Thursday 29 February 2024

How to DELETE NETFLIX PROFILE using just your phone

How do you delete a Netflix Profile on your phone? I show you step-by-step how to remove and delete any Netflix profile using an Android Phone, iPhone or iPad with the Netflix app.
But please note we can't delete the main profile for the Netflix account, there has to be one main profile for the account to exist. Hope this helps!

How to DELETE NETFLIX PROFILE using just your phone



Hello, welcome to the channel. 
I'm Neil and the new thing I'm trying to make your family happy is delete a Netflix profile using just the Netflix app on your phone for Android iPhone or iPad. 
In the Netflix mobile app, when you're logged in on the lower right hand side, tap on "My Netflix". 
It doesn't matter which profile you're in. 
On the upper right hand corner, you can see this menu. 
It has three lines or looks like a hamburger. Click on this and then click on "Manage Profiles". That brings up all the profiles with icons of pens on to edit them. Choose the profile you want to delete. Scroll down and you can see the button "Delete Profile". Don't forget you can't delete the main profile for the Netflix account. So if I go into Frank's profile there's no delete profile button. If you can't do this on the app, I've got another video down in the description where you can open the browser on your phone and sign into to delete your Netflix profile. Congratulations, you have now deleted a profile on Netflix. I'm calling this a Dad delivers success. Say hi in the comments, it would be lovely to hear from you. And thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button, it really helps me out. And right here is what YouTube knows you will love watching next after watching some Netflix!

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