to work out why. 
Oh, I've done it [Laughter] wrong, okay, so it could not be clearer, and I've managed to screw it up. 
I've completely forgotten to put the brackets. 
If I can zoom in on the edit, I'm twisting this thing, and the bolt's going round and round and round, and I'm thinking, but it should be held in place. 
Well, it would be if I'd put the bracket on that you're supposed to do. 
Why is it so hard? 
So now I've got to take the bolt off... it comes off really easily. 
So this goes through the bracket, which would be really obvious. 
I don't know why I missed that. 
That's really—I think it's because it's on its side; it broke my flow. 
Let me give you a closer look of what this bolt situation is like. 
They give you a wrench that fits exactly, but you have to kind of lock it over the bolt each time to give it a twist. 
And this is really giving me an arm exercise and a half. 
But all we need to do is to keep turning this bolt with the brackets on the other side, and eventually, it holds the top tray in place.
This is the creative part; we get to choose where this middle tray goes. 
You can choose... it can go wherever you want because the bracket can hopefully hold it in place. 
So if you want some like tall bottles at the bottom, you can put it higher up, and if you want it—I'm going to have it pretty much equal just so it looks nice. 
You can configure it how you want, go crazy with the middle shelf. 
This bit is way too tough; it's a lot harder than I think because the poles are held apart by the top tray and the bottom tray; it's really difficult to get the bolt through and meet the nut in the middle. 
There's no give in it at all. 
I'm using all my strength to hold the bolt and actually push it through the hole far enough to get a thread through so I can get the nut on. 
I think it might be easier to go against the instructions and do the middle one first, and that way, you've got a bit more play at the top. 
But doing it in the middle means that the middle poles are fixed, so it's really difficult to squeeze through the bolt and get it to latch and hold the thing in place. 
What I'm going to try now is I'm going to have to take the top tray off, and I'll try and put the middle tray on first and see if that works. 
It is really energy-zapping to have to undo your work, and I end up doing this every time I put something together with Ikea. 
Maybe it's just my brain; maybe I'm unable to follow the instructions correctly. 
But every time, I have to undo the work to get the work done. 
If you face this with your Ikea Adventures, say hi in the comments below because I'm sure I'm the only one who has to do it, and then completely undo it to do it back up again. 
And I'm also dropping the bolts all over the floor. 
It’s at this point of the build that just sucks, and I just want to finish it. My family wants to eat their dinner, but I've got this all over the dinner table, so I've got to get this done. I've got to get it done. Oh, Casper, what's up?
What, it's pretty that naughty Black Cat from up the street, probably outside. 
He can sense it. 
Mind you, he goes nuts when we open the Loft so, oh no, what! 
Okay, so the—sorry about the noise in the background. 
But I would say definitely do the middle one first and do it loosely, and then do the top one to hold it in place. 
The only problem with it is that it does—it will scratch the paintwork. 
If you're too rough with it, so I'm just going to do it this way. 
And now the slightly more fun part of... because I’m getting a bit grumpy.
The slightly more fun part of screwing on or bolting on the four caster wheels. 
These wheels look really good; I think they look really substantial. They feel substantial; I mean, they don't have to take much weight
These wheels look really good; I think they look really substantial. 
They feel substantial; I mean, they don't have to take much weight because of the flimsy trays. 
But my tip with this is to use the nut that's closest to the wheel as the one to turn. 
So there's another loose nut on the caster so you could adjust the height of the wheels if you wanted to by about a centimetre or half an inch. 
But I'm screwing the nut all the way down tightly so that the whole wheel can just twist into place, and there won't be any height adjustments. 
It will hopefully be as tight as possible on the base of this Ikea Rashult trolley. 
This is what Ikea says about the Rashult trolley:
"The sturdy construction and casters make it easy for you to move the trolley and use it wherever you like. It even fits in tight spaces because of its small size. The trolley is easy to adapt to suit what you want to store in it because the middle shelf is adjustable.” 
It's got lots of storage capacity in it, and I suppose being able to move the middle shelf might be useful if you've got some bigger things than others. It fits in quite well; we're going to try and put this under the desk, so it'll be kind of like under-desk storage. 
And because of the four caster wheels, she'll be able to pull it out whenever she wants and tuck it under, hopefully out of the way. 
You can get the Rashult in these different colours; we went for the cream one because this will be the look for the new bedroom renovation. 
This isn't it yet; this is just the—I've got to emphasize this is just the first step in the transformation for my teen daughter's bedroom. 
And thank you for hitting the thumbs up button or the Subscribe button; you'll be able to follow our journey. I really appreciate it; it really helps us to keep this channel going, so thank you. 
And right here is what YouTube knows you want to watch next, maybe some more Ikea dad stuff. 
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Just click on his face; thanks, bye. Alright, this is going to be the proper one, right?

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