Sunday 4 February 2024

How to stop anyone adding you to a WhatsApp Group

How do you STOP anyone from adding you to their group? I show you how to block people from adding you to WhatsApp groups without your permission. It's really easy in WhatsApp Settings but it's a bit hidden. When you stop someone from adding you to WhatsApp groups, they can only invite you instead. You can either ignore this Group Invite or join the WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp: block anyone adding you to a group!



Hello, welcome back to the Happy Hut. I'm Neil, and this is a big WhatsApp thing in our family. I'm making your family happy by stopping anyone adding you to groups on WhatsApp. 
When our kids went to big school and they've got their phones, everyone started adding them to groups. All their new friends add, add, add, and you have no idea who's actually on these groups. 
These WhatsApp groups have like 200, 300 members and contacts. 
It's just wrong. 
Anyone can get your phone number, and when you're on a group that you've been added to without your permission, you either have to leave the group which is announced to the admin or archive the group which hides the group but your phone number is still on there.
My phone is on screen now. This is the WhatsApp app, and we're going to block and stop anyone from adding you to a WhatsApp group. 
On the top right are three dots. Click on that to bring up settings and then scroll down to this option here: privacy. 
If I scroll down, there's this section here: “groups”. 
Click on that. 
It brings up who can add me to groups, and we have three options: everyone, your contacts, or “my contacts except”. 
I'm going to choose “my contacts except”, and here we can select all the contacts we want to block from being able to add me to a group on WhatsApp. 
But if we click on this hamburger tick icon with the three lines and a check mark that instantly selects ALL my contacts.
So now all my contacts are unable to just add me to a group without asking permission. 
To save this setting, we need to click on the green tick in the bottom right-hand corner. 
So, what happens now if somebody tries to add you to their group now that we've put this block in place? 
I can show you. 
I think I've put both sides on screen now. 
To add somebody to a group, the admin clicks here on ADD members, and then they look me up on search: Daddy Mossey. 
Then when they add me by clicking the green tick, they get this message: "Couldn't add Daddy Mossey. You can invite them privately to join this group."
So now when they click on invite to group, I get this invite message from the admin, not the group, saying "Invitation to join WhatsApp group." 
It's now up to me to click on join group or just ignore it. 
If I click on join group, it shows me who's in the group, and I can click on cancel down here if I want to ignore this or join group to join the WhatsApp group. 
And now I appear in the admin's feed: "Daddy Mossey joined using your invite.” Congratulations! 
You can now block anybody from adding you to WhatsApp groups. 
I am calling this a dad delivers success! 
Knocked the camera a bit there. 
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Alright, this is going to be the proper one, right?

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